Am I Married?/C5 The Wedding Day
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Am I Married?/C5 The Wedding Day
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C5 The Wedding Day

I search for some fresh clothes in my small wardrobe. Carol has invited me to join the discussion about our final exams at the library. All of her friends decided to study together so she also asked me to come over. The discussion is exam related so I should join them too.

My eyes catch the silk blouse that was blemished by that suited-booted man. I take it out and stare the stain on it. The whole scene of that night replays in my head, bringing smile on my face.

I didn't plan to go to that club again. We can't go there without passes and I can't afford to buy them.

Disappointment wells up as I recall the blue-eyed man's lack of interest in me.

Maybe I should change my style of clothing, get a new haircut and learn some good makeup techniques. Maybe my appearance is a problem.

My phone rings. I throw my silk top back in the wardrobe and reach to my device.

Caller is Ryan; my friend since my early days.

"Hey, hi."

"Hey, how are you doing?" He asks.

"Good, but busy. Preparing for finals, then job. You tell how's everything there?"

Ryan lived in the same orphanage. I met him there. We also studied in same school. He is three years older than me so he left early and went to California for college.

"Oh. Good luck. Little Sanaya is finally completing her high school phase." He says in teasing tone, "And yes everything is fine here."

I raise my brows, "I'm just three years younger than you, not ten years. So stop sounding like a big brother."

"Oh, come on. You know we're family to each other. I've to act like a family sometimes to remind you that you have someone to call your own. I'm happy for you that you're finally graduating."

I chuckle "Are we being emotional here?"

He groans, "Fine. I stop here." I laugh.

Ryan is also my first crush. Not still. I'm over him, but I had feelings for him.

Despite possessing good looks, he's friendly and supportive too. In my early teens, he was protective of me. He never liked when one of our teachers scolded or punished me for my mistakes I was a slow learner back then. At school, he helped me with my homework and class assignments. Maybe during that time, I began liking him but my bad luck it was one-sided. He didn't look at me that way. He didn't say anything to me. I just found out about his heart when he started dating Tessa. She was his classmate. He is still dating her. They both moved to California.

Anyways, one-sided love for Ryan is the only thing to tell about my dating life. I had never dated anyone nor thought about any guy. I got busy with my money-making goals. I thought I won't be able to keep someone happy due to my routine.

"So did you call me for something important? I've to rush to the library for the exam discussion." I ask.

"No. You should go." He says, "I just called to know how you're doing."

"Okay. Take care. I'll call you later."

"Wait. Remember that I'm always just a phone call away from you. Never hesitate to call me when you need me." He reminded me as always.

Ryan visited the foster home few times. He doesn't want to disassociate himself with his first family. Before leaving for another state, he forced me to promise him that we would remain forever friends. And on every phone call, he reminds me that promise.

"Yep, I know." I respond with a faint smile.

We end the call afterwards and I hurry to the bathroom and change my clothes. I think about tomorrow. Tomorrow is an important day.


Wedding Day

To keep my words to Katherine, I reach to mansion on their special day, in other words; wedding day to earn some more money.

Once I'll done my work here, once family will leave for Church, I'll head back to school dorm. I didn't even consider accepting Katherine's invitation because I can bet she said it out of courtesy. She wouldn't have invited her month old employee to their big day.

The foyer of the mansion is a total mess. There are dozens of servants in the white uniform, busy in their respective tasks. They are going here and there, shifting wrapped items, food and other stuff in the cars. I'm astounded to see the umpteen number of domestic workers here. I don't see them in normal days.

Soon my gaze catches Katherine who is talking with someone on the phone. A man maybe in his early thirties is standing beside her, waiting for her to end the call and get her attention. I didn't see him before, but I'm certain he is not from the domestic staff because of his expensive, different attire.

"All the deliveries should be on time, Mom. Why you hired Hamptons for catering? They are lazy asses." The man explodes as soon as he sees Katherine putting her phone down.

She huffs, "Relax, Mike. Show some trust on your mother."

Michael Hobsons.

Right. He is the elder son of the Hobsons' family, big brother of the groom of the day. He has curly golden brown hair, deep hazel eyes and perfect virile physique. All of the family members do not only possess wealth, but good looks too.

