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C2 Fantasy

I stood by my bedroom window, watching as the sun gradually dipped below the horizon. The twinkle in my eyes was a clear appreciation of nature even as my mind ruminated over the day's happenings.

The heat that was brought forth by the yellow star began to ebb away, paving way for a warmth that promised a good night.

The setting sunbeams of light scattered all over, leaving the sky ablaze with the fire. It was indeed an undeniable beautiful site.

The sun rays painted the sky with a mixture of red and orange. The colours blended well with my fire yellow window curtains that were neatly drawn.

Watching the sun sink deep on the horizon brought some peace to my mind. The beautiful natural sight helped me push back the horrible images my very eyes had been subjected to earlier.

Earlier that day.

I had watched as the Alpha lunged, shifting mid-air into a midnight black wolf. The four-legged monster shook its fur, snarling at the man. IThe massive wolf went straight for the man's nose, separating it from the face.

My eyes refused to even much so blink as the man writhed and slithered in pure agony. The evil smirk on his face had been totally wiped out by my Alpha.

The sudden rapid flow of blood left my insides churning. My stomach contracted into a tight ball, forcing my throat to gag on my own bile. My wide eyes fed on the terror that unfolded, refusing to wander off. No matter how much I tried to look away, my two balls of vision remained transfixed with horror.

The screams of pain and hurt from the once brave man left a light ringing in my ears. I watched as he moved his right hand where his nose had been, trying desperately to press on that particular spot.

My alpha had different plans though, he went for the very hand, then embedded his sharp canines, cutting it off at the wrist. The amputation brought Jax to his knees, watching in horror as the big werewolf shook its head throwing his hand away.

He had this painful yet pleading look, and that disgusted me. He had shown the girl no mercy, no doubt in my mind that had we not intervened, he would have hurt her once again and killed her. So why was he pleading for the one thing he refused to grant the poor girl?

Speaking of the girl, I briefly turned to look at her. I expected her to throw up from the amount of horror the Alpha was unleashing. Instead, her previously fearful eyes showed some twinkle. She relished in the torture of her previous tormentor. She loved how the Alpha was killing the man painfully.

Just then, my attention was brought back to the Alpha and his victim. I watched in slow motion as Wolf's claws ripped off Jax's trousers, leaving behind blood-covered claw marks.

My mind refused to comprehend what was happening as Alpha Ryker's animal looked straight into the fearful eyes of the man. He then dipped his head, embedding his canines deep between the man's legs.

He bit off the man's manhood.

Jax's agonized earsplitting prolonged scream pierced through my ears. It was so loud and deafening, that the pack members ran straight to where we were. They had heard it clearly and by the looks on some of their faces, they were happy with what the Alpha had done.

The Alpha wolf stood tall, acknowledging his pack members, looking around at his pack family. He was clearly asserting off his dominance, holding his tail high.

He then sank his canines into the man's neck. I watched as life left the man's once black eyes until the Alpha wolf withdrew his teeth. His maimed then body slumped, bleeding out on the forest floor.

His loyal pack bowed before him, showing every ounce of respect they had for the man. They knew what he was capable of, it was all there for them to see.

That was a warning, a very clear one at that. Alpha wolf then looked at his beta who was amongst the crowd. He stilled for seconds as his mind linked him, and then he walked off, the crowd making way for him to pass through in sheer silence.

Shortly, the beta walked closer to us then carried the girl bridal style. Must have been what the Alpha was mind linking him about. I was expecting the girl to put up a fight seeing as she had gone through so much in the hands of Jax. To my surprise, she eagerly held on to the Beta.

But immediately their eyes had met, a collective gasp was heard among the people. Yellow light glowed around the two, a glow that showed one thing.

The two were indeed mates.

And soon the gaps turned into ululations, it was a norm in the werewolf community. Each time there was an additional pair of mates, people would ululate 5 times but for Alphas, the number of times was 7.

I didn't miss the looks of disgust the crowd was throwing my way. Of course, they would never acknowledge my attempt to help. I was just used to it all and so quietly, I began walking back to my parents' house.

