Am in love with a striper/C2 Do you know your job descriptions?
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Am in love with a striper/C2 Do you know your job descriptions?
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C2 Do you know your job descriptions?

My name is Tara, but Bay is what my dad preferred calling me, and no one except my family members knew about it, he chose to call me Bat maybe because of my reddish brown hair, I am sure that was the reason.

I became the only child of my parents since my little sister died at the age of 5, my mom left us three months ago, which made my Dad traumatized and he has not recovered from it.

Leaving my hometown to make my Dad proud, I need to save his life. This is the best I can do for him now. If I had the opportunity like this to save my mom's life I would have done everything to save her.

But for my dad? Am ready to save his life while I can.

Welcome to Las Vegas, that was the first thing I saw that I realized that I was actually in Las Vegas. I really miss home, Mrs Maria and most especially my dad, remembering the heartfelt message I left for him wanting to make me go back home.

But I can't do that, I have a mission here, I need to stay focused and work hard to save my dad's life.

I took a cab, and it took me to the mighty house called The Raven's house

"Excuse me ma'am how can I get to the last floor?" I asked a lady standing in front of the Raven house, where I was directed by the map.

"Are you working here?" She looked at me carefully.

"Yes..... I just got the job recently," I replied

"Okay, go through that way, it will lead to the reception" She said.

"Thanks" I replied and walked away


"Hi" The receptionist answered

"Please can I get to the Raven club,"I asked

"Are you a staff, or you have an appointment"

"No, not really but I just got the job here."I answered.

"Very well just wait" She made a call and a hefty man came in and stood beside me.

"Take her in Daniel" She told him

"Okay let's go " He said and I followed

He led me through some rooms that had dimmed lights, they were very dark, and I was a bit tensed that it might be something else, maybe not what I saw on the internet, it might be a center for training assassins, just as Mrs Maria told me she might be telling me the truth.

I was tense for a while until we came out of the dark rooms, he told me to wait when we came in front of an office, he went in and after some minutes he came out and told me to go in.

"Good morning" I greeted the man in the office when I got in.

"Take a sit" He offered

"My name is Francis, what can I do for you?" He asked

What? What kind of question Is this? Am I in the wrong place, but sure this is the raven house I saw on the internet.

I went through my phone and got to the website to be certain its a correct address, and sure it is.

"Excuse me sir, Uh mm...sorry I saw an advert on the internet a few days ago and applied for the job online, so I was offered and I was also directed to come over here for the job" I replied.

"You are......?"

"Am Tara,"I answered Immediately.

He went straight to the laptop screen on the table in front of him.

"Yes I can find your name here,"

I was finally relieved.

"Are you really sure you want to take this job? He asked"

"Sure, I am ready to take the job" The salary is what I want.

"How old are you, are you more than 18"

"Am 21" I replied

"Okay congratulations you finally have the job, from your address I have here I can see you are not from Las Vegas, but be assured you will be given a house to live in while you work with me." He said.

"Thank you so much sir" I was really grateful.

He went on and made a call, a beautiful lady walked in and he introduced her to me as my roommate, meaning we will be sharing an apartment together.

"Teach her everything she needs to know about us," he instructed her.

I was really happy with the job offered and left his office.

"Hey my name is Susan " she said when we got out of the office.

"Am Tara" I answered

"You are welcome to be part of the Raven's, I will be taking you to our apartment soon. "

"Thank you so much." I replied

She packed up shoes and bags then we started going to our apartment.

"Wow......this place is very beautiful" I exclaimed after seeing the apartment

"Am sure you like it,"She said

" Yes, sure I love it, " I replied.

"Let me take you to the room"

I stood up and followed her.

Our footsteps on the stairs echoed in the room until we got into the bedroom.

The beautiful walls were painted glossy maroon color, and I went straight towards the beautiful wooden bed and sat down.

"The bedroom is beautiful as well" I complimented.

"Yea.... All thanks to Mr Frank, he made it happen to us" She replied.

Mr Frank must be very kind and lenient with his staff.

Susan went towards the wardrobe, opened it and started bringing out some clothes.

"Here are some of these clothes for you, you will be wearing them for rehearsals tomorrow"She threw them at me.

"Really thank you, but they are kind of skimpy..." I stood up and placed one of the dresses on my chest to size it.

"Skimpy? She asked"

"Do you know your job description? I mean what you will be doing here in the Raven's" She asked again.

I was surprised by that question.

"No I don't have an idea about it, like I said I saw it online, it's a club we are working at isn't it? "I replied.

"Yes...."She came closed and sat down with me

"We are working in the club, but we are not bartenders or any other thing"

"So what are we? " I asked.

She looked at me carefully before she pouted her mouth.

"So tell me why do you want to work here?"She asked, I don't really know why she passed the question.

"My dad is very ill and we need money for his hospital bill, he needs to undergo a surgery, and it cost 20 thousand dollars, my Mom is late, she died three months ago, I can't afford to lose my dad too so when I saw the advert on the internet I decided to take it." I replied.

"So you need the money, don't you?"

"Yes I do."

"I guess we are here for a similar reason," she said.

"My dad left my mom and I for her lover when I was five, from that day on, it has been really hard for us, but everything became better since I started working here, and now I work and provide for my mom, I took this opportunity to help my family." She said,

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