Ancient Devil Monarch/C12 Refining the longevity and face nurturing pill
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Ancient Devil Monarch/C12 Refining the longevity and face nurturing pill
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C12 Refining the longevity and face nurturing pill

As soon as He Yu saw the clues, he hatefully said, "There aren't many assassination organisations that have a Spirit Condensation Pill. I'm afraid that the reward given to them by their employer, this Spirit Condensation Pill, is an important clue!"

Yi Zhou was silent. Seeing this Spirit Concentrating Pill, he thought about how the killer said that he wanted something from his body. After combining all of these, he seemed to already have a suspect.

Yi Zhou, did you think of something? Si Qi understood Yi Zhou very well. Seeing him reveal such an expression, he knew that he must have thought of something.

When the others heard Si Qi's words, they all looked towards Yi Zhou in unison, especially He Yu. He held He Sha's corpse and looked at Yi Zhou with extreme urgency.

Looking at everyone's looks of anticipation, Yi Zhou sighed, he only had his suspicions, and did not really know that the culprit was that person. Therefore, he could not reveal his guess, so as to prevent He Yu from acting impulsively: I only have my suspicions right now, I still need to continue investigating …

He Yu, bring your little brother's corpse with you and let's return to the academy! Du Wei said with a heavy heart and everyone nodded their heads. They brought along the corpses and the other two students who were unconscious, not saying a word along the way.

After going through a sudden incident with this mission, Yi Zhou decided to not go out on a mission for the time being, in case more killers came looking for him. He decided to use this time to improve his alchemy skills and went to Ning Yun's auction to buy medicinal ingredients.

Yi Zhou, I heard that you met a killer during your mission in the Misty Forest? Did you get into some kind of trouble? Ning Yun's information was very well-informed. Seeing Yi Zhou coming to the auction house, he immediately asked him about the assassination attempt.

Yi Zhou nodded his head: Miss Ning Yun, it just so happens that other than buying medicinal ingredients, I need your help with another matter!

If there's anything I can do for you, just let me know.

I want you to help me investigate who ordered these killers.

Do you have a suspect now? Ning Yun asked again.

I suspect that it's Master Zhao from the Alchemy Guild. However, other than some Spirit Condensation Pills, I don't have any other clues, so I wanted to ask Miss Ning Yun to help me investigate. I believe that with your ability, you'll definitely help me find some!

When Yi Zhou said what he said and heard that the target was Master Zhao, Ning Yun was shocked. However, when he heard about the matter of the Life Nourishing Pill from Yi Zhou, she was immediately overjoyed. He did not expect Master Zhao to be such a person.

Rest assured, I will do my best. At the same time, he was inviting Yi Zhou. When was he going to be a guest at the Ning family? The Ning family welcomes you.

Okay, when this matter is successfully concluded, I will definitely find a time to pay a visit to the mansion to express my gratitude!

With Ning Yun's help, Yi Zhou believed that this matter would definitely be investigated thoroughly in the end, and upon returning to the Academy, he immediately saw Si Qi rushing over to welcome him.

Yi Zhou, where did you go before? I have a huge piece of good news to tell you!

What good news? Seeing how excited Si Qi was, Yi Zhou knew that this was definitely good news. Otherwise, Si Qi wouldn't be so excited.

Soon, it would be the annual Azure Sun, Hidden Dragon and Iron Martial Academy competition! The rewards from this year's competition were not ordinary. As long as one could enter the top two, they would be able to obtain a Yellow Rank cultivation technique, and the third would be able to obtain a Bone Ablutionary Dan!

The rewards are indeed very generous. What does this have to do with us? We're just new students, we simply don't have the qualifications to participate in the competition.

In comparison to Si Qi's excitement, Yi Zhou's reaction was obviously very calm. It was because he knew that only seniors could participate in this competition. The new students didn't have the qualifications to participate in the competition, so he didn't feel that this matter had anything to do with him.

And when Si Qi saw how calm Yi Zhou was, he silently lowered his head: "Why are you so calm? At the very least, he had to put on an expression of pleasant surprise! This competition has nothing to do with us, but the rewards are so generous, which means that next year, when we are qualified to participate in the competition, we will be able to receive even more generous rewards!

Next year's matter can wait until next year. I'm going to refine medicine! Responding to Si Qi was the sound of Yi Zhou's door closing. The medicinal ingredients that he had just bought were obviously to be used to raise his alchemy level, so he did not have much time to listen to Si Qi.

Oh, how cold! Si Qi sighed, and silently went back to his own room.

After Yi Zhou closed the door, he took out his medicinal furnace and started refining.

Due to his recent lack of funds and the need to consolidate his alchemy ability, he decided to refine a few more pills to sell.

As for the pill, that was naturally the Life Nourishing Pill. Yi Zhou decided that he would at least refine a few dozen pills this time and send them all to the Ning Family's auction house to attract people to go auction.

If the mastermind was Master Zhao, he would not be so quiet after seeing the Cosmetic Cultivation Pill.


Yi Zhou spat out a mouthful of impure Qi. He had already locked himself in his room for an entire day and night, and had been refining the Life Nourishing Beauty Pellet.

Moreover, his results were remarkable. On the tray at the side, there were already over twenty round and sleek Life Nourishing Medicinal Pills.

Although he had spent the entire day and night refining the Life Nourishing Beauty Pill and Yi Zhou's mental state was extremely exhausted, his mood was extremely good when he saw these twenty or so pills.

Just as he was about to rest and send the pills over to the Ning family's auction house, and casually ask Ning Yun about the killer from last time finding any clues, Yi Zhou's door was knocked, following that, Si Qi's loud voice sounded out:

Yi Zhou, are you awake? You have slept for an entire day and night, I have good news to tell you!

Yi Zhou pushed the door open impatiently: Si Qi, if you were to tell me again, or something unimportant, I would have to switch rooms. I don't want to live next to you anymore!

It's really good news this time, but I'm just here to pass on it. The person who has to tell you the good news is someone else! Si Qi looked mysterious.

Who is it?

The President wants to invite you to his office!

Azure Sun Academy's principal's office.

What, I didn't hear wrong, did I, Lord Dean? You want me to participate in the Three Academies Competition that only senior students can participate in? Yi Zhou had always been curious in his heart about the good news that Si Qi had mentioned, but after knowing the good news, he was only surprised and not pleasantly surprised.

Moreover, all of the seniors participating in the competition were all at the Qi Gathering stage. He, Yi Zhou, was at the 9th Body Refinement Layer, so even if he could challenge those above his level, he was still not qualified.

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