Pleasuring The Witch/C5 Taking A Stand
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Pleasuring The Witch/C5 Taking A Stand
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C5 Taking A Stand

It was an offense to disobey a directive from the Alpha, a serious one at that. Every single werewolf across the community knew not to defy an order from their respective Alphas. Especially if the Alpha in question was the most vicious man in the werewolf community.

So why was I having second thoughts about meeting the Alpha this morning?

I had questions, my petite self couldn't help but wonder about some things. Like why was I suddenly getting the attention of the Alpha male? Why now? I mean, he hadn't really breathed my way before that incident in the forest.

Why did I even let him touch me? Yes I found him extremely attractive, hell, every female and some men would definitely agree. It didn't explain why I'd blindly allowed him to go down on me though.

I was ashamed of myself.

I knew he had almost had sex with every woman around here. I hadn't really seen them in action, but there had been many multiple women, claiming to have had the pleasure of warming up his bed. As much as I hated believing in baseless rumours, this one seemed true beyond reasonable doubt.

Some had even gone as far as fighting over him. I knew I wasn't special, a witch, a loner and a nobody in hid pack, he must have done what he did out of pity. Maybe he'd noticed how no man in the pack looked my way. Maybe he was doing his work as the Alpha, making sure that his subjects were comfortable.

He was my first sexual encounter, possibly my last. But was I supposed to feel this way? this weird yet almost warm feeling. I wasn't any special, I mean the pack members made sure to remind me almost daily.

Had he exhausted all the unmated females? That had to be it. He had no other reason giving me that mind numbing pussy lick, right? And the shameful part is that I would totally let him do more than that without putting up a fight.

The more I thought about him, the more I wanted to defy him, test him, push him, see what punishment he'd table out for me. The thought of him using me for his sexual desires had me finally coming to a decision though'. I wouldn't let any male use me, not even Alpha Ryker.

Your should never let your body do the thinking for you. I talk out of experience Tamara.

Mum would repeat those words. Sometimes even several times in a day. That is why I would stay as far as I could from the Alpha.

My alarm clock went off at exactly 5:45 AM, the annoying sound snapping me out of my thoughts. I had set it up the previous night, wanting to leave for the office 15 minutes to 6 AM. However,things were different now, I was still in bed.

I knew I had to face Alpha Ryker sooner or later. He would obviously want to know why I didn't show up. So what was I supposed to tell him? That I was not comfortable being around him? That I knew he was out to get in my pants and toss me out?

I had lived most of my adult life alone, I was accustomed to talking alone and touching myself. Then all of a sudden I found myself enjoying not only the company of my leader, but also lusting over him.

'So you're also a thinker. ' My head snapped up so fast, my heartbeat racing instantly. I was startled, my thoughts long forgotten as my eyes met with his cold ones.

'You...' I swallowed my words out of fear, forcing saliva down my throat in a loud gulp.

'Shocked you? ' He cut me off, leaning against my open bedroom door nonchalantly.

This was the second time he caught me off guard. How was he doing it? getting in stealthily without any noise whatsoever? For a man of his stature his movement was quite furtive.

'How did you get in? I could have sworn I had locked the front door the previous night. I made sure to lock it before I went to sleep. '

'This.' He lifted up a bunch of keys, wiggling them in the air calmly. How had I even not seen them or heard them jiggling? I couldn't help but wonder why he had keys to my house.

'Your mum gave me a spare before she passed on.' He answered my unsaid thoughts, damn this man was full of surprises. Or maybe it was the only logic question he guessed I would ask.

'I don't understand.' I was confused, I mean why would my deceased mother(may her soul rest in peace) leave the spare keys to him?

'That's not important now, it's half past 6. ' He pointed out, indicating that the matter wasn't up for discussion at that time.

'Yeah, so what? ' I sassed.

'Oh What an attitude you got there little witch. ' He stepped forward tenderly, his eyes flickering back and forth from my eyes to my lips. The simple action was aggressively pushing my body to sexual submission.

Whatever thoughts I had before he came in proved difficult to act on them. The man was sex on a stick, his enchanting looks acted like a magnet, and my body could only put up little to no resistance.

'Tamara. ' He calmly addressed me.

'Ye-s. ' I shamefully stuttered.

'You disobeyed me. ' He stated the obvious.

He was now a few feet from the bed, staring at me intently. He remained silent for a while, probably waiting for me to speak up. When he realised I wasn't going to say anything, he spoke.

'You know, for such an angelic face you sure like trouble. ' He smirked in a millisecond, before his expression turned completely.

'Lose the covers. ' He ordered, his gaze becoming somehow heavy.

