An Affair With My Ex/C5 One Night Stand
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An Affair With My Ex/C5 One Night Stand
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C5 One Night Stand

One Night Stand

Abby’s POV.

“Why don’t we all sit down right now please!!” everyone turned to the door side where the order came from including me.

I was very much eager to see who had the guts to walk into the conference hall and order us that way.

“What??!” I exclaimed seeing who it was.

“Mr. Rude?” I muttered in shock.

He looked at me for a short while before rolling his eyes And taking it away from my direction.

Guess I am done for now. I thought to myself. I quietly walked out of the seat where I was standing and went to where I was expected to stay.

I sat down quietly and didn’t say a word to anyone. I was lost in my thoughts, I wasn’t even sure if I should stay for the meeting.

“Its important Abby, you should stay” I said out to myself as I tried focusing on what was being discussed.

“Shall we start?” he said.

The man standing in front or me, was the same rude guy I had met on the bus that day. He was rude to me and imagine him calling my breast flat.

“Miss. Abby?” My assistant lecturer called on me making me come back to the present.

“Yeah?” I turned.

“He asked you a question” She said pointing at the man standing in front of everyone.

Why the fuck would he ask Me a question? I thought to myself.

“I know you didn’t get my question the first time, so I would love to make it clear to you one more time. What would you do if you have a cute male student in your class harassing a female?” He questioned.

I could see it in his eyes that all he just wished to do was to humiliate me in front of everyone.

“Could we please skip this question. It’s a conference and I don’t plan on answering any question” I returned rudely.

They were waiting to see me make a mistake in the conference hall but I wasn’t willing to give them a chance to see that.

The conference continued after few minutes later and finally it was over. It was a success as expected but I wasn’t just happy that I was kind of humiliated in the hall

I got up from where I was sitting and walked out of the hall without minding if anyone had something to say to me.

It was already late and I still had a lot of stuffs to do in my office.

I hurriedly went into my office and had to go through few documents pertaining to different students.

I was still trying to clear my desk from the load until I heard someone knock at the door.

“Yeah, come in” I insisted and immediately the door opened, I saw him again.

I paused for a minute wondering what Mr. Rude had to say coming to my office by such time.

It was already nine o’clock pm and yet he was still in school. I thought to myself.

“Hey” I stood up from my seat and had began going closer to him slowly.

“What do you want?” I asked looking into his eyes.

Our eyes had suddenly locked at both ends and I wasn’t sure anymore how to take away my gaze from him.

“Do you mind” he asked looking at the couch in my office.

“I need to know why you are here first” I glared at him placing my hands on my waist and waiting for a quick response.

“I am here to apologize to you. I’m sorry for making you feel less …” He tried saying but then he held my hand.

“What are you doing?” I pulled out my hand from his grip and walked two steps backwards.

“Don’t be scared Abby, the truth is…. I like you” He suddenly pronounced making me feel a thrill in my heart.

“You what?? Is that even possible?” I questioned .

I tried turning back to go get my things so I could leave but then, he held my hand and dragged me back to himself.

This is not happening right? I wondered.

I tried pulling myself out of his grip but instead he dragged me back into his arms holding me tight and close to his chest.

Placing my head on his chest made me realize how much I’ve missed him, how much I really wanted to be with Alex.

I wasn’t sure about Mr. Rude name but one thing I was sure of was the fact that he had developed feelings for me at first sight.

“What are you doing?” I questioned again looking confused. I couldn’t shout because I was actually enjoying his embrace.

Its been long I got touched by a man , it’s been long I felt and heard the heart beat of a man.

“I just want to have you all to myself for tonight Abby” He suddenly admitted.

I took my head out of his chest and had my gaze placed on his. He was actually serious because I couldn’t see a sign of joke in his looks.

He began to come closer to my face, bit by bit. At every second, his lips got closer to my lips.

I was shy at first but then I needed it too. It’s been a while I felt a lips on mine. .

“Don’t be scared Abby” he whispered into my ears before pressing his lips on mine finally.

His thick lips was just so perfect that all I wished for at that moment was never to let it go.