I was happy because Jax hadn't hurt the Beta's mate more and sad because the Alpha had defiled my peaceful place. The part of the forest that I found peaceful, the place that allowed me to think and relax.

Only blood scattered on the forest floor, the blood of a monster. No way I would step foot into that place ever again.

As I stood by my window replaying what had happened earlier, I noticed that for once in my life I wanted to make a friend.

I wanted to get to know that girl, I wanted to help her through her pain. I wanted to heal her, make her feel whole again.

I was determined to know her name, it seemed that she was a member of this pack. But why hadn't I seen her before? I would indeed find out.

After watching the horizon turn from orange to red, I decided it was time to take a bath. My body needed such, maybe the warm water would rinse off the days' horrible memories.

My bathroom was just simple, nothing was fancy about it. Starting from a single shower head all the way to a normal bathroom sink below a mirror.

I took my time undressing, images of my Alpha flashing in my mind. I began feeling a little bit weird, I mean his whole profile had me getting a little excited.

He was an attractive man, no question about that. But to think that I liked the way he had addressed Jax had me questioning my insanity.

His cold stare had Jax trembling in fear, that alone was a turn-on. The way his aura demanded respect from the vile rapist had my core throbbing.

Wasn't I supposed to get turned on by normal things though? I thought to myself.

I walked into the bathroom. I never closed the shower curtains, no one came to my house. No one would, so it was normal for me to even walk around the house completely nude.

I turned on the shower and jumped right in. I enjoyed how the water drops cascaded down my back, the temperature soon adjusting from cold to warm.

My eyes fluttered shut as my ears listened to the sound the water drops made as they came into contact with the tiled bathroom floor.

The warmth of the water massaged my body, some streams forming and running all the way to my legs.

The pictures of Alpha Ryker invaded my mind again, sending waves of heat down to my spine, leaving goosebumps on the trails it followed.

I was a woman with needs and my body wasn't having it. Pictures of my Alpha occupied my mind and subdued my body holding it captive with want. I gave in, and at that moment I knew nothing else but bliss.

My toes curled on the bathroom floor, my lower lip trapped in between my teeth.

'You're so fucking sexy, little Witch. '

That voice, that deep sensual dominant voice halted me in my movements.

What?!!! The exclamation passed between my lips unintentionally as my head turned to where the voice had come from.

That's when I saw him.

Oh my fucking goddess, the Alpha stood at the entrance of the bathroom. He was clad in a black tee-shirt that hugged his muscular upper body. The outline of every ridge was visible under the shirt.

His strong thighs and legs were clad in black jeans, completing with a pair of black combat boots.


That was exactly what my mind concluded about his appearance. Feeling slightly cold, I remembered I was totally bare before a man, not just any man but the Alpha. To say I was embarrassed would be completely trivial.

I jumped straight for the towel, forgetting that the floor was wet. My wet feet slid on the floor, carrying my body forward. I braced myself for a fall but all I felt were warm hands under my globes.

The Alpha held me in place, saving me from embarrassing myself even more. My towel had slipped just below my armpits and my entire body instantly recognised the foreign intrusion.

The warmth of his large hands seeped into my body, making my thoughts jumble in my brain.

His gaze however never left my face. His eyes never looked down like I had hoped they would. It was a disappointment to me, no doubt about that. After a few seconds, he helped me stand up. I immediately pulled the towel over my upper body.

'Janette wants to see you. ' He spoke, after taking a step back from where I stood.

'Huh? ' I had no clue about who he was talking about. My mind was still held up in whatever had transpired a few minutes earlier. I could still feel his arms holding me in place and his burning gaze on my face.

'The girl you wanted to risk your life for. ' He stated calmly.

Wasn't he affected by what he just saw? was he sexually defective? I mean I was an attractive petite woman or maybe I wasn't his type.

'I am very much affected. ' He took my hand, placing it on the front of his slacks.

'And I will make your imaginations come true soon. '

With that he turned to leave, telling me that Janette was at the infirmary.

'And by the way, you are a very attractive woman. '

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