Ancient Devil Monarch/C10 Sun and moon spring
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Ancient Devil Monarch/C10 Sun and moon spring
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C10 Sun and moon spring

When Yi Zhou saw the unfriendly looks on these people's faces, he knew that he had gotten himself into trouble on the first day of school. Although he did not want to provoke these people, some people would just randomly surround him to cause trouble for him.

However, before he made a move, he felt that it was necessary for him to know the identities of these people. Before he beat them down, I will give you a chance to tell me who you are and why you want to cause trouble for me.

One of them said fiercely: What an ungrateful fellow, you think that there's something special about those who were recruited by Principal Qingyang, I told you that you're not a single person in Azure Sun Academy, and you should also remember that we're from the Marquis of Goldmoon's house, don't avoid us if you run into us in the future!

I'll remember the Marquis of Goldmoon's manor.

But it's not the kind of memorizing that you guys think you should learn from your mistakes. After he said this in his heart, Yi Zhou reached out his hand to these popinjays, gesturing for them to come over.

How could these silkpants possibly withstand Yi Zhou's provocation? Seeing how Yi Zhou was being so dismissive, they immediately became angry and prepared to attack Yi Zhou.

Seeing their actions, Yi Zhou sighed almost inaudibly: Sigh, seems like I still have to teach these hateful fellows a lesson, a bunch of scum!

Just as this group of playboys was about to rush to Yi Zhou's front and be taught a lesson by Yi Zhou, a young man in white clothes suddenly rushed out — —

Yi Zhou is someone that Principal Du Wei has high hopes for, and this place is still the entrance to the Azure Sun Academy. I suggest that if you guys want to continue staying in the Academy, then you guys should behave yourselves.

Although the white-clothed youth spoke impolitely, but what he said was the truth. In fact, the people of the Goldmoon Marquis Mansion had only wanted to confirm that it was actually Yi Zhou himself, and did not plan to act so arrogantly. After hearing what the white-clothed youth said, they immediately started to retreat.

With so many people at the side watching the show, what if the news were to spread to Principal Du Wei …

If Dean Du Wei thought highly of this Yi Zhou, because the matter regarding Yi Zhou had angered them, it would indeed be inconvenient for them to continue staying in the Azure Sun Academy.

Damn you Yi Zhou, just you wait, we have plenty of opportunities to teach you a lesson!

The delinquent lackeys who were previously so aggressive had their arrogance instantly lessened by more than half. After fiercely threatening Yi Zhou once more, they left in a sorry state.

Yi Zhou did not mind these hedonistic sons at all, because they were not worth looking at. However, he had a good impression of the young man in white who stood forward to help him.

After all, the other students were watching from the sidelines. Only this white-clothed youth was willing to speak up for them and had saved them some trouble. It was worth making friends with.

I am Yi Zhou, thank you for your help.

I am Si Qi, I have long heard of your name! This person called Si Qi was extremely passionate, and did not have the temperament of a young man who wore white clothes that fluttered in the wind at all.

And this kind of person was very suitable to be Yi Zhou's friend. The two of them acted like a good friend at first sight, and just like that, they became good friends.

In the next few days, due to the matter of the members of the Marquis of Goldmoon's Residence being humiliated, no one came to find trouble with Yi Zhou, and Yi Zhou's life in the academy was as tranquil as water.

And on this day, when Yi Zhou was selecting his missions, he was pleasantly surprised to discover that there was a mission to go to the Misty Forest, one that required five students to form a group and bring back a stalk of Scarlet Flame Grass each.

As the Misty Forest was filled with danger, the rewards for the mission was also very generous. Yi Zhou and Si Qi didn't hesitate to choose this mission, followed by Third Young Master He Sha of Duke Wei Residence and two other notorious students. He Sha had heard He Yu mention Yi Zhou before, and they got along very well with each other.

Misty Forest.

As Yi Zhou was more familiar with this place, he was the one in charge of the team —

Every stalk of Crimson Flame Grass is guarded by a Scarlet Flame Serpent. These few spots are the most likely to have Crimson Flame Grass. If you all were to look for them, you should be able to reunite with the others two hours later.

After assigning the missions simply, Yi Zhou went to look for Scarlet Flame Grass alone.

This area could already be considered as a peaceful place in the Misty Forest, and it was just the outskirts. Si Qi and the others wouldn't be in much danger, they only needed to complete their missions.

Furthermore, with Yi Zhou, their mission this time could be said to have been reduced by half. Other than Yi Zhou, no one knew where the Scarlet Flame Grass was, and no one would be able to produce a map that might contain the Scarlet Flame Grass.

It was rare for Yi Zhou to return to the Misty Forest, so he was naturally not like the others, and simply gathered Scarlet Flame Grass at the periphery of the forest.

In any case, harvesting the Scarlet Flame Grass was an extremely simple mission, so he decided to take a stroll in the Misty Forest to see if there were any rare herbs.

Just as Yi Zhou was advancing quickly, he suddenly sensed a very peculiar Qi on the right side of his body, giving people a feeling of relaxation and joy.

Yi Zhou subconsciously followed the Qi. As he pushed apart the bushes, he actually found a clear pool of spring water. The mist on top of the spring water was gloomy, giving people a feeling that it was shrouded in immortal Qi.

This fog seemed ordinary, but if one looked carefully, they would realize that the fog would sometimes condense into the shape of a moon, and sometimes it would transform into the sun …

This was the Spring of the Sun and the Moon?!

Yi Zhou felt that his luck was really good this time, he actually met with a rare sun and moon treasure spring.

Yi Zhou knew that this was the vicinity of the Solar Moon Spring, and there was definitely a Demonic Beast guarding this place. After he spent a lot of time and effort to settle this troublesome Demonic Beast, Yi Zhou's wish was granted.

It was a rare fortuitous encounter, so Yi Zhou closed his eyes and absorbed the strange energy from the Solar Moon Spring, tempering his body bit by bit.

After a long time, Yi Zhou opened his eyes in satisfaction. Right now his body was much stronger than before, worthy of being the Spring of Sun and Moon.

And at this time, the Sun Moon Treasured Spring no longer had that dense mist, it looked like it was just an ordinary spring water. It did not have any spirit energy, and it was completely absorbed by Yi Zhou without any waste.

After calculating the time, Yi Zhou knew that more than two hours had passed. He quickly found a nearby Scarlet Flame Grass and returned to the place he had previously agreed to meet up.

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