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Seeing Yi Zhou's shocked expression, Du Wei smiled and said: "Of course I also have another request, and that is to get the first seven places.

Seeing how light this Azure Sun Academy's headmaster was, and seemed to not care at all as he made his own request, Yi Zhou immediately wanted to reject him. After all, he was not interested in the competition between the three academies either, but Du Wei's following words made him interested — —

If you can really enter the top seven and obtain the rewards from the competition, I will give you twice as much.

Double reward?

Yes, interested? Seeing Yi Zhou's obviously moved expression, Du Wei smiled and rubbed his beard.


Seeing that Yi Zhou had agreed, Du Wei turned to Yi Zhou and said solemnly: "These three competition are not child's play, every participant representing my Azure Sun Academy's strength, as a participant who has broken through the competition, although your strength on the surface is lacking, but I am clear of your potential.

Yi Zhou nodded, he knew that Du Wei was doing this for him.

How could the other students have such a good opportunity? Since they were able to participate in the competition between the three academies the moment they entered the academy, they probably haven't had a chance to participate since the establishment of the academy, right?

As if he had guessed what Yi Zhou was thinking, Du Wei smiled and said: "If you really want to know how many students in the academy have had the chance to break through into the three academies' competition … Let me tell you, you're the first one!

When Yi Zhou heard that he was actually the first student to have broken the rules and participated in the competition since the establishment of the academy, he could not help but laughed bitterly: "President, you have overestimated me. Don't worry, I will do my best in this competition!

Seeing the immature youngster in front of him, even though he knew that the competition would be difficult, Du Wei did not conceal his admiration for him: "Good child, I really didn't see the wrong person. I hope you will not let down my expectations for you this time." Remember, the requirement I give you is to be in the top seven!

Yi Zhou solemnly nodded his head. He, Yi Zhou, had always liked to go against hardships.

It shouldn't be difficult for him to fulfill the dean's dream! Didn't Azure Sun Academy have an extremely talented student participate in the competition between the three great academies? On the way back, Yi Zhou suddenly asked Si Qi.

Are you talking about Wu Jie? Indeed, he was at the peak of Qi Condensation, almost breaking through. There was still some time before the competition, he would probably be able to break through to the third level in a few days. However, Wu Jie wasn't the only one with such a cultivation level among the three great academies!

Si Qi paused for a moment, before continuing: "Junior Brother, do you want to think that just being third place would allow you to obtain a Bone Ablutionary Dan Bead, and the rewards for the first two places would be worse than the Bone Ablutionary Dan Bead? I heard that the top three students of Hidden Dragon Institute and Iron Martial Academy are determined to win. This time, they have sent many extremely talented academies to participate in the competition! At that time, there would probably be students at the 3rd level of the Qi Gathering realm … Si Qi said as he raised five of his fingers.

Yi Zhou took in a breath of cold air, he did not seem to have expected that there would be so many people at the third level of Qi gathering participating in this competition. Yi Zhou was only at the ninth level of the Refinement Realm, so even with his Four Sky Devil Arts and Shadow Steps, he could only fight against people at the first or second level of the Qi Condensation Realm.

Si Qi continued: The five of them are only conservative estimates, there might be more. After all, Tie Wu Academy had always been famous for its combat prowess. Therefore, any academy at the 2nd level of the Qi Gathering possessed strength that was not inferior to a 3rd level Qi Condensation warrior!

Yi Zhou had some experience on this point, he had fought with Parade before, although Parade was only at the 2nd level of Qi Condensation, but since He Wu was a mercenary, fighting for a long time had long given him a formless killing intent. Yi Zhou used a lot of energy to defeat He Wu.

It seems that this competition is not simple! Yi Zhou said as if he was thinking about something.

It wasn't simple! Si Qi's words changed abruptly as he looked at Yi Zhou. The President had high expectations for you, other than me, you are the one who has the most hope of entering the top three!

Senior Brother, don't joke around, I'm only at the 9th Body Refinement Layer, I can't even touch the threshold of Qi Condensation! I don't have any confidence at all! Yi Zhou said with a wry smile.

I don't know about you, kid. He had just arrived at Azure Sun City and was only at the 5th level of the Body Refinement Realm. In just two months, he had risen to the 4th level. Who knew what height he would reach at the start of the competition! What's more, the Headmaster thinks highly of you, so long as you need something, you can ask the Headmaster directly. Furthermore, you told the Headmaster that you have stayed in the Misty Forest for a long time and have accumulated a lot of combat experience. Si Qi encouraged Yi Zhou.

When he had just entered the Azure Sun Academy, Yi Zhou had told Dean Du Wei that he had stayed at the outskirts of the Misty Forest for a few years. In reality, Yi Zhou had lied. Originally, Yi Zhou's strength should have already broken through the first level of Qi Gathering, but the Martial Soul did not awaken soon after, which had forcefully slowed down Yi Zhou's cultivation speed. Thinking about that, Yi Zhou laughed bitterly.

This is for you. This is a secret technique that the President found from the auction. Si Qi suddenly remembered something the Principal had told him before, and quickly passed the slightly yellowed secret manual to Yi Zhou.

