Pleasuring The Witch/C6 Punishment
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Pleasuring The Witch/C6 Punishment
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C6 Punishment

'Quit slacking around you filthy witch, the table won't set itself. ' Mrs Kagwe sneered, her protruding teeth coming into view

I still didn't understand why the Alpha had resolved to giving me duties at the pack house. I rued the moment I had angered the Alpha wolf. Thinking about the abounding tasks that awaited me had me mumbling to myself.

'Hey yo twerp! ' Monica clapped her perfectly manicured hands together. Her annoying shrill voice brought a scowl on my face. I would have shot back a rejoinder but just like always, I held my tongue.

'Hurry the fuck up before the teens get back from training. '

I picked up the last bowl of orange fruits from the granite kitchen counter. Even through all the shouting from the two women, I had still managed to put the fruits in the bowl. I made my way to the general dining area briskly yet carefully. I didn't want to miss a step, fall down and end up breaking the glass bowl.

I however failed to see the foot that was put out and in a blink of an eye, my small frame was being pulled down by the force of gravity.

It happened so fast and yet my nervous system kicked in faster than I'd have imagined. My arms extended, trying to protect my head and face from the impact of the fall. My hands let go of the bowl of fruit, forcing it to slide a distant on the porcelain tiled kitchen floor.

The pain that shot from my right elbow all the way to the shoulder unmistakably indicated that my elbow had been sprained. Even as I lay down there in pain, I knew it was Monica who had tripped me. No doubt in my mind that she was guilty as they came.

She was giggling stupidly with her friend while they pointed at me.

I didn't understand the friendship between Monica and Mrs Kagwe. Unmated females hardly mixed with mated ones, unless of course they were family. The two weren't related at all, was there something I wasn't aware of?

'Damn, that was a nasty fall. ' Chef Ronald swore, rushing to my side. But before he could even help me up, Monica spoke.

'Are you seriously going to touch..(Monica pointed at me) that? ' Her voice held so much disgust. The hate she felt for me was indescribable, and for what? All because I was born a witch?

'I know I wouldn't. ' Mrs Kagwe chimed in, adding a mocking kind of laughter after her statement.

Their words had chef Ronald stand up and rush back where the rest of the kitchen staff stood. They all watched on as I was made fun of, whispering amongst themselves ever so often.

'Oh I know, bitch should have lost her front teeth. ' Monica added.

'And her ugly face? ' Mrs Kagwe asked, obviously knowing the answer to that.

'Look on the bright side dear. '

'And what would that be? ' Mrs Kagwe asked.

'With her elbow sprained, she will go through hell doing all the work in this pack house. ' Monica pointed out, smiling evilly at the thought.

It seemed that they had forgotten that I possessed healing power. I was merely letting them have fun on my account for just a little while. Then, I would work on my elbow and get to work in no time.

'Then we'll have fun reporting her to the Alpha, once she fails to finish the work. ' The mated woman laughed.

'Of course, her punishment will be increased. This will definitely work out for us. ' Monica agreed.

I was lucky that the bowl was still intact, not even a single orange had slipped out.

I carefully stood up, picked the bowl yet again, ignoring the pain, the laughter from the two ladies and the stares from the rest of the kitchen staff. I proceeded to the dining area and placed it on one of the long wooded dining table.

I made several similar trips to the kitchen and back to the dining room, watching out for anything that would trip me. After making sure every table had a bowl each, I worked on carrying the tableware, with the serving dishes filled up to the brim with scrumptious meals.

Luckily for me, the murmurings had since died off. After finishing setting the tables I hastily slipped out of the pack house via the kitchen backdoor. I had no other choice but to wait for them to finish eating, then I would do the dishes. Coincidentally, the teens began to crowd the vast dining space.

The pack house was simply designed to house the teenagers. They usually moved out of their parents places at around 14. They would then stay at the pack house till they turned 18.

During their stay at the pack house, they would be subjected to a lot of training. Both in wolf form and in human form. It was mandatory for each and everyone of them. I never attended any of the sessions, I certainly didn't stay at the pack house all because I was considered a vermin.

I missed so much growing up, I was isolated by my peers on the orders of their parents. It's a wonder I managed to finish school amidst all the insults that were thrown my way.

