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C2 New life

For the first time in my life, I am speechless.

As soon as I entered into the jet, I was awestruck at what I saw. The interior of the plane where made of gold and touches of white. The plane had a sofa seat at the left side, it has comfortable seats, a small bar filled with expensive wines, I am so loss with words of how to describe what I am seeing now. But one thing I sure of is that this jet interior is more beautiful than entire house. I sat on one of the seats and prepared for the take off. It was then I noticed that each of the seat have their own television which comes with its personal headset. Very impressive I thought as I sat down to enjoy the ride.


As soon we alighted from the plane, a car was already waiting for us.

“Mr Hudson, welcome to America, my name is Ryan, am your official driver from this moment on.” The driver introduced himself.

Turns out the company have send him. I personally can’t wait to see the house they kept for us. I mean with all the VIP treatments we have been receiving so far, it most be really grand. As we made our way to our residence, I looked out of the window trying to see if my eyes will catch something that will interest me. Sadly not yet.

After an hour driving, we arrived in a gated community with beautiful luxurious houses at both side.

“Wow! The area is so fine!” Mom spoke out exactly what was on my mind. We soon arrived at our house. “The Hudson family” is written on the mail box. They must have really prepared for our coming.

The house, was a mighty two story building which I personally think it’s a little to big for us. The house exterior has a contemporary outline with white painting and huge glass windows.

“I think am going to like it here!” Mom said she still have that big smile of her face.

“ mr and Mrs Hudson, miss Hudson, welcome to Lakeview estate. My name is Anita, am the agent incharge of this side on the estate”. The lady in black suit who was standing by the doorway gave a little intro.

“ Thank you Anita, a pleasure meeting you.”

“The pleasure it’s all mine mr Hudson. Please do come in”. Anita opened the door and ushered us in. “ once again you are welcome, the house contains five bedrooms, four of which are upstairs and the guest room is on the ground floor. The house also comes with a library, cinema room, a wine cellar at the basement and an outdoor swimming pool. She lead us to the backyard and showed us around. The swimming pool was infinity and was attached to the lake behind it. There is a swing at the garden, a green house filled with scent flowers and a pool table at the patio.

“I know am going to like it here!”. Mom quoted as she and dad moves around the house. As for me, I was still in awestruck.

“I have to get going if you need anything, please feel free to give me a call. And In case you get bored, the estate has a men’s club, a women’s club, a sport center, a gym and a park. Do feel free to visit any one of this places.” Anita explained as she handed her card, the house keys and documents to mom and made her way to the door before she paused and turned as if she remembered something.

“One more thing, the estate has a spa and is giving free VIP treatment to their new members , so you might want to take advantage of that.” Anita said before making her way out of the house.

“ we are totally going to go!”. Mom and I shouted at the same time. Going to the spa with mom is a monthly ritual mom and I never missed and here we are, given a golden opportunity to go for free. We won’t miss it for anything in the world. As soon as we are settled, they should expect us.

I made my upstairs and went through all the three bedrooms apart from the master bedroom. I finally chose the one that has the view of lake. The room had a queen size bed in the center, i vanity table at the side and a study table that is attached with a bookshelf by it side. It’s has a walk-in closet and an amazing bathroom. A glass shower and a large bath tube at the middle of the bathroom. If my room is this big, I wonder how big is the size of the master bedroom. I mad a mental note to check it out later on. I decided to take a short nap at all I just had a nineteen hour thirty minutes journey.

As soon I woke up, I quickly took a shower and called my friends on a group video call on WhatsApp. I showed them the house. They all shouted when they saw my room and quoted they need to visit very soon. After talking for hours I finally ended the call and went down for breakfast. Mom had ordered Chinese. Immediately after dinner I went back to sleep because heaven knows how tired I was.

I went to sleep with a thought in my heart. Maybe moving here wasn’t that bad.

The next day, mom and I spend the entire day shopping. We first of all went for grocery shopping and then clothes shopping because according to mom; new country, new life, new clothes.

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