Am in love with a striper/C5 Are you a virgin?
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Am in love with a striper/C5 Are you a virgin?
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C5 Are you a virgin?

After that night I never saw Francis again, I kept calling him but he never picked up, I sent several emails and voicemail but he wouldn't respond.

Until one night I went to his house, to find out if he was doing well, or if something bad had happened to him.

I knocked severally on the door, but no one could answer. I am familiar with the house, but didn't find anyone in the sitting room.

Then I went upstairs, I was halt when I heard a loud groan of a feminine voice from his room

When I opened the door halfway and went in, they never knew I was in because Francis was busy going in and out of her, while his face was buried in between her chest, he was sucking her breast, the bedsheets were already squeezed into her hands.

I just can't believe it, I found Francis with another lady on his bed? My heart pounded loudly.

"Fra...Francis....." I screamed, I couldn't hold it up any longer, I was burning so bad in my heart, I felt hatred for him immediately.

The shocking part of it was he never felt remorse, he looked at me and continued, he went on and sucked her harder.

"Arrhhhhh......." I couldn't believe myself, it's not just any other lady but Jenny, my friend. I couldn't withstand his presence, it disgusts me.

I ran from his house with tears going back home to confide in Mrs Maria, who has been hospitalized and has accommodated my dad and I ever since my mom left.

Arriving at the house I met doctor Lana and my Dad, she told me that my dad had a cancer for some years but he was afraid to tell mom and I, it affected his lung he need to go through a surgery to save his life

Immediately I felt a throbbing pain in my head, no things can't happen to me now, I just lost my mom to a fire incident, I caught Francis with Jenny, my best friend, and my dad is going to die soon?

I cried that night........

*back to reality*

"Hey what are you thinking of, can you do your job please?" My clients other

He doesn't know my name and I don't know his, this is one of our rules, we were not to have any other relationship with our clients other than just to do our job, we are sex workers Mr Frank would always remind us.

When he called me that was when I realized that I was lost in deep thought, all his touching reminded me of what Francis did to me that night.

My client came upon me again. His hands moved on their own to my breast hidden beneath my bra.

He moved his hand to the middle of my thigh and spread them apart and intended to pull out my panties so that it could reveal my region.

I held his hand tightly against it, I never felt the pleasure anymore, nothing to drive me to orgasm.

"Are you a virgin?" He smiled, but I never answered.

"Don't worry you will enjoy this" He said when he moved his hand to my entrance, but his expectations were beaten, my pussy was not wet.

"I will make you come" He said, but I wasn't ready at that moment. All he reminded me of was Francis.

Trying to please me, he stood on his knees on the bed and directed his huge dick towards me, it looked hard, he was ready.

"Suck it baby, take it in" He ordered, but I refused and pulled him off on my body.

"What? What are you trying to do?" He asked

"Please am not ready for this, not today." I felt irritated by every one of his attempts. I stood up from the bed and went to pick up my lingerie from where it had fallen.

"Get back back here" he pushed me to the bed.

"Let go of me" I shouted, "let me go" I screamed.

I ran towards the door to escape but it was locked, there was no other way I could get out anymore.

"Security!, security!!" I shouted for help but no one could answer, the music in the club was very loud.

He also went on and picked up his clothes from the floor, but then I had already worn mine, he picked up his phone and made a call, soon later Mr Frank walked in.

"Mr frank, take this bitch out of this place and teach her a lesson" He said.

"What is wrong Mr Bruce?" I just got to know his name.

"Your worker refused to comply, she doesn't want to do her job, and you know what?? I can make you pay for my wasted effort" He told Mr frank.

"Sorry Bruce, just forgive her please, it's just her first, she is just naive, give her some time she will comply" Mr Frank said.

"No, I don't want her anymore, am done tonight, I don't want her touch anymore"

"Am sorry Bruce, for that reason I can appoint two other ladies to meet you again, just to pay for her actions" Mr Frank replied.

"No, I don't want anything to do with your workers, I am not interested anymore." He took up his briefcase and left

Mr Frank looked so angry and furious, I could see the anger in him. His face was red hot.

I don't know what went over me, it was all smooth at first but when the memories of that night with Francis came, everything turned odd, and Mr Bruce's presence irritated me just like Francis when I caught him with a lady.

What have I done to myself? I came to work and earned some money so I can pay up for my dad's health bill, but tonight I messed everything up. I pray this won't affect my job here.

"Come into my office now!" Mr Frank ordered, I followed him to his office, soon later the rest of the girls came around to the office too.

New chapter is coming soon
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