An Affair With My Ex/C4 Sweet But Painful Memories 2
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An Affair With My Ex/C4 Sweet But Painful Memories 2
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C4 Sweet But Painful Memories 2

Sweet But Painful Memories 2.

“Hey Abby!!?” Alex called tapping me on my right leg to make me come back to the present.

I was actually still in shock. Alex had always told me that he would make me his wife one day but I never believed that it was going to be so early.

We’ve only dated for about A year plus and in most cases the couples separated, but mine wasn’t like that. Mine had sweet memories attached to it.

“Are you ok? I thought this is what you’ve always wanted from me?” He asked softly.

“I didn’t say I wasn’t that excited Alex.” I smiled to calm him down. “I am just astonished by what I have in front of me” I added as a tear fell from my eye.

“Come here baby” He stood up from the ground where he placed his leg and grabbed my hand , helping me to stand for a while .

“I love you Abby” He confessed and hearing him say such made me melt from inside.

God! It was finally going to happen to me. I thought to myself as I tried to hold in the tears that had threatened to fall off my eyes.

“Shhhh… don’t cry ok. I love you and always will. Trust me on this one” He pulled me closer to his chest and wrapped his arms around me.

He was a bit taller than I was so I had to rest my head on his chest where I could hear his heart beat .

I was so excited knowing that I was going to be engaged with the love of my life at that point.

“Hey babe, you’ve not said anything about the ring, you know right?” He raised the box closer to my face while I was still on his chest.

“Yeah” I responded immediately and uncontrollable tears of joy dropped from my eyes.

I never wanted my moments with him to end. He was such a nice and sweet guy.

He immediately raised my finger and fixed in the ring into it smiling.

“Thanks for being the best part of my life Abby” he uttered making me smile like a little kid.

I raised my head , taking it off his chest. “Thank you Alex” I spoke out softly looking into his eyes.

Our eyes had suddenly locked at both end and I knew what was coming next.

He placed his right hand on my neck and slowly began to take it down to my breast. I was scared a bit because we were in my office, my work place.

“Don’t worry Abby, we won’t go too deep” He assured still looking into my eyes.

I began to feel the urge to have him inside of me. Damn he was so good with whatever he was doing.

His hand had gotten into my bra and had reached for my nipple. He began to massage it gently which made me call his name. “Alex..” I hoarse.

“Shhhh… just stand at a place” He smiled seeing me beg for his full length in me.

He knew what he was doing. Most of my friends called it punishment to their sex life but I never cared about such. He was satisfying me and that was all I wanted.

He was about going into my undies after touching my boobs and seeing that I was wet but then, we were interrupted by someone.

“Yeah? Who is there?” I asked rudely.

“Ma, it’s time to meet the students “ A female voice responded immediately.

“Shit!! I have a class to teach Alex” I suddenly remembered.

“It’s a pity that you would have to leave so soon. I guess I will see you soon then” He pulled my lips close to his and gave me a compelling kiss.

I wrapped my arms around his waist and kissed him gently.

“Come on baby, you need to go ok.” He chuckled as he walked out of my office.

That was a good day for me , it was a day I would never forget so soon. Even though the memories of him hurts me so much, I am willing to keep him in my heart.

“Mrs. Abby?!” I jerked hearing someone call out my name.

“Yeah?” I answered looking confused. “It was just my silly brain at it Again “ I scoffed as I walked into the office properly.

I was obviously lost in my thoughts about Alex. I guess I would never forget him , not now, not ever.

I sat down on my seat as I placed my gaze on the man that had came into my office to see me .

“The conference will be held at the school’s auditorium and you are expected to be there on time ok?” The man in front of my desk announced.

“Ok Alex” I mentioned and immediately I noticed, I had to correct myself.

“See you soon sir.” I feigned a smile as he walked out of my office, probably wondering who Alex was.

I immediately prepared to go and teach my students. I got into the class and was amazed by their performance for the day.

I guess the red suit is a good luck charm to me after all. Most of them had appreciated my efforts in teaching them and it made me have more zeal to teach them.

After few minutes of talking to my students after the class, I immediately dashed out of the classroom .

“Hey ma” I spurned and saw Cici running after me.

“What is wrong Cici?” I questioned looking at her while she panted.

“My dad would love to see you ma” She spoke out .

“Your dad? And why?” I asked wondering to myself if I had done anything wrong.

“Nothing ma. He just wishes to appreciate your good efforts in coaching me” she explained and that was when I became all irritated.

A man or most men never appreciated my efforts just like that. It was obvious her dad had something else in mind and I wasn’t going to be a part of such shits.

“Tell your dad I have other things to do ok?” I spoke out rudely to her. It has never happened before so it made her wonder if she had actually offended me at that point .

I wasn’t ready to say anything about her dad so I walked out on her leaving her at a spot. “Silly man” I snorted walking into my office.

I paused for a while after taking a step into my office. I was sure I saw something different, I saw someone new in the school.

I came out of my office and turned to my left to see who it was. “He looks familiar but ……” I said tilting my head to the left.

Maybe I must be hallucinating Again. I shook my head before walking into my office and shutting the door gently.

After few hours of staying in my office , I got a call from the HOD of the business department that our conference was about to begin.

I was a professor in the business department and I had to be present else, the conference wouldn’t be held as usual.

“I am on my way Then” I assured before dropping my phone on my desk. I stood up from my seat and had to pack everything properly before leaving for the conference hall.

“Welcome Mrs. Alex” A male lecturer welcomed me into the hall as I walked in with so much boldness to my seat.

As I walked towards where he had kept for me, I kept on hearing others whisper to one another like I was putting on a dirty suit.

“Why all the fuss?” I asked looking around but no one had the guts to respond to my question.

“Better this way” I eyed them before sitting on my seat.

It was obvious that they were talking about Alex and I. Every lecturer knew about my relationship with him and most of them attended the wedding so they were obviously mocking me.

I was still trying to arrange the paper on my desk before I heard someone gossip about my relationship.

“Cant you see that she is now worthless” I heard someone whisper to her colleague by my side.

I smirked as I stood up from my seat. I walked straight to where she was sitting and went closer to her ear.

“You know, I appreciate your concern about my health, but trust me. I am way better than you are.” I whispered into her ear .

She immediately turned to look at me and I realized that what I had said to her made her crazy.

“You all know that my relationship with Alex didn’t end well. But come on, I have actually been loved by someone but you haven’t” I stood up addressing everyone in the room but then turned to look at her at the end of my statement.

“You have no right to make me feel….” She tried saying but then I interrupted.

“Why don’t you shut your trap hole up because left for me, I am sure you wouldn’t be able to leave here with it if you keep on talking” I warned glaring at her.

“Why don’t we all sit down right now please!!” everyone turned to the door side where the order came from.

“What??!” I exclaimed seeing who it was.

“Mr. Rude?” I muttered in shock.

He looked at me for a short while before rolling his eyes And taking it away from my direction.

Guess I am done for now. I thought to myself.

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