Amara King/C2 Elite Vitiation
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Amara King/C2 Elite Vitiation
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C2 Elite Vitiation

"What the actual fuck!", I yelled at the sight in front of me, something I'll never be able to unsee - ever. Delilah having sex with a random on the kitchen island.

"Relax bitch, it's not new", she moaned as he pounded into her shamelessly harder. "I-i got home early and made you lunch - fuck me - it's in the microwave", she turned to kiss him.

"I think I'm gonna throw up", I clutched my tummy and grabbed the nearest bin, filling it with my guts. I dropped it and walked to my room. Immediately I freshened up, Delilah waltzed into my room. "Done with whatever you were doing?", I didn't find it funny but she did as she laughed.

"See? This is the reason you haven't gotten a man since what - three years? How d'you live without a dick for three years? That's a long ass time if you ask me. You got this holier than thou attitude that sets people off, y'know, you gotta live it out, sus, you only live once", she ranted.

"How was today?", I ignored her rant but her words still gnawed at me. Certainly, I was uptight, always focusing on work, snubbing guys because I needed Mr. Right. Because I didn't want to face bad relationships and broken hearts, I didn't need any of those, I didn't want to be one of those girls that needed to heal from a broken relationship before getting into the right one, I didn't want to meet my Mr. Right in the course of a rebound.

"Amazing, this new guy came today and he's lit", she puts her hand by the side of her mouth to whisper "he's still downstairs and fuck, he's huge and niiiiiiiiiiice", she brought out her tongue playfully. Cue the mental vomit.

"That's disgusting"

"Oh please. His name is Ronny anyways and did you see how hot he was?", she expectedly looked at me.

"Wait a sec, isn't that a violation of work conduct? I mean it's okay to have sex but not with a fellow employee", I clarified to her because she actually needed to get it in her thin skull. But all she got from my sincere advice was

"It's not like we fucked in the office or in front of our boss so what's the big deal?"

"God, you are so stupid, anyways, I got another deal today with a certain Kendrick and he wants a big deal. I'm meeting him by 8 for dinner deal"

"Yasss girl, you got a date with the Kendrick Lamar? Damn-"

"I didn't say Kendrick Lamar. His name is Kendrick Harrell, he's a producer"

"Oouuu, lonely Amara going on a date tonight? I gotta tell the girls", she began dialing.

"It's not a-"

"Hey Danica - Oh, you're with Charlie? Great cause y'all bout to get some good news. Your sis- No, I didn't get another job, I'm not in a relationship, just shut up and hear me out. Well, Amara's going out on a date tonight, yup, get here soon", you ask why I'm not denying it? Because if I do, they'll keep talking about it so it's best to just not deny it.

Within an hour, my sisters were already seated in my large living room and planning what I was going to wear. They later ended up picking out a black off-shoulder dress - reaching my lower thighs and accentuating my curvy body - paired with black plain thin heels and making me wear it. I looked amazing though, they did my makeup light and casual and literally pushed me out of my own suite. I got into my Nissan Armada, took a confident breath and drove off with my sisters shouting words I couldn't decipher behind me. Getting to the location wasn't hard at all, just far. It was an underground private restaurant which I've been to a couple of times; only the biggest of the biggest were allowed in and fortunately for me, I know some of the Biggies, bagged deals with some so I'm always allowed in.

"Miss King, nice to see you again", Billy, the huge security guy monotonically spoke. "Young gent waiting in there for ya, another deal?", the British accent spilled off his tongue effortlessly making me smile.

"I hope so", I spoke as he opened the heavily guarded door for me to pass through the security scan and x-ray. I walked in and looked round, eyes meeting with a pair of bored brown ones which twinkled when they landed on my outfit. I passed him a small smile as he stood up and approached me, helping me access him. He was wearing a grey two-piece with a white inner and I couldn't quite see his face very clearly considering he stepped under the light making the darkness fall on his face.

"Miss King, am I right?"

"Yeah, and you must be Mr Harrell", I smiled a small smile which he returned with a huge grin as he gestured back to where he was seated earlier.

"Let's go over there, it's quieter", he placed his large hand on my lower back and pushed me forward lightly, walking us back to the table before pulling out a seat for me which I took.

"So...uh, down to business, my client, Mrs Moore fixed this meeting and according to her, you have a couple orders in mind consisting of really rare motor types", I took in a deep breath. "So I'd like to know your selection, what you have in mind?", I finished.

"My brother is a film producer and he asked me to be here on behalf of him because he's unable to make it", he digs his hand into his pocket unprofessionally before saying "so here's a list which he gave to me", he placed the scrumpled piece of paper on the table, attempting to flatten it out.

"So you're not Kendrick?"

"Nope, I'm his younger brother, Chase and might I add that you look really stunning", I smiled and he saw that as a gesture to continue as he said "And you've got a beautiful smile too", he smirks, showing off his pearly whites - his jaws had a tendency to look sharper when he smiled or smirked.

"Thank you, Chase, you look good too but too bad we're here for business", he let out a small hearty laugh, looking me straight in the eyes, making me self-conscious under the scrutiny of his stare.

"That isn't necessary now, is it?", he smirked and undid the first two buttons in his shirt, maintaining eye contact with me. I found myself leaning my elbows forward on the table and staring at his exposed tanned chest, before snapping out of the trance and staring right into his eyes with a smirk of my own. Thank God for sensibility.

"Unfortunately Chase, I'm immune to flirting", his expression dropped for a second before snapping right back to the cocky look on his face. He seemed to think a little before saying "That doesn't mean you're any less hot or I wouldn't try", I rolled my eyes but next thing that happened had my eyes wide and my mouth dropping as he slipped under the table - which was covered with a long tablecloth; thankfully - shamelessly and lifted my dress up my upper thighs. I would've called the security on him but being the centre of attention wasn't really my drift, especially in a restaurant filled with elite celebrities and big businessmen, probably even royalties.

I pushed my dress down, pushing his hands roughly in the process but he held both my hands in one strongly before pushing aside my panties and running a hand down my core, making me shiver openly. Men have tried to flirt with me and I turned them down, some even went as far as grabbing but this guy just went straight for what he wanted and that would've been a turn on for me if he wasn't actually trying to rape me with his hands. I tried to stand up but his left hand was holding down my thighs. He slipped a finger inside of me and I died, not literally though. I had a boyfriend, Kent and we had sex a couple of times but that was three years ago, within my period of celibacy - three years - I'd gone back to being a virgin but this - hand rape - actually felt good but wrong at the same time. Like, taking a candy from a child and eating it, the candy tastes good but you know it's wrong to take candy from a kid, that's how I was feeling. So, I decided to do what I feel is right, have sex willingly with Chase. Yup, it was a stupid thing to do but it was the right thing to do, or so I believed. If I didn't have sex with him, he'd rape me and not give me the deal and this deal's worth a lot - cars costing millions are being ordered in numbers - but if I willingly have sex with him, he'd leave me alone and the deal's in the bag.

So I did it.

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