Am in love with a striper/C3 Give this a thought
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Am in love with a striper/C3 Give this a thought
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C3 Give this a thought

"Am sure, your mom will be proud of you,"

"Yeah she is," She replied.

"Get on your feet and freshen up, you have a rehearsal this evening, you will be trained for 3 days before your first assignment" She said.

"But this clothes are a little bit exposed and skimpy,"

"Hahaha....... These are the kinds of clothes we wear, they are our costumes."

"Your costumes?" I asked in surprise

"Just go in and dress up, we are already late" She interrupted.

"Take ,put this on...." She offered it to me.

Few minutes later "look at how pretty you look" Susan complimented when I put the clothes on

"Really? I can't take this out" I refused to follow her after I wore the dress she gave me, they exposed every part of my body, my breast and even my white thighs.

"This is what we wear, come on let's go Mr frank will be waiting for you now."

Immediately we heard a knock on our door,

"Susan's boss is waiting for you," One of the bouncers called out.

"Yes yes, we're ready" She replied

But I was still stubborn and refused to follow her. When she noticed I wasn't behind her she came back and dragged me with her through the door.

I was very shy when I got out of the apartment. We passed through the club and saw a lot of people dancing, drinking, smoking. It looked like the loud music made them go crazy and they danced all round.

Finally we got to Mr Frank's office, it's a very big office, well furnished.

I went forward and took a seat while Susan went to another room by the left, leaving Mr Frank and I.

"Welcome to the Ravens Tara" He said

"Thank you" I replied and adjusted my position.

He handed me some documents and I signed in, he gave me some rules that govern the Raven's I read and solemnly declared to be part of it.

He called Susan and she came in, he instructed her to teach me everything I needed to know about the Ravens, and he left us alone in the office, looking like he had an appointment.

Next surprising thing I saw were some ladies, they came in with some arrayed beautiful clothes and good shoes.

"This is Lucy and Vick they are part of the Ravens too" Susan introduced

"Hi" I greeted them

"Hi," They replied.

"This are going to be your clothes, they are as beautiful as you are " Susan said

"Thank you, but they are very skimpy"

"Hahaha, yes.... That is your job description ...."

I stood in confusion.

"Okay, fine..... let me tell you, we work here as strippers. I have been working here for two years." Lucy said

"What! A stripper, I ain't gonna do that, I can't" I replied.

"Tara, you need money to pay your dad's medical bills, and this is the fastest way you can make the money and make your father proud." She advised me.

"I know, but I can't....."I replied.

"So what do you want to do, do you want to lose your Daddy? " she asked

"No....." I shook my head.

"Just take this opportunity, and you are so lucky Mr Frank likes you too, your beauty suits this job, will you make it all soon?"

"I will just think about it" I took up my bag and started going to my apartment.

"Wait! Wait!!" Susan called but I refused to answer her.

After some minutes I got into the room, since the apartment is also part of the Ravens house.

I got in fast and slammed the door.

No I can't do this, this is not the plan, I know...... I want to save my dad's life but I can't do that.

[Phone buzzing]

I jerked up immediately and my cell phone rang. I went to my bag and brought it out.

"Hello" It was Mrs Maria.

"Hi.....Tara, how are you, and your new job? "She asked

"Am fine "I replied.

"I came to the hospital today to visit your Dad, and get your message across to him...."

"Oh my God, can I talk to Dad please" I couldn't let her finish,

"No Tara.... There is something wrong" She replied

"What! What happened" My heart skipped immediately.

"Your Dad is in a coma, the doctors said he might not live up to three weeks anymore...." She cried

"Oh... My...., no something needs to be done " no I can't lose Dad, mom just left a few months ago, I cried.

"Tara....? Ta...? Are you there"She asked,

"Yes I am, i..... I...will get the money in a few days... I will call you when I have it.." I just have to say that I can't promise anything at this moment

"Okay...." She hung up.

My cell phone slipped off my hand, I was so devastated.

I slowly went down on my knees, and my head buried between my legs.

"What! What is wrong with you" Susan came in and asked when she saw me on the floor.

"My Dad....."

"What is wrong with him, talk to me"

"He is in a coma, he needs the surgery or else he might not live up to three weeks." I sobbed

"Everything will be fine..... Get on your feet, don't do this to yourself okay,"

My world cannot be like this, I must have to do something, I must have to take this chance, I can't let my Dad go away, I must have to do the needful.

"Tara you need to do this work, don't let your Dad slipped out of your hands like that, this is your chance to save his life"

"Do it girl, let your papa live again, everything is still in your hands, just take this job and your dad will be fine again. " she advised.

"I told you, I was just like you a few years ago, but look at what this job has turned my life into, just take a look at me " she said.

"You will start up your first Friday night which is just two nights from today, just give that a thought" She left.

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