An Affair With My Ex/C2 Alex Sex Choice
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An Affair With My Ex/C2 Alex Sex Choice
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C2 Alex Sex Choice

Abby’s POV.

The sweet smell of the cinnamon tree close to my window penetrated into my nostrils giving me more energy to get up from my bed and do the needful.

The rays of the sun suddenly came towards my direction and had began giving me a sun burn while I was asleep.

“Fuck!! It’s another crazy Monday” I turned to the other side of my bed facing the door this time.

I hated Mondays so much . I actually disliked everyday of the week because it had a link or a connection to my ex.

Yes my ex. Sorry if I didn’t introduce myself earlier as expected. You all might be wondering who I am and why I kept on talking about my ex.

Well as you all know, I am Abby . Yes Abby, the girl who is known as the scary witch.

Every one laughs at me , they see me as a joke but the funniest part of it all was that they don’t do it in my presence.

I am known to be the girl who made her husband to disappear without a trace or a message.

My Husband to be was Alex, Alex Craig. He was actually the son of the billionaire in my home town.

I lived in California in a small town called Perusia. I was actually residing there because of my job as a professor before I met this tall , fair, young and cute guy called Alex.

At first, I never wished to give him a chance to my heart but as time went by, I found myself falling in love with him.

Our first time making love in his little home was one experience I would never forget.

I was the calm kind of girl, I barely could raise a finger or my voice at someone.

I was trained to be calm at all time but meeting and loving Alex changed my mindset.

It actually changed my entire life on earth.

He did almost everything I knew about differently. The way he reacted to discussions, the way he spoke to people without caring about who they were and most importantly, the way he made me feel while making love to me.

He was the only different guy to me on earth back then and probably till now.

He loved making love so much that I tagged him as a sex Addict. His urge for sex was to another limit.

He loved the masochism kind of sex. The kind of sex where he would make you feel pain, make you beg for sex , make you want him at all means.

Alex had trained me with such sex method and I guess I was now used to it. I loved him for it and nothing was going to change that.

The thoughts of how he made me feel suddenly flashed through my head. I could recall standing at a spot in his room looking at him.

He was sitting on a chair calmly while he gazed at me standing in front of him with my blue jean and my white t shirt.

“Take it off Abby” he demanded looking so fierce but sexy.

“As you wish master” I returned . I placed my hand on my white shirt and pulled it off through my head slowly.

“Don’t rush things Abby” he would always warn.

I took my hands slowly to my back as I tried so hard to reach for my bra hook. I got it. I thought to myself.

I was about unhooking it but then he interfered.

“Stop Abby, don’t move Abby” He said to me while he sat down on his seat gazing at me.

“Imagine me walking round where you are standing this minute. Imagine my hands on your body as you take off your bra hook” He tried creating an invincible scene in my head.

My hands unhooked my bra unknowingly and I felt the urge to grab him immediately, but no… that wasn’t how it was done with Alex.

“I dip my hand into your jean slowly, allowing my head relax on your shoulder and my breath making you want me the more” He kept on narrating .

As he said those sex wanting comments, I did as he wished. I did as he pleased.

I unbuttoned my trouser and took it off slowly leaving my white undies untouched. I wrapped my hand around my body and damn! I really wished to have him.

“Feel me around you Abby” he hoarse still sitting at the same spot.

I watched him unbutton his shit and his trouser, exposing his manly body to me. His six packs attracted me the most.

He was everything I had wished for. His big man size was all the length I wished to have inside of my body .

“Please Alex” I begged. I couldn’t take it anymore. Standing from afar and looking at him naked himself was one thing I couldn’t bare .

I was naked and wished to be touched, he was before me and yet I couldn’t feel his skin. “Please Alex” I begged Again when I couldn’t hear his guttural voice.

“Breath in Abby” He demanded.

I did just what he told me without complaints. My eyes were shut and all I could see was myself taking his full length inside my body.

“Walk slowly to me Abby with your eyes fixed on mine” He stated clearly.

I did just as he said. My hands had already gone down to my already wet pussy which was ready to be handled by him.

I got closer to him and he made me sit on his laps letting his wood go inside and out of my body.

Immediately I felt his arms wrapped round my body and his pink cock touching my wet pussy, I felt kind of relived.

“Slowly Abby” he warned looking into my eyes.

I went down slowly as I had began to moan in pleasure. I couldn’t believe that finally, he was going inside of my body.

I helped him push it in and out of my pussy slowly.

He grabbed my nipple and popped it into his warm mouth. My hands went straight to his head and I began to rub it gently.

“Aaaahhhh…. Aaahhhh…” I moaned feeling the pleasure I had craved to have since I stood at a spot watching him order me around.

“Go easy on Me Abby” He hoarse into my ears which gave me a rush in my system.

I wished to go faster, I wished to go harder but that wasn’t how the game was played.

You would have to beg for it for a long while before it gets accepted.

“Shut your eyes Abby” He left my already hard nipple and looked at my face to see how much. I was enjoying him.

“Please Alex” I suddenly begged without knowing when I did it.

“Sshhhhhh Abby, just feel it , don’t rush it” he spoke out softly.

I bit the lower part of my lips as I kept on going in and out of him. He let me do the work myself while he stares at me.

He just wanted to see me in pain, he wanted to see me beg which I did.

He stood up from his seat carrying me on his body. My hands were wrapped around his neck and his man hood inside my wet pussy as I encircled my legs around his waist.

He took a step after each other slowly till we got to his bed.

He kept me on top and placed a gaze at me.

“Let me show you how it’s done” he smirked as he crawled into the bed .

He came closer to my wet pussy and placed his tongue on it. Fuck!! That feeling was so good.

I twirled myself on the bed and had kept on moaning in pleasure. “Don’t stop Alex!! Please don’t stop” I panted while saying it to him.

After a short while, he stopped and kissed me on my neck which was my turning on point .

“Please Alex, just put it in now!!” I requested and immediately, I felt a sharp but sweet pain in my pussy.

“Aaaaahhhh… go on please, don’t stop.. go harder Alex!!!!!” I moaned.

He placed his hand on my left tits and kept on fondling it like he didn’t care. His lips left my lips and went over to my right tits .

I felt his warm mouth take in my nipple and his hand giving me a pleasurable pain.

I could take his full length even without knowing.

“Harder Please, go harder Alex!!” I begged again.

After an hour, I noticed he was about Cumming . So I let him pull out first and that was when I grabbed his wood and dipped it into my mouth.

I sucked on it like a crazy lady. it was so sweet that I wished to chop it off.

We slept together on a daily basis but little did I know he was the son of a billionaire.

I was abandoned at the pulpit on my wedding day because he decided not to show up.

It was at my wedding I knew that my husband to be was an heir to a company . . crazy huh?.

I looked at the clock that was hung on the wall and that was when I realized that I was already running late for work .

“Fuck!” I stood up And made my way to the bathroom immediately.

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