An Outstanding Life/C764 He Escaped Death
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An Outstanding Life/C764 He Escaped Death
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C764 He Escaped Death

Just as Du Qi floated up, Mei Mann's whip stabbed towards his chest like a snake's tongue.

Although Du Qi's movement was fast, he was hit by Mei Mann first. At this moment, he focused all of his attention on pulling Mei Xiaotian. He had no strength to parry or avoid Mei Mann's soft whip.

At this critical moment, Mei Xiaotian's sword struck Mei Mann's whip like a bolt of lightning. With a loud clank, Mei Xiaotian's sword was bounced up high by Mei Mann's whip. Mei Mann's whip, which was full of internal force and as strong as wind, was also hit by Mei Xiaotian's sword until it drooped down softly. It was no longer a threat to Du Qi.

Although Mei Xiaotian shot down Mei Mann's whip, he seemed to have lost his balance. He fell down the mountain path and onto the slope under Du Qi's pull.

Although Du Qi did not know whether the four of them could escape from Mei Mann's pursuit, he knew that the four of them would not immediately lose their lives in Mei Mann's hands. He could not help but feel relieved, but he did not feel relaxed. Instead, he felt a heavy feeling in his heart. His body fell onto the slope. An intense pain instantly spread from his burning back to his entire body, cutting through his muscles. It rubbed against his bones and stimulated his nerves. Tormenting his will, Du Qi felt extremely uncomfortable. He wanted nothing more than to die!

"Wah!" As Mei Mann used his palm force, Du Qi pulled Mei Xiaotian. He landed heavily on the ground. That kind of uncomfortable feeling had just risen. Du Qi could not help but spit out a mouthful of blood, and then he went along the slope and collided with Mei Xiaotian. He followed closely behind Mei Xiaoren and rolled down the slope, scattering a rain of blood along the way.

Seeing Du Qi and Mei brothers being forced by him to roll down the slope one after another, Mei Mann couldn't help but laugh complacently and said, "You dare to cause trouble for me with this little bit of three-legged cat skill? Pick up your broken copper and iron and get lost. The further away you get, the better. It's best not to let this old man see you again!" As he spoke, Mei Mann kicked the sheath that Du Qi had abandoned. After passing Du Qi and the other three, he fell into the grass at the foot of the mountain.

After hearing Mei Mann's words in a daze, Du Qi and the Mei brothers couldn't help but be secretly delighted. Their slightly dizzy minds had actually become much clearer, but they were unable to stabilize their bodies in a hurry. They could only relax their bodies and let their bodies roll down the foot of the mountain. They only stopped when they rolled to the side of the scabbard that was lying in the grass a long time ago.

Du Qi and Mei brothers could not care less about the pain. They scrambled to get up one after another. They saw the other three in a sorry state. They looked at Mei Mann who was still standing on the hill from afar. They couldn't help but feel a lingering fear and rejoice. Mei Xiaotian let out a dry howl, "Old man, don't be so arrogant. One day, I will let you know how powerful our Cloud Dream Four Swords are!"

Mei Mann snorted coldly, "Ignorant kids who only know how to talk big. Save your lives first, and then say some cruel words! Shh, let's go!" After saying that, Mei Mann turned around and left. Behind him, a wave of foul wind and miserable mist rose from the grass.

Looking at each other, Mei Xiaoren asked with a heartache, "Fourth Younger Brother, are you alright?"

Du Qi forcefully endured the discomfort brought by the blood tumbling, and put the sword back into the sheath that he had just picked up. He used his tattered sleeve to wipe away the blood at the corner of his mouth and said with a faint smile, "Although that fellow's palm force is not weak, it won't take my life. It is inevitable to feel a little uncomfortable, but there is no harm! "

Mei Xiaotian still had lingering fears as he said dejectedly, "I did not expect that not only is this old man good at raising poisonous snakes, he is also very powerful in martial arts. We were lucky to be able to keep our lives this time!"

Mei Xiaoren took a deep breath and sat down in the grass. He muttered, "If it was not for Fourth Younger Brother risking his life to save us, how would we still be alive if we were just lucky?"

Mei Xiaodi sighed with emotion and said, "Third Brother's words are right! We have been able to remain safe and sound throughout the journey until now. It can be said that it was all Fourth Younger Brother's hard work to push forward bravely."

Mei Xiaotian blamed himself. "It is all my fault that I wanted to take revenge for my father and caused Fourth Younger Brother to be seriously injured!"

Mei Xiaodi questioned, "Big brother, is that Mei Mann really our father's murderer?"

Mei Xiaotian asked, "Why did Second Brother ask such a question? Back then, you had also personally heard the description of the Half-Step Sky Hero. Later on, we brothers went to find that old man, Mei Mann, several times. Although he did not admit it, he did not deny it. He did not know why that old man had denied it just now. Could it be that Second Brother is suspicious just because of that old man's words? "

Mei Xiaodi said," It's not that Younger Brother is suspicious, but the situation caused it. "

Mei Xiaotian said," Oh? What doubts does Second Brother have?"

Mei Xiaodi said," Big Brother, please think about it. Ever since that time, we have never heard any news from Half Sky Hero. I have no choice but to doubt whether what he said is true or not! "

Mei Xiaotian said," The Half Heaven Hero is known for his righteousness and justice, and his words are true. Second Brother can doubt anyone. But he shouldn't doubt the Half-Step Sky Hero! Even if Mei Mann had nothing to do with us before, it was just today's matter. I won't let him go! Look, Fourth Younger Brother's complexion is so bad, let him have a good rest."

Mei Xiaodi had always been quiet, and Du Qi thought that it was because of his nature. However, that day at Huang Qiuhui's blind date party, he had talked endlessly, which made Du Qi have a new understanding of him. For some reason, in the past two days, Mei Xiaodi rarely spoke. What was he thinking about?

Du Qi naturally didn't want to ask. Mei Xiaotian didn't seem to want to ask more, but Mei Xiaoren seemed to be unconscious. Therefore, the atmosphere between them seemed a little strange, at least in Du Qi's opinion.

Du Qi didn't know why he felt this way. Today, Mei Xiaodi openly questioned whether Mei Mann was their father's murderer. This was exactly what he wanted. Who knew that Mei Xiaotian would still insist on his own opinion? Du Qi couldn't help but sigh. It seemed like the Mei brothers wasn't as simple as he had thought. It was better to leave them as soon as possible.

Having come to a conclusion in his heart, Du Qi felt relaxed all of a sudden. He couldn't help but take a deep breath. Suppressing the pain all over his body and full of doubt, he smiled and said, "As long as we brothers are united, we will definitely be able to find out the truth! This little brother clearly feels that the mountain is becoming more and more restless. Big brother, should we leave as soon as possible?"

Mei Xiaotian said, "Meeting Fourth Younger Brother is our good fortune. No matter what, we have to cherish it well! It is as Fourth Younger Brother said. First, the Mahayana Sect fought with the Morality Gang, then the Yun brothers from the Green Cloud Castle. There were also the devils of the Strong Song Association, and the Hundred Flower Palace and Happy Valley were close to each other. Now, a flying centipede Deng Shichun and Mei Mann had come out of nowhere. It was unknown how many devils and fierce men were hiding in the dark. In order to avoid getting involved in unnecessary trouble, we should set off immediately. Fourth Younger Brother, where should we go? "

Du Qi looked around and said, "We are now at the bottom of the valley, and the situation is extremely unfavorable to us. It would be best for us to climb up that high ground and then decide where to go. What do you think?"

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