Amara King/C1 Pingu Engagements
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Amara King/C1 Pingu Engagements
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C1 Pingu Engagements

My sisters and I have always been really close; all four of us, even though one of us is an ex-convict charged for murder which was clearly a sham due to the fact that the family of the deceased were rich and needed someone to blame a nd unfortunately, my sister was the friend of the dead girl and she stole her man - according to the statements - which is enough evidence to have had her behind bars for 5 years.

Charlie; first daughter and basically our third parent. She's a business advisor, 29 of age, married to a successful barrister, Tyler Frost. Nothing more to say because she's the more responsible and most likely boring sister. She's the kind of girl to go to the bar on Friday and request for water before a mojito for dehydration, lame - I know.

Danica; the most interesting one out of all of us, also the ex-convict. She adds spice to the family. She is the only one who ever stood up to Dad when we were young and fought us our freedom to go to parties and dates - even if it might have involved slashing some tires, putting sleeping pills in our parents drinks and sneaking out and back in in the most dangerous way possible. She's 27, went to jail at 21, got out at 26, still living. She's a barista at Dad's café and currently engaged to Williams Benedict, a big ass multimillionaire. How that happened, I'm not entirely sure but according to her, he came to the café, was acting all bossy and crap and she beat him up but lucky for her, he didn't press charges, instead, he fell in love with her for her 'bravery'. I wish I could beat the love outta someone like that.

Delilah; sweet, charming, beautiful Delilah. Just like her name, she's a smart and cunning - not in the bad way - lady. People - guys - find her very attractive and she always knows how to get whatever and whoever she wants, flirtatiously. She's 25, mature but flirty, doesn't have a constant job but has quite a dozen future plans. She always talks about finding love with the right guy but I'm pretty sure she's had a one-night stand with him and forgotten about it. Just pumped and dumped her man. She's the one who got me through dating, she even gives Charlie relationship advice and tips most times but Charlie brushes it off - even though we all know she tries some of them. Delilah is outgoing and jovial and flirty but very nice and lovable.

Amara; the last one and the probably the worse. I'm 23, I work as a private car dealer for the big guys of the society. My job is pretty easy, yet difficult in a way, you demand to have a car and I give you various options, if you've got a particular type on your mind, I get you a budget which includes the original car price, my cut which is ten percent of the car price - I don't work with low quality cars, precisely - the shipping fee; if required, plus registration and finalization. The difficult part is the running around, the guarantee, the checking of the car's engine, type and everything that has to do with it to make sure it's an original. Enough about my job, that's a subject I can talk about all day. I'm 23, like mentioned earlier, I'm single and not really searching like my sisters put me out to be. Can't say much about myself though.

We all moved out when we were financially stable, I moved when I was 19, Delilah moved in with me since Charlie and Danica were already out of the house. We made it a ritual that every Friday night, we went to one person's house to Netflix and Chill. We were at Danica's apartment, moved the chairs, put the bed in the living room with two air mats by the side binging on season 2 of The Gifted - Danica already dozing off on the left edge of the bed - when there was a knock on the door. All our heads snapped towards the door, everyone looking at each other weirdly.

"Expecting somebody, Dan?", I asked, bending forward to look at Danica.


"Well, who the fuck will be here at this hour? It could be a ghost, y'know", we all groaned at Delilah's childish perspective of things and she raised her slim hands in surrender, wiggling her slim fingers at us, turning her neck to look us in the eyes, making sure we all got her point. "Just saying, y'all, don't blame me when you all get to hell after being killed by a ghost though", the sound of protests resonated around the room before the knock came around again.

"Somebody, get the door", Danica nearly yelled.

"Well, do the honors, it's your house anyways, I'm not gon open the door for nobody", I covered my head with the blanket, a small part of me actually hoping it wasn't a ghost and I know my sisters had that in mind too.

"Neither am I, bruh, y'all go get killed, imma just chill here, I mean, somebody's gotta tell the police what happened to the bodies during the interrogation, right? I'm volunteering to be that person", Delilah explained further.

"Danica, go get the-"

"Fine, y'all bitches is plastic anyways", she rolled her eyes before getting the blanket off her body,getting off the bed and towards the door. All six pair of eyes followed her movements until she opened the door, said a few hushed words and in walked Will; her boyfriend with Danica right behind him. "Guys, it's a freaking sexy ghost, yeah", she grinned, walking back to the bed.

"Let's get outta here and give 'em some privacy", Charlie offered.



We all threw the blankets off our bodies, stepping our butts off the bed until Will stopped us with a "can you guys please wait? I'd like to say this in front of you all", he ran his fingers through his brown hair, his green eyes twinkling with nerves and immediately, we all knew what was happening. He grabbed Danica's hands and looked her in the eyes first before pecking her lips. "Um...Danny, I'm uh...", he laughed nervously. "You'd think I'd be used to this considering how many times I've spoken in public. Well, uh...this is crazy but I really love you, Danny, I'm in love with you for who you are, what you want to be and the woman you will be, I want to be the man who's there for you when you become that woman you want to be because I love you and I'd like to spend the rest of my life with you", his left knee met the floor as he brought out a ring from his pocket, Danica already pouring down waterfalls. "I know I suck at romantic speeches and all but will you be my Mrs Me?", he looked up at her and give it up for my dumb sister to ruin the moment.

"I went to jail, why would you want to marry an ex-convict", she whispered and we all groaned, rolling our eyes like it's practiced.

"Just say yes, stupid", Charlie scoffed and we all laughed. "Put the ring on, she will marry you, on behalf of our sister, we're saying yes", Will laughed, sliding the small - expensive - ring on Danny's finger and they hug and kiss and left the house together - with Danny still wearing her Pingu pajamas.

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