Am in love with a striper/C4 It reminded me of my first
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Am in love with a striper/C4 It reminded me of my first
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C4 It reminded me of my first

Two nights later.

Today is my last rehearsal, and my first day as a stripper at the club.

I was so sweaty after rehearsing and needed to go shower up for my first performance on stage today.

I made this decision for the sake of my family, for the sake of my Dad.

I took up my kits and started going to the apartment. Susan is also preparing at home for a performance today too.


I already have the outfit I will be taking out today, and there is a makeup artist assigned for me too.

When I got into the apartment, I quickly ran into the shower to get ready for my performance tonight.

I already met Susan ready and set for tonight.

"You look amazing Susan"

"Thank you dear," She replied.

When we were done the make up artist came over and made us up.

We left the apartment and went straight to the back stage of the club,

I was dressed on black bra which made my breast threaten to burst out, and the g strings which boosted my butt chicks, and a black lingerie over it.

When it was time for the club, the disc jockey started the music and we all went out to display our moves.

I have never done this in my life but I had to do all I have learned during my rehearsals but obviously one can tell am a novice

We all went to the assigned poles given to us and started our moves. We also switched at each turn, so that clients could come get whoever they wish to have for the night.

Everyone was partying, loud music playing, chattering everywhere, we kept dancing all round spinning around on hills.

After having enough drinks and a party, some of the clients came around towards the stage where we were swinging on the pole.

They all came to pick one after the other, Lucy was first picked, then later on it was Susan and few of us were left behind on the stage.

"Come over here baby" A client who was very drunk called me over.

On the stage I went closed to him to dance more, I put all my effort to do the best, I took turns with my legs and danced more but I knew I wasn't good at it

Finally he stood and put his hand for me to come over to him.

While I went with him, a slip of paper was passed from my boss to me, he instructed me to be my best for the night, and that this client is the richest amongst others.

When I looked out to check where Susan had gone, she was over her client at the other side of the club, she was giving him a lap dance while he was kissing, caressing her gently on his pace.

"Hey girl" My client called my attention away from Susan.

"Let's go away to my room" He asked and I followed him.

Just as we were passing by Susan she gave me a wink and went back to her business.

"Uh huh huh baby" He groaned silently the moment I placed my hand on his chest.

I was not happy doing this, but I have no other alternative to help my dad.

"You love it don't you" I asked him

"Yea, do it more" He screamed.

I spread my hands boldly on his chest, and mounted my lips on his, I did gently and slowly.

After turning round the rooms trying to pull each other's clothes with our lips locked on each other I finally laid his back on the bed and he went down slowly.

I took off my lingerie slowly and climbed up on his body, I traced my nails on his body up to my lips.

He spread his hands behind me and spanked my butt, "do it more baby" he groaned again.

He met my lips and started kissing again, I unbuttoned his sleeves and dropped it down on the bed, I traced my hands below him and unhooked his pants.

I pulled it gently till it fell off his feet, he turned me over down on bed and began to caress my body also, his hands all over my body.

When I closed my eyes while he was doing it, it made me felt like my first and couldn't find the pleasure

He took my thighs to his waist and squeezed my breast, it almost came out of the bra. Immediately I felt irritated.

It all reminded me of the past three months, that night after mom's funeral it was raining and Francis was with me.

*flash back*

Francis was my lover and best friend in high school. I loved him, but I never knew he didn't want me.

5 days after we started our relationship, I lost my mom to a fire incident. I thought Francis came around to comfort and sympathize with me over Mom's death but I never knew he had his own intentions.

He came over to me in my room and gently pulled my dress down where I stood at the window. He placed his lips on mine and unhooked my bra. I was naive about everything and didn't say a word.

He pushed me down slowly on the bed, and also took off his clothes. He came and squeezed out my breast. At that moment I was already wet inside and wanted him to come.

"You want it don't you? I can see you are wet inside" He gave a self satisfied smirk.

He began to kiss me, I felt so good, the romance was sweet and soft, I couldn't help but to lay down on the bed because my legs became weak.

After releasing his mouth from my left nipple, he saw I was ready to cum, his lust for me was burning like a volcano ready to explode.

He took his dick up Immediately I gasped. I have never seen a matured dick before, it was bigger than I thought.

He pulled down my pants and left my silky smooth body out.

He buried his head between my legs to taste my cum, at that moment I felt his cold tongue between my entrance and wished he could come.

When Francis saw the eagerness from my eyes, he took his dick closed to my wet entrance and was ready to go in.

"I....I...can't do this" I was scared it might hurt.

"Don't worry, it won't hurt," Francis assured me.

"You know I love you, just close your eyes " He smiled.

Then I closed my eyes.

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