Am I Married?/C6 The Fraud
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Am I Married?/C6 The Fraud
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C6 The Fraud

My mind suggests me to ignore that woman who is certainly out of her mind. After all, no sensible bride would say such a thing on her own wedding day.

"I don't think you're in your senses right now. Whatever it is, not my concern. I'm leaving."

I turn around with an intention to storm out of this room, but she comes forward and blocks my way, "First hear me out. I'm not asking you to get married at my place." Her voice is panicky, "I'm only asking you to wear my dress and pretend to be me just for an hour. I've to go somewhere right now. It's urgent."

My nostrils flare as I give her angry look, crossing my arms under my chest, "Are you dumb? Or you're just acting like one? I'm not your twin. People can easily recognize me that I'm not You. You can just call your fiance or someone and delay the wedding and finish whatever work you need to."

I can't believe I'm even arguing with her about this. Something is definitely wrong with her. What a pain.

She exhales out a loud, deep breath as if she is controlling her outburst. She looks restless, "I'm calling Ashar, but he's not picking up his phone. Two thousand people from all over the country and even from overseas are coming to the wedding. If the bride wouldn't be on time, it will spoil the image of the two families. You don't understand how much good reputation is important for Hobsons. I'm going to put a thick veil on your face, so no one would recognize you. Your height, weight and body shape matches with mine. No one will find out, believe me."

She is right about our weight, but not height. She is few inches taller. But this doesn't solve the problem. It's impossible. It's fraud, a trickery. If anyone would find out about it, I would go behind bars...straight away. Hobsons are powerful people.

"We don't have time. Just listen to me. I need to leave right now in order to return quickly. I, I have to stop someone." She begs, but still I sense authority in her voice.

"I'm leaving, Samara." I say, getting panic, "I can't be a part of your playing."

"No." She grabs my wrist tightly. I get surprised.

I can't understand what could be this urgent that she is ready to take such a dangerous risk. She would be in deep trouble too if someone find out the different face.

She is about to say something, but stops when her phone begins ringing. She hisses aloud and reaches for it.

I get my time to run, but I couldn't. I'm feeling weird about her restless behavior. The problem seems severe.

"Stop calling me. I'm trying to come." She shouts on the phone, afterwards, throws the phone back on the bed and walks back to me.

"Please help me. I've to go now. You've to just sit here in my room and act as me. And just in case if they ask you to go to the Church then listen to them. I'll come there directly, will do something with the lights there so that we can return to our rightful places. My plan is strong. No one will find out."

Fear is flashing in her moistened eyes. Her ballad fists are indicating her anxiety. "What's the emergency?"

"I don't have time to explain. I'll tell you later. Just get ready for now. Wear my wedding dress. I'll go after making you look like a bride."

"No. This is wrong. I can't do this." I shake my head.

"Woman, I told you, I don't have time." She gets irritated, "If I won't go there, this wedding won't happen. I'm just asking you to not let anyone find out. I don't want to ruin my wedding. There are so many people out there."

I can be recognized easily. Why is she dragging me in her problem? I want to run away from here. Her dominating aura and firm voice is weakening me.

"I'm scared." I blurt out. Goosebumps appearing on my arms.

"Don't be." She said, grabbing my shoulders, "Just stay quite. If anyone asks you any question, try not to answer. Just an hour. Handle everything here only for an hour."

Her plan sounds safe and simple, but when it comes to following it in real, it wouldn't be this simple. God, what should I do?

Strong fear is taking control of my body, wobbling my legs. This whole situation is frightening me to death.

"What's your name?" She asks.

"Sanaya. You don't even know my name and you are asking me to be a replaced bride for you."

Samara hisses, "I remember you by your face. I know you are a new cook of Hobsons, that's why I'm asking you to do this for me because no one can even think in their dream that you could be a bride behind the veil, I told you, trust my plan. Nothing will go wrong."

I stare at her in utter disbelief, trying to register this situation in my head because I'm unable to believe that the bride herself asking me to wear her wedding dress. My stomach churns at the thought. I begin feeling sweaty.

Samara again pleads to me, "If bride would not reach to the Church, this event will be a mess. You know I can go without informing anyone, but Hobsons are like family to me. I don't want to destroy their image in front of the media. Reporters are also coming to cover the wedding. Just think, if bride wouldn't be there how journalists are going to make fun of them. Tomorrow's newspaper will be full of nasty news stories about them."

Her every argument sounds so strong, so right even when I know that this crazy idea of her is not ethical. But since Hobsons family have helped me so much since I've started working for them. It's because of them, I'm doing well financially. They are not bad people. Shouldn't I be helping them in their difficult as in returning the favor they gave me?

"Are you really going out for a short time?" My conscience sends me red alerts. I shouldn't be considering this.

Corners of her lips lift up into a smile, "Yes. I promise. I'll be back as soon as possible."

Seriously? She can't smile in such a situation.

I'm here horrified to the last level. She abruptly pulls my arm and makes me sit in front of her dresser.

"No. I can't-" I try to rise up, but she grabs my shoulders and forces me to sit down again.

"Relax." She gets annoyed again, "You're a timid. I told you nothing will go wrong."

She moves her fingers in my hairs, "First I'll do your hair. I've to arrange them in a way so that your different hair color won't be noticeable. Once you'll get ready you'll get more confidence on my plan."

I gulp down the big lump in my mouth. I'm digging my own grave, dear God.


No. I don't want to do this.

My own fear takes full control of me that my voice is not coming out either. It's stuck in my throat. This gives complete freedom to Samara to play with me, to make me a bad person too with herself.

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