An Affair With My Ex/C3 Sweet But Painful Memories
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An Affair With My Ex/C3 Sweet But Painful Memories
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C3 Sweet But Painful Memories

Sweet But Painful Memories

Abby’s POV.

I took a quick shower and immediately I was done bathing, I ran out of the bathroom with my towel wrapped around my chest .

I reached for my wardrobe and grabbed my Red suit that was hung on a tiny steel . I sighed knowing that I was going to put on my sweet but painful memory to work for the day.

“Here goes nothing Abby. You can do it” I encouraged as I untied the towel which was wrapped around my chest slowly.

I tossed it to the end of my bed without minding the fact that it was actually wet at the moment.

I quickly got dressed seeing that time was no longer at my side. I was already late and wasting more time wasn’t going to be right.

Just like I introduced earlier, I was and I am still a professor at the Perusia Collage. I try my best to educate students who wish to go into the business occupation more about the business world.

“Here we go Red” I smiled when I saw my reflection on the mirror which I was standing in front of . “You look cute” I praised myself before turning to grab my bag.

I got to the door and had to pause for a while looking around my house to know if I was forgetting anything important.

“We are done here” I spoke out softly before banging the door and running off to the bus stop.

I couldn’t miss the morning bus, that would be the end of my life. Getting a cab by such time was quite difficult because of the early morning traffic.

Finally, I arrived at the bus stop and just when I was about going into the bus, my phone rang out.

“Who the fuck is it?” I wondered as I searched my bag for my phone but was still standing in front of the door.

“Why the fuck is she calling me?” I kept on nagging .

I was frustrated at that point no doubt and knowing that someone was trying to hold me back made me go insane.

“Yeah hello?” I started with a mean tone.

“Don’t you think you should save our time madam?” a guy sitting at the front seat spoke out.

Hearing him say such made me remember that I was about Climbing into a bus.

“Shit!” I exclaimed. “I am so sorry for the delay all” I apologized as I climbed into the bus looking innocent.

The phone was still placed close to my ear because I was still talking to a friend of mine at that point.

“Please, can I call you back some other time? Something just occurred” I suggested and a shuffle was heard from her side of the phone before she ended the call.

I was astonished seeing how everywhere was already filled up . There was no more seat except the one in front and that would mean me sitting down close to the same guy who badmouthed me.

“Why don’t you sit with him?” a lady who sat down directly at his back suggested but then, I feigned a smile eyeing him.

The engines of the car had began and it was obvious that it was going to move sooner.

The vehicle suddenly moved and with the fear of falling to the ground, I tried grabbing whatever that was close to my reach.

“Aaaahhhhh….” I yelled out as I fell to the ground. At least I thought I fell to the ground.

I didn’t feel any pain or hurt since I thought I fell to the ground.

“What just happened?” I asked myself as I opened my eyes slowly. I froze knowing that I was on top of someone’s Laps.

Don’t tell me…..I thought and just as I expected, he was the one.

“Don’t you think you should take off your flat chest off my legs now? The vehicle is stable and it wouldn’t kill you to sit on your own” He uttered rudely .

I fell on his laps since I was close to him while I was standing. Landing on him was my only choice so I did the needful.

“I am so sorry” I apologized as I stood up from his legs.

What he said to me were actually painful but come on, he saved me from falling to the ground.

I sat down on the same sit I rejected when I got into the bus and trust humans, words from their mouth never ceased .

I felt so embarrassed knowing that they were saying ill words about me.

I turned to my left to see what facial expression my rude neighbor had on his face .

He was kind of cool, he had a news paper on his hand and was actually focused on what he was reading.

He never for one minute raised his head up to know where he was heading to or to turn and look at me.

I felt really embarrassed that I wished I never left my house that morning.

“Its all because of you” I uttered looking at my red suit. “If I didn’t wear you out, who knows, I would have been comfortable!” I scolded a non living thing .

“Don’t you think it would be appropriate if you keep your voice down?” He suddenly spoke out to me.

“I am sorry, I didn’t…..” I tried saying but I guess I was really irritating him.

“God!!” he exclaimed as he slammed the paper on the floor..

“I am getting off here now!!” he demanded and in no time, the bus stopped for him to climb out.

“I don’t get it sir, where are you going to?” I questioned gripping his hand.

“I would rather enter a cab at this point than sit with a noisy lady like you” He returned rudely pulling off his hand from my grip.

After he had left the bus, my mind went back to how I started talking to him. After being rejected by Alex at the pulpit, I barely cared about anyone.

Seeing how I had tried consoling him made me sick. I wished I was rude to him too just as I’ve always been. I tsk.

“Perusia Bus stop” The driver suddenly announced pulling me out of my thoughts.

I stood up immediately and climbed out of the car . Finally, I was at a place where no one would yell at me, where no one would be rude to me. I smiled knowing all these facts.

“Good morning Miss Abby” I turned to see who was greeting me before responding.

“Hey, morning Cici” I smiled before continuing my journey into the school’s building.

Cici is one of my best student in the business department. She has always been the perfect student for me .

She makes me realize that I am not actually stressing myself to teach them for nothing.

I got into my office and surprisingly, I saw a blurry figure standing in front of my table . It was a man’s figure with his hand on my desk.

He had his back facing the door and his gaze placed outside the window in my office.

Who is he? I thought to myself. I paused a minute when I noticed that he had a red suit on just like me.

Seeing how he was dressed reminded me of one thing and one person and that was Alex.

It was just like a normal Monday just like this. I had came to the school very late. And When I got to my office, he was sitting on my seat with his sexy gaze placed on me while I walked into the office.

“Silly babe, why are you coming to your duty post this late?” he asked me as he kept on smiling at my face.

“I… I tried so hard to get the bus but.. I missed it” I tried explaining as I panted . I walked closer to the only black couch in my office and sat down on it.

It was weird that day though, we were putting on the same color of suit even when we didn’t plan to do so.

. We had sex the night before that morning. I couldn’t sleep at his place because I claimed I was going to be late if I did so.

“I told you to sleep at my place last night, but you retorted. Now you wished you did huh?” he teased me as he stood up from my seat and came closer to the couch where I was seated and trying to catch my breath.

“Its not my fault Alex. You banged me so hard that I had forgotten I had work to do this morning” I rolled my eyes as I took my gaze off him.

“I guess you would never forget our sweet moments right?” he chuckled as he got closer to me. He had his right leg placed on the ground and staring at me.

He suddenly placed his hand on my jaw and turned my face to himself so he could see me well.

“I am sorry if I said something bad to you Babe” He apologized.

I froze when he spoke out softly to me. Damn! He was so cute as fuck, I thought to myself smiling.

Alex actually had a sweet side to himself that even I couldn’t resist no matter how mad I was at him.

He suddenly dipped his hand into his pocket and it was like his usual act. I thought he had a present for me but it was more than that.

It was my dream with him. He pulled out a little black box which had white stones around it.

It was quite expensive and trust me, I was shocked.

“Will you marry me?” he asked giving me a smile that made me feel a rush in my heart.

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