Katherine looks in my direction. She smiles and walks towards me, "Sanaya, I was waiting for you..."

Mike follows her, "I'm telling you this Hamptons will spoil our occasion. They never deliver on time."

She shoots him a glare, "Their services are the best in the city. I know you love your brother a lot. But, nothing will go wrong. I promise you."

She turns her face to me again, "Say hello to our new cook Sanaya."

Reluctantly, Mike moves his head, studying my appearance, "You look young. Nice to meet you, by the way."

"Same here, sir." I smile.

"Anyways, time to work. Go to the kitchen and pack the desserts the chefs have prepared." Katherine orders me. I nod.


Just before an hour when the family has to leave for the Church, Katherine calls me in the living room. She is sitting on the couch in her full-length, blood red gown, make her look few years younger. Her makeup is loud and dark with maroon lips and smoky eyes.

She is checking the shopping bags, placed in front of her on the floor.

She looks up when she sees me, "Come here, Sanaya."

Pressing my lips together, I amble to her.

"Why aren't you dressed up till yet?"

"I'm not going to the wedding. I was just here to help you." I state nervously.

This time she doesn't insist me, but say, "I liked it if you would've come, but anyways, please take all those shopping bags to Samara's room. It's the bride's accessories. She would be waiting for them."

I'm grateful she didn't force me. I don't even have suitable clothes for the event. I'll run home afterwards and do some study for my finals.

Giving her a light nod, I move further and pick up all the bags in my hands. They are too many. I wonder why Samara is here in this mansion before the wedding. Bride is supposed to reach to the wedding from her own house.

Maybe rich families have different traditions, don't know. However, it explains how close Ashar and Samara are.

"Use the lift. Second floor, left side, second room." She instructs.

I memorize the directions and start walking. Nervousness begins to surround me because it's my first time going upstairs and seeing other portions of the mansion.

Stepping outside the lift, I witness a long corridor, has about ten rooms. Astonished, I keep walking. On the right side, one can view the downward part of the mansion in a single glimpse. The glass pendant lights of the whole floor are on, illuminating the entire place. This portion looks captivating with all those fancy lights.

While admiring the decorations, I amble towards Samara's room.

If I didn't know the real reason of their wedding, I would've also came under the spell of this dreamy wedding.

All looks so beautiful from outside, but inside there is no emotion, just business. I think rich families prioritize their wealth and business over all other things.

I stop in front of the room. According to the way Katherine instructed me, this is the room where bride of the day is. I shift the shopping bags from my one hand to the other and knock the door with my free hand.

Few minutes pass, but no sound. I knock for the third time, but there is no response.

Hesitantly, I grab the doorknob and push open the door slowly, looking inside. "Ms. Samara?"

I step into the room and look around, "I'm here to deliver some bags to you. Katherine has sent them."

The room is bigger than the kitchen where I work. It is a combination of grey and maroon colors. The curtains and furniture of the bedroom are maroon, but the floor and walls are of different shades of grey. The color combination is unique.

However, room is slightly disorganized. The clothes are scattered on the bed and some are on the floor. The white, wedding dress is also placed on bed, fully wrapped in plastic bag as if no one even touched it.

I feel bemused. She is supposed to be in her wedding gown by now. There is not much time left. I put the shopping bags on the floor when I start feeling pain in my arms. They are heavy.

Samara finally steps out of the bathroom. My astonishment increases some more when I see her in jeans and plain shirt. Her hair are falling in all direction as if she was pulling them a while ago. I can see dried tears around her eyes. Her overall appearance looks disoriented and panicky.

She gazes at me, moving her eyes up and down. I feel uncomfortable under her intense scrutiny so I just break the awkward silence, "Are you okay? I was here to deliver those bags to you."

She comes closer to me, now studying my face. Her eyes are wandering all over my facial features. I contort my face in confusion at her weird stares, "Umm, hey-"

"Listen, can you wear my wedding dress and be a bride on my place?" She questions.

Ec-excuse me?

I give her a long stare. I think she is joking and would burst into laughter any minute....but she doesn't. Her face has no trace of humor.

"What?" I quirk up my brow.

"You've to be a bride at my place." She repeats with no hesitation.

A wave of cold shiver trickles through me for some reason.

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