Alpha Xander’s Human Mate/C3 Free VIP treatment
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Alpha Xander’s Human Mate/C3 Free VIP treatment
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C3 Free VIP treatment

The week came and passed with us settling down completely and toady is Monday.

The day am suppose to start a new school. Personally I think every high school student hates this very moment in which they had to be “the new kid at school”. Honestly is very terrifying because you don’t know what to expect.

Different thoughts keep coming to my mind. Will the school be like all this American movies and books where the new student gets bullied by the whole school? I hope not because I have never been bullied in my whole life going to school so I don’t think I can survive been bullied if it happened now.

I got early in the morning and got dressed. The school I was enrolled in is a private school therefore the students wear uniforms. A white long sleeve, a bob berry dark blue skirt and neck tie and a dark blue blazer or you can choose to wear a dark blue sweater instead of the blazers. For the shoe, you can wear any type of black shoe of your choice. So I decided to stick to wearing black Nike sneakers so that I will draw any unnecessary attention to myself. The more invisible I am, the better it will be for me.

I stood to look at myself at the mirror. Dress in the complete uniform including the blazers and my hair was packed in a ponytail. I think am good to go!. I took my backpack and went downstairs to have breakfast. Oh I did I mention that the house has a elevator? Yeap that’s right. My room is on the second floor so lazy me don’t need to climb all this stairs. I will always follow the elevator except it’s stops working and for my own benefit, I am not praying for that to happen.

I went down and found mom and dad already eating their breakfast.

“Good morning mom, morning dad!”. I said as I pecked them both on the check and then sat down to eat. Mom made bacons and eggs for breakfast. I made a short prayer and thank God that it’s not pancakes. Not that I hate eating pancakes. No! It’s just that since pancakes it’s apparently the easiest breakfast to make, six out of the seven days in a week, mom makes pancakes for breakfast. Dad and I are so tired of eating the same thing all the time. So am actually grateful that we are having something else. Maybe mom was serious about her “new country, new life” of a thing.

After we had breakfast, mom volunteered to drop me at school. As soon we where at the school street, we could see the school gate and beside it is a caved stone with “Welcome to Greenwood High School” written on it. Soon we arrived at the gate and mom dropped me up and promised to come and pick me up when the schools closes by two in the afternoon.

“ Okay Claire, you can do this!”. I said motivating myself and I made my way into the school premises.

Okay I can’t do this. I froze at the exact directions I was as soon as I entered into the school. The school building is four story high and made of glass entirely. Impressive I thought as I made my way into the building.

Immediately I entered, I went to the admin secretary and collected by schedule and the school map.

I stood at the middle of the school’s hallway looking very confused. I didn’t understand the school map at all. I have no idea how to get to class.

I was one seconds away from crying when am a girl stopped to help me.

“Hello dear, you look confused, am guessing you are a new student and don’t understand the school’s map am I right?.

I nodded my head grateful that someone is willing to help me out. She collected my map and studied it.

“Well lucky you, we have the same classes all through! Let’s go, we have Chemistry now!”. She said to me and lead the way to the class.

“Oh sorry I didn’t introduce myself. Am Ashley and you?”.

“Am Claire, it’s a pleasure meeting you!”.


Soon it was lunch time and Ashley invited me to seat with her and her friends. They where very nice to me. Becky, Jennifer, Cole, Matthew and Aisha. Cole and Aisha are dating.

“So Claire, why did you move all the way from Australia to here?”. Cole asked me.

“Dad got a promotion and comes with a transfer and here we are!”. I said and the conversation went on.

The rest of the week and and passed quiet normal. One think I was sure of, is that staying here may not be that bad.


On Saturday, mon and I went to the spa and enjoyed our free VIP treatment.

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