'So you're also a defier. ' I didn't have to turn to know it was the Alpha. His aura alone affected me, his presence seemed to alter the atmosphere.

'Why yes, and you are a stalker. ' I supplied.

'Talking to an Alpha like that can cost you your head Tamara. ' He spoke calmly.

I knew he was behind me, but I refused to turn back and look at him. Honestly, I just wanted him to leave me alone. I didn't want to be anywhere near him after what transpired earlier in my house. He had acted like a bipolar person.

'Of all the places you would have gone to wait up, you chose to sit here? '

'What is wrong with sitting on nicely cut green grass and enjoying free fresh air? ' I questioned back.

'You're hurt. ' He ignored my question.

He must have seen my bruising elbow, because I was no longer clutching it. After a while, he moved closer to me before speaking again.

'Heal yourself little witch. ' He let authority slip in his voice. I had no energy to argue with him, and even if I did, the pain that I was experiencing wouldn't allow me to.

Deciding that healing my elbow would help get rid of him from my space as soon as possible, I went ahead with it.

I placed my left hand on the elbow, closed my eyes, let the healing power flow through my veins and chanted.

Kwa dunia kwa hewa

Kwa moto kwa maji

Kwa hivyo utasikia wito wangu Niponye

A cold breeze wrapped around my joint with each word I chanted, ridding my arm of every pain. Now that I was okay, I had to go back inside and continue doing my work. The Alpha had made himself clear when he said he would inspect the work.

'No you're not. ' He spoke as I pulled myself up from the ground.

'Huh? '

'Oh little witch, this is the second time today you've broken our deal. ' He was enjoying this, like a predator. Giving me time before he pounced.

'You've done enough, putting up with Monica and her friend is adequate punishment. '

'Thank you. ' I curtly replied, not really in the mood to worship the ground he walked on.

'Like I was saying before I changed my directive, you have broken our deal twice today. For that, you must face the consequences. The question is...

Are you ready? ' The last part was said in a low voice and that's when I stood up and turned around.

Holy fuck! The specimen before my eyes was clad in nothing but very low riding gym shorts. Had he gone to the training grounds after he left my house?

That explained the sweaty glow on his well sculpted godly chest. He stood straight with his veinous arms crossed on his upper abdomen. The muscles on his torso were perfectly formed, in proportion to one another and well distributed.

My eyes gave his abdominals a thorough sweep, admiring the 6 ft 5 male. Alpha Ryker was surely a virtual fantasy of a Greek god. His 8 pack was in display, leading low..

'Earth to Tamara. ' He pulled me yet again out of my stupor. I'm sure every female would have stared just like I had, even going as far as seducing or jumping him.

'Follow me. ' He ushered, already making his way back to the pack house.

I was hot on his heels, trying to keep up with his long strides. The chatter and laughter in the dining room seized the moment the pack teens and the staff saw us.

I couldn't tell if it was the Alpha's presence, or the fact that I was accompanying him or both. Soon whispers followed, none were audible to me. I'm sure though that the Alpha could hear some of them since he had enhanced hearing. Far much enhanced than that of your average werewolf.

'Quiet down. ' He commanded.

You could hear a tear drop, all heads snapped up, all eyes were directed to the Alpha, all ears perked up clearly waiting for him to speak.

'Tamara will be joining us in our evening training session. ' He spoke with finality, leaving no room for any arguments.

'But Alpha...' Monica tried talking to him, obviously wanting to convince him of how unworthy I was. But he was having none of that. One look at her, and she had her mouth shut in an instant.

I couldn't believe he had made that announcement, especially since the most lethal pack warriors mixed and trained with the teens during the evening sessions.

He had obviously wanted to achieve something from that pack announcement. I mean all he had was to order me to attend instead of making it known to everyone. Unless...

That's when it crossed my mind, and his evil smirk confirmed it all. This was part of his game, a game that he was determined to win. All because of a deal he had coerced me into, with unfair conditions.

He had publicly announced my presence at the training grounds. He wanted to tie me to his Alpha announcent. Of course he was aware that had he said it in privacy, then I would have easily ignored it. But now,

I would be tried for defying an Alpha's order if I refused to show up.

Alpha Ryker had me exactly where he wanted.

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