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C1 Conflict

Stop and enter the city. The guards below the gates of the Azure Sun City spoke in a serious tone. The guard at the side, however, looked at the man in front of him. With a face full of smiles, he muttered something about how normal people did not need permission to enter the city. The guard stroked his chin and laughed.

Oh, but what? Yi Zhou asked.

But, we need to pay attention to suspicious people! The guard who spoke first deliberately said the word 'suspicious' in a intriguing tone.

Yes, but suspicion also bodes ill for fear. Before Yi Zhou could finish his sentence, his right hand that was folded across his arm swung towards the right side of the guard who had just opened his mouth. Although he was a guard, in Qingyang City, it was impossible for him to work as a city guard without strength. The guard's hands punched towards Yi Zhou, and the other guard's palm quickly rose, not to attack Yi Zhou, but to sweep away the guard on his left side with his left leg that had become a fulcrum. The one on the left was a little stronger than him. As there was no object to hit, it only left a scratch. Two scratches extended onto the guard's shoes. The neat and straight scratch proved the strength of the kick.

Cough, cough, big brother, you're too heavy. Zhao Yuan swept away the dust on the tip of his shoes. This Zhao Yuan was one of the guards on the left side. The guard on the right was tall and sturdy compared to Zhao Yuan. The guard's name was Sun Gang and he looked like a tough guy. Sun Gang's face was flushed red, Yi Zhou retrieved his hands and legs, Sun Gang heaved a long sigh of relief, his complexion had also improved a lot.

Who asked you to be like me. Yi Zhou said unhurriedly. What angered him the most was that he did not even seem to blame me.

Big Brother Zhou, this hard qi technique of mine is enough to withstand this normal punch of yours. Sun Gang said honestly.

This time I was out of time. Yi Zhou laughed and asked as the three of them walked into the city.

Two months. Zhao Yuan said.

It's been so long, I forgot. Yi Zhou turned and laughed, Zhao and Sun also stopped and smiled.

Alright, you guys still have to defend the city. I'll head back first, I think my dad is going to scold me. After saying that, he turned around and ran back into the city. When he left, he didn't forget to say that they would drink together if there was time.

Zhao Yuan turned around and started laughing. Sun Gang didn't quite understand.

You forgot our big lady. When Sun Gang heard this, he paused for a moment before opening his mouth and laughing loudly.

He was going to suffer. Sun Gang said while laughing.

Qingyang City – Yi City.

Uncle Fu, is my brother back yet? Uncle Fu's clear female voice sounded behind him as he cleaned the yard.

You don't trust me here, I'll tell you when I get back. Uncle Fu said smilingly to Yi Yun. Yi Yun stuck to Yi Zhou. This time, Yi Yun had been gone for two months, and he would often go to Zhao and Sun's place, but he had never heard from Yi Zhou. He was already a little willful, and in the past few days, he made Yi Yang's head hurt even more.

Slightly, you are so old, can you still see it clearly? Yi Yun stuck out her tongue at Uncle Fu and ran out of Yi Mansion.

Ah, you child. Uncle Fu helplessly shook his head as he watched Yi Yun walk away.

Qingyang City - Central Street.

Death Yi Zhou, Smelly Yi Zhou. Yi Yun kept rubbing the corners of his clothes, as if he was looking at Yi Zhou.

Hey, girl, do you want to take a look? The new jewelry is definitely suitable for you. Yi Yun looked at the stall owner. Beautiful decorations were arranged on the table.

Hey, boss, how much are you selling this phoenix hairpin? Yi Yun asked happily as she picked up a beautiful phoenix hairpin.

This girl has good eyesight. She's just a treasure of this stall. I won't sell it. How about you look at something else? The hawker nodded apologetically.

Don't lie to me, I know your tricks. Honestly, how much is it? Yi Yun was still observing the phoenix hairpin, but her expression made her look like a practitioner who was in the midst of various trades.

Look at my dirty eyes, I actually met you, girl. How about this, a price, this number. The peddler held the thumb between the fingers of his right hand.

70 gold coins, I want it. After saying that, he searched for his wallet at his waist.

The peddler quickly stopped her and said, 'Miss, it's seven hundred.

Seven hundred, go steal it. Yi Yun was often in the business world and this phoenix hairpin was only worth 50 gold coins, so it was worth a lot of tax. He did not expect to earn so much for 70 gold coins, which made Yi Yun very angry and raised her voice a lot.

Young lady, this is your shortsightedness. This is from the Royal City. Of course it's more expensive.

[Pah! I'm short on it. You still drink milk when I'm in business.] Yi Yun had been involved with her father since she was young.

Yi Yun had nothing to argue about with 70 gold coins, but today she was so angry that she wanted to find someone to vent her anger on. So it's a bit unreasonable.

As the young mistress of the Yi family, she can't even afford a hairpin, so I want all of them. He saw a man standing behind Yi Yun.

Liu City. Yi Yun saw the man behind her and became serious.

Young Master Liu, there's no need, there's no need. The peddler bent over and said.

In this Azure Sun City, no one dares to take what I give you. Even City Lord Li has to give me some face. Liu Cheng placed the fan on top of the peddler's head, and the bodyguards at the back watched the peddler's downfall as they laughed out loud.