I shut my eyes as I felt his warm mouth and his tongue going in and out of mine like he owned me.

He suddenly placed his hands down on my thighs and had it massaging my butt gently.

I couldn’t stop at this point. I wished to go on and on. My hands went straight to his hair and I began romancing it gently with so much pleasure.

He immediately made his way with his fingers to the top of my trouser and began dipping his hand inside it slowly.

I loved how it felt, I loved what was happening, even though I didn’t know much about him, I was just willing to go on and on.

I loved sex and not knowing someone wasn’t going to make me stop having sex.

I felt his manly hands go into my undies from the front and in no time, I felt his finger trying to go into my pussy.

“You are ready Abby” He hoarse. The moment he spoke to me with such manly deep tone, the thought of Alex flashed through my head.

He began to dip his finger in and out of my pussy. , One by one he had his fingers thrusting into my wet pussy.

We walked towards my desk as we kissed and felt so much pleasure.

He grabbed me on my leg and lifted me up to sit on my desk.

“Lets do this Abby” He uttered looking into my eyes. I wasn’t going to give a fuck about what he was saying all I just wanted to do was to get his full length inside of my pussy.

He unzipped my trouser and in no time, it was already laying on the floor. He thrust his finger in first and made sure to clear the way before he goes in.

“Ahhh, mmmm…. Easy there Rudy” I moaned biting the lower part of my lips.

“I am Jack silly” He finally announced.

He took his lips out of my lips and had to go down to my pussy with his head.

I laid backwards on my desk so I could feel him inside of my body.

I suddenly felt a warm and desirous feeling on my pussy. “Shit!!” I exclaimed feeling so much joy in my body.

He had began to fix his tongue into my wet pussy. I wasn’t sure if he was enjoying it but trust me, I was loving the feeling.

“Ahhh…ahhhhh… ahhh… more of you please ..more” I begged shutting my eyes while I was laid on my desk.

Almost all the documents I had on my desk had fell off but I didn’t give a damn .

He was finally done making me feel ok down there so he stood up. This time, I could see his wood erecting while it was still inside his trouser.

I stood up naked as I walked closer to him, giving him a sexy sweet gaze. I kissed him on his neck and then his stomach.

I placed my knees on the ground as I began to take off his trouser so I could see what he had for me.

“Fuck!!” I exclaimed seeing his big man sized dick standing in front of my eyes. It was a gaze I couldn’t avert my eyes from.

It was hard and ready to go in, but I had this desire to massage it a little. I grabbed it and had it fixed into my mouth slowly.

I began to take it in and out of my mouth making him feel my warm mouth all over his dick.

He placed his hand on my head and he began to push and pull it faster.

Now that was the difference, Alex loved slow sex but jack loved it fast and he wasn’t the kind that loved pain or a lady begging for sex.

I enjoyed sucking his full length And when I realized that he was about to cum, I pulled it out of my mouth and placed it on my boobs which he tagged as flat chest.

His warm sperm poured all over my boobs and immediately, he bent low and had began to massage my boobs while I watched him.

“Aahhh… fuck…. Go on jack… ..don’t stop” I sat down on the ground exposing my naked self to him.

He came closer and had my nipple popped into his mouth. I Felt the warmth of his tongue and wished to have all of him.

He pushed me gently to the ground and immediately before I knew it, his dick was already inside my wet pussy.

He went in and out of my pussy faster than I could ever imagine.

“Jeesss, take it easy on Me Jack” I begged but he didn’t listen.

The feeling was strange because I was used to the slow kind of sex. He moved in and out without minding how I felt at all.

He had his hand fondling my boobs and his lips pressed on mine as he made me feel more like a lady.

After few hours of making me want more of him, he pulled out and made his cum pour all over my pussy.

I looked at him And saw how relived he was knowing that he had fulfilled his aim in my office for the night.

We laid on the ground for a while before he stood up.

“I need to go now ok, I guess we would see soon” He smiled as he got dressed before leaving.

I watched him leave but that didn’t mean that I never wanted him all to myself. He wasn’t more like Alex but I could actually try to fit into his sex kind of life. I guessed.

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