'Huh? ' My voice was barely audible. I was nude under the duvet, my upper body covered by an old worn out tee I usually slept in. I couldn't let him see my body in a moment of weakness. I swear I hated how feeble he made me feel under his gaze and his extremely sexual alluring voice.

'12 hours. ' He pointed out.

'What? ' I questioned in confusion, clutching the duvet tightly with my hands.

'You've broken our deal in less than 12 hours. ' He stated.

'But. '

'And in addition to that, you've defied me within the same 12 hours. ' He added.

He was awfully calm, but wasn't that how leaders were supposed to act? Slow to anger, with a lot of patience and a kind of unrealistic understanding?

'I hate repeating myself Tamara. ' His tone had taken a slight change, lower and more weighty.

The Alpha meant business.

I didn't know why my hands were shaking gradually losing hold on the duvet or why the room had suddenly began heating up. My voice box and my tongue seemed to be in a collaboration to render me mute at the moment.

My eyes were downcast on a particular pattern on my duvet. I didn't understand why he wanted me to uncover myself. I bet he didn't know that I was nude from my waist. My eyes fluttered shut, just as I pulled the duvet off my body.

'Fucking goddess! ' The Alpha cussed, his surprised tone forcing my eyes to open and look at his figure. His eyes were glued to my nude profile, drinking my skin with so much lust.

Images of his face between my legs the previous day made their way to my thoughts. The way his wet warm tongue felt as he swept my juices forced me to press my thighs together. The sounds that he had made as he lapped my juices made me close my eyes briefly.

'Alpha? ' I called his name after a very short yet uncomfortable silence.

'Do you normally sleep like this? ' He questioned, his index finger pointing at my tee-shirt. My bud hardened instantly, I almost pushed my chest forward to him as an invitation.

I nodded, moisture seeping fast between my legs.

'Fuck Tamara! you smell so fucking good. ' He rasped in his sexy voice. His utterance brought forth goosebumps all over my exposed skin.

My body was betraying me at the moment. My eyes flicked down on the front of his pants. A good outline of his appendage forced blood to flow further between my legs, making my clit become more engorged.

He was hard for me, his gigantic erection pressed on his zipper. My hands itched so much to stretch and feel it, touch it beneath my fingers. They wanted to caress it gently, they yearned to pleasure the Alpha male.

'See what you do to me? ' He rasped, massaging his front in a sensual manner.

'Your smell, damn! It makes me want to jump on you for eternity. Pin you beneath me, while you scream my name over and over again in raw uncensored pleasure. '

His utterances were proving it difficult for me to control myself.

He is not yours to lust over Tamara, get a grip !! My mind managed to remind me that this had to stop. It didn't matter how much I wanted him, he wasn't mine and I wasn't going to let him use me.

Plus you know he only wants what's between your legs, you have to put an end to this. Another series of thoughts pushed forward.

'Hey..' His voice snapped me out of my thoughts. In an instant, I pulled up the duvet and covered myself up again. He didn't question me, instead he faced away from me with a sigh of frustration making its way out of his sexy mouth.

With his back facing me, I gathered the courage I needed, it had to be done. He seemed to understand that I wanted to speak and so he kept quiet waiting for me to speak up.

'Alpha Ryker. ' I paused to arrange my words in a way that would not offend him.

'I'm sorry but I can't do this.' I continued.

'Do what?' Was this some kind of a joke to him...I wondered. Of course he knew what I was talking about.

'Whatever happened yesterday can't happen again. I uuum...I wasn't thinking clearly. ' I answered.

'Of course, little witch. How could I forget. ' He paused, turned to look at me then continued, his voice turning into a sneer.

'I'm the Alpha, and well you are...' He wiggled his hand at me before continuing.

'As useless as they come. Just a little, slutty naïve witch, who would even want this? ' He mocked me, his eyes turning cold and distant.

Each word he spoke stirred my tear ducts awake, forcing them to start secreting the salty liquid. His words hit a nerve making my eyes gloss over, a burning sensation brewing inside my sockets.

I was the one who wanted it to end, and now I was acting like I was in love. His words however seemed familiar to my thoughts, it wasn't surprising at all and just like that my arousal dissipated.

'I'm giving you 5 minutes to dress up and 10 minutes to get to the pack house. Tell the staff that I've given them a day off. You are not allowed to leave till I inspect your work. ' I didn't even have the time to ponder on his words.

'Oh, Monica and Mrs. Kagwe will be your supervisors. ' He left, with the spare keys in hand.

My tears acted as a reminder that he had been in my room for the second time. The earlier arousal also reminded me that he had caused it but he had also made it dissipate in seconds.

' One minute is already up, don't try me. ' His loud voice startled me yet again. His head peeked from behind the door, making me get up to get ready. I couldn't help but wonder,

What the fuck just happened!!

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