Am I Married?/C3 The Wedding Secret
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Am I Married?/C3 The Wedding Secret
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C3 The Wedding Secret

Andrew gave me advance payment for the job. The salary he offered me is larger than the amount I used to earn through those part-times. I was right. Wealthy people keep their employees happy. I resigned from all the places in order to fully focus on my cooking. If I would make myself stay longer at Hobsons as their cook, my financial burdens will soon ease.

With my savings and this new amount altogether, I'm able to pay my first college semester. It's confirm I'm going college this year. Hobsons saved me.

Andrew told me that Katherine and his husband would see me in person soon. They want to meet me at the day of interview, but due to their upcoming big event, they both are occupied with a lot of work.

Whatever, I don't mind. I'm nervous to see them in person. They are big people.

A week later, I decide to visit my foster home and thank my teachers for raising me, especially Mother whose cooking lessons are now my source of income. I'm going to tell her about my new job.

I've never experienced what it feels like to have parents, siblings or cousins because I've no one. The teachers and kids with whom I grew up, I take them as my family.

Since I have left my first home, I have been visiting them after every fifteen days or more because I want to stay in touch with my friends and family and the children I've lived with for eighteen years.

"I think you are doing well nowadays." Emma comes to me when she sees me.

She recently started working as a young volunteer at the foster home. After completing her education, she is helping orphan kids here.

I chortle, "You guessed right."

"What's the reason, kid?"

I'm about to tell her my reason, but Mother appears before me and greets me, "This time you came after three weeks. Have you already forgotten about me?"

I feel warm when I see her; she is like a mother figure to me. If I had a Mom, I would have wanted her to be like Mother. She was there when I was lonely; she was there when I had mental break downs when I started understanding that I had no parents.

"I was busy with exams and school, but I have got news for you." I step forward and hug her, sniffing her motherly scent.

"What is it?"

I pull back, smiling, "I've got a new job as a home cook and the pay is huge."

Mother is in her early sixties, has grey hair, wrinkled skin and all of the features that makes her look like a granny we normally see in movies; petite figure, short grey hair, small dark eyes. Most of the time, she wears long button-up shirt with a floor length skirt.

"So, that is the reason you look different today. It's a good different." Emma comments, patting my back.

Mother smiles at Emma, "It's good her cooking skills are helping her. What kind of people are they?" She turns to me.

"They are very rich and nice. I like the environment there." I answer, thinking I'm still not sure how my employers are.

At Hobsons, everything is going fine. I go there three times a day and cook meal for the family members. Andrew has said that Hobsons are satisfied with my recipes, but I should increase my knowledge about foreign cuisines because they like diversity in their food. For that I have been reading food blogs and following some good YouTube channels.


"Can't you convince your Mom that I don't want to wear her choosen wedding dress?" I hear female voice. My knife stops working.

I'm preparing lunch at the mansion's kitchen, cutting some veggies.

"You know everything. Still, you're asking me such a question, Samara." This time I hear male voice.

The voices are coming from the dinning area I guess. I furrow my brows, trying to think who could be speaking so loudly. Both of the voices are very clear.

It's hard to ignore them, still I try and concentrate on cucumbers. I'm preparing a Japanese salad.

"But, it's my wedding, Ashar. I have a right to choose my own wedding dress." The woman responds.

I frown again. Wedding? Wedding dress? Are they that couple who is about to get married?

Curiosity begins bubbling up in me. I decide to at least look at them. News about their wedding is everywhere on news media. People are talking about it. I put my knife down, wipe the moisture from my hands with the apron I have on me and sneak towards the kitchen exit.

Hesitantly, I peek outside the kitchen that's when I see a woman's face.

I move my head out further to get a look of man's face, but at the same moment that brunette looks in my direction. I pull back my head inside immediately before she could catch me. She is definitely Samara Elizabeth, fiance of Ashar Hobsons.

"My Mom's designs are the best in the city. Besides, we need to make our wedding look perfect. Your choice is not appropriate. We are building our reputation and expanding our business through this marriage so we can't act carelessly." Ashar speaks.

I get puzzled. Marriage for business expansion? It means all those news about their cheesy love story are fake?

I don't know much about them, but girls at my school discuss about Ashar Hobsons wedding so I heard them. I heard that Samara and Ashar are childhood sweethearts and they finally have decided to tie themselves into a sacred marriage relations.

"You're sounding like we are doing some sort of contract marriage. Don't you love me?"

"Sam, you know I don't feel that kind of love for you. Still you embarrass me by asking the same question again and again."


"I'm comfortable in your company. You're the only close friend I've been with so I just thought we'll do well as husband and wife. However, I'm happy that our marriage would open doors of success for both of our businesses."

My mouth agape in stupefaction. So this wedding is not happening out of love? But people say the otherwise. Their wedding is a hot topic for all the tabloids and gossip mags nowadays. They are fooling the public. Their admirers are resembling to it with fairy-tale wedding and praising about their love for each other. I'm hearing a different story here. Business expansion is the reason behind this wedding. This is their secret.

I once again dare to peek outside the kitchen. Samara's arms are wrapped around Ashar's neck. I'm still unable to see his face.

"One day you'll start loving me." Afterwards, she leans forward and kisses her fiancée on lips.

My eyes widen. I swiftly move back my head inside the kitchen. Blush crawls up my neck and reach to my cheeks. I scurry towards the counter once again and resume my work.

I would be kicked out of this mansion instantaneously if anyone find out about my sneak peek. However, it's not my fault that they were talking so loudly. It's not my fault that I overheard the secretive truth about their grand wedding.

I'm feeling weird.

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