To... Yes. The peddler stuttered.

Oh, really? Liu Cheng looked at the peddler and the peddler quickly knelt down and said, "Please spare me, young master. Please spare me!" Liu Cheng seemed to be satisfied and laughed out loud.

I want all your things. Liu Cheng saw that the proficiency of his proficiency in prosody had increased threefold.

Pow! Yi Yun waved towards Liu Cheng's face, but Yi Yun's hands were tightly locked by Liu Cheng. How could a girl like him be able to resist the strength of a grown man? Liu Cheng grabbed Yi Yun's hand and turned it around, hugging Yi Yun to his chest.

Let me go. Yi Yun felt both angry and wronged. he shouted.

Let go of you, haha, is that possible? I haven't tasted the Yi family's eldest daughter before! Liu Cheng looked at the bodyguard behind him. The bodyguard also laughed out loud. As he said that, Liu Cheng stuck his nose into Yi Yeyun's face. Yi Yun was both angry and wronged. Since she was young, no one had dared to treat her like this. Tears kept rolling down her cheeks.

Dong! Liu City turned from a charming young master into a beautiful arc.

Yi Zhou pulled his little sister who was led astray by Liu City. He raised his hand to gently wipe Yi Yun's tears, and when Yi Yun saw Yi Zhou, the grievances and grievances all over his body swapped places as he hugged Yi Zhou and sobbed non-stop.

Come on, let's go home. Yi Zhou's face was filled with pain for his sister. Just as Yi Zhou was about to leave, he heard a voice from behind him.

Oh, Young Master Liu, I didn't see you, I thought that some pig's head was teasing my sister, but it turns out that you and my sister were communicating with each other, and because of Yi Zhou's forceful kick, half of Liu Cheng's face was swollen like a pig's, hearing this Yi Yun couldn't help but burst out laughing. Liu Cheng knew he had lost the statue, so he shouted for the people behind him.

But, but … The people around them were obviously afraid. They knew that even if they fought ten people, it would be impossible to defeat another Yi Zhou.

F * ck, what's the use of raising a bunch of trash like you. Liu Cheng kicked the person who spoke.

Sorry, young master Liu, my father even called us two out for something. With that, he cupped his hands together and left.

Liu Cheng was not willing to lose to Yi Zhou, so he could only curse and vent the anger in his heart.

Haha, coward, your Yi family is all cowards, aren't you very arrogant? Liu Cheng cursed loudly.

Yi Zhou touched his fist, Yi Yun placed his hand on top of Yi Zhou's hand, and looked at him while shaking his head.

If Yi Zhou has the ability, then hit me. Liu Cheng spat a mouthful of blood on the ground.

Seeing Yi Zhou being indifferent, Liu Cheng suddenly laughed and said slowly.

Your sister doesn't smell as good as your mother. Hahahaha!

Silence, a deathly silence, and the sound of the air and dust rubbing against each other seemed to be heard.

In the windless street, Yi Yun's hair swayed gently. It was so gentle, so slow, perhaps it was because his hair was trying to cover up everything in the world, such as Liu City's blood, or perhaps it was Yi Zhou's murderous intent. Yi Yun's reaction time was due to Yi Zhou stirring up his hair, causing her to be unable to clearly see the situation before her eyes, and could only see one thing. Yi Zhou, who annihilated the Seven Poison Sect last time, and the sky filled with blood.

Qingyang City – Yi Residence

Uncle Fu, do you have any news about the Liu Estate? Yi Yang paced back and forth in the Yi family's main hall, not asking Uncle Fu.

Sigh! Uncle Fu shook his head.

You said he had the ability, and he even dared to hit Liu City like that. After saying that, Yi Yang walked to his seat and sat down and slapped his thigh.

If we can't get the young master to hide out for two years, we have no problem. Uncle Fu realized that the problem was extremely serious, so he didn't have any confidence anymore.

Run, hey, think about who is behind the Liu Family. Just kill them all, Yi Zhou will not be able to escape. Yi Yang said.

My lord, my lord. A servant hurriedly ran out from the front hall while shouting.

Three, what's wrong? Yi Yang caught Little Three, who had tripped on the doorstep.

"Outside..." Little San panted heavily but did not say the next sentence.

It's us. It was unknown when the master of the Liu Family, Liu Quan, walked into the courtyard from the front hall. Behind him were three people: an old man, a man, and a woman.

Ang, so it is Brother Liu, please forgive me for not being able to receive you. Yi Yang patted Little San Zi's hand, indicating for him to get down, then cupped his hands and walked towards Liu Quan to express his apology.

"Don't come with me," he said. "Where is your son?" Liu Quan was enraged to a certain extent.

I was looking for him as well. I don't know why Brother Liu is looking for my son. Yi Yang said.

Don't pretend with me, Liu Cheng was severely injured by Yi Zhou, and almost lost his life to hand over your son, or else I will massacre your Yi Mansion. Liu Quan said fiercely.

Oh, in that case, the fault lies with my son. Yi Yang said. Just that, my son's whereabouts are still unknown. I, Yi, am truly powerless!

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