Although the manual seemed to have been around for a long time, the four large words on the cover were still faintly visible: Phantom Illusion! Looking at the four big words on the cover, Yi Zhou muttered to himself.

He skimmed through the entire manual, feeling extremely shocked in his heart. The Hallucination Illusion was specially made for Yi Zhou. It taught people how to use their spirit energy to create an illusion to confuse the enemy, and with Yi Zhou's own Shadowstep technique, it could kill people without them noticing! However, there was a very strict requirement for one to cultivate the Hallucination Illusion Form, and one's mental strength must be strong enough.

Yi Zhou had ventured through the Misty Forest before, and after going through the tempering of the Solar Moon Spring, his mental strength had long ago become extraordinary! Training this hypnotism was more than suitable.

For the principal to gift me such a secret manual, it must be extremely valuable! Although Yi Zhou was modest on the surface, in his heart, he was ecstatic.

The mental strength that you displayed in the entrance exam was so strong that even the dean was deeply shocked. Dean, you know that you have great potential, so you always pay attention to the cultivation techniques that are suitable for you. I've also seen this Phantom Mirage before, its quality is definitely not inferior to a first-grade yellow-rank monster! It's a pity that this technique does not suit me. Otherwise, I would definitely ask the Principal to give this art to me!

With that, Si Qi laughed loudly.

Yi Zhou frowned, from the moment he had entered the Azure Sun Academy, Du Wei had already given him a lot of help, whether it was helping him out or deliberately leaving the corpse for him to dispose of, Yi Zhou had obtained huge benefits from it! Now, he had even found such a cultivation technique for me, it seems like Du Wei's expectations for me is really huge!

It had to be known that as a subordinate state of the Sky Purple Nation, Qingyang was only a first-grade Yellow Rank cultivation technique. As for the Sky, Earth, and Mysterious types of cultivation techniques, they were not allowed to appear in the Azure Sun Dynasty. Once it was violated, not only would the Tian Zi country withdraw its status as a kingdom's subordinate state, but the three mysterious sects that supported the Tian Zi country would also take action.

Originally, Yi Zhou did not have much confidence to enter the top three, but now with the Bewitching Illusion, even without using the Four Sky Demons techniques, Yi Zhou was confident that he could obtain the Bone Ablutionary Dan! Thinking about it, Yi Zhou kept the secret manual.

Yi Zhou knew very well that although medicine pills were important in the Azure Sun Dynasty, and the miraculous medicine that Yi Zhou refined was even rarer. Even so, compared to high level techniques, medicine pills were still lacking. Other than pills that were hard to come by in a thousand years, expensive pills were also only once in a lifetime. There were benefits when one consumed them. In the future, when the medicinal efficacy dissipated, there would be no benefits at all. Secret techniques, on the other hand, could not only increase one's strength, but could also be passed on to future generations. Those with outstanding abilities had even dreamed of comprehending a new technique from an old manual, and in the future, Yi Zhou would be able to accomplish this!

Seeing Yi Zhou accept the manual, Si Qi suddenly laughed, but that smile revealed a bit of peculiarity!

Besides letting me hand over the manual to you, the dean also wants us to have a contest!

Yi Zhou was stunned, Si Qi had already reached the 4th level of Qi Gathering, competing with him was simply a fight! Senior Brother, aren't you and the dean trying to scam me? Yi Zhou seemed unwilling on the outside, but he was actually very sincere on the outside as he took the lead to walk towards the arena of the Azure Sun Academy.

Yi Zhou did not want to pass this competition to test his strength, so he was clear about his own strength. Compared to him, Yi Zhou was more curious about Si Qi's true strength.

If Wu Jie was a genius, Si Qi was a genius amongst geniuses! In a year, Si Qi's realm had risen by several realms! Yi Zhou had also seen Si Qi fight before, but he felt that Si Qi was still hiding very strong power!

The Principal actually wanted to know the extent of his strength, so Yi Zhou was not courteous at all and directly used the Tidal Art he was most proficient in to attack Si Qi!

That's right! That's right! Si Qi could feel the aura being emitted from Yi Zhou's body. On one hand, he praised Yi Zhou and on the other hand, he was using his Spiritual Energy to counter Yi Zhou's attack! It was just that Si Qi did not use all of his strength, and had deliberately suppressed a portion of it, to the extent that it was equivalent to the second level of Qi Condensation.

The Tidal Current Technique was something that Yi Zhou had dug out from the killer's storage ring. It wasn't very powerful in terms of killing power, but it was able to leave the opponent with a vague illusion in a short amount of time, causing them to be unable to differentiate between the truth and the false. This principle was similar to the Phantom Mirage Technique, only that the Phantom Mirage Technique's illusion was much stronger than the Tidal Current Technique!

A lot of people had suffered under Yi Zhou's Tidal Current Technique, but Si Qi could clearly feel where Yi Zhou's real body was! Every attack would accurately hit Yi Zhou. After being tempered by the Spring of Sun and Moon, Yi Zhou could still rely on his strong physical body to withstand Si Qi's techniques! The two sides fought back and forth with many moves. Each side had their own victor!

"Junior brother, your Tidal Art has already been practiced to the point of perfection. Defeating a person at the second level of Qi Condensation is not a difficult task!" "I'm going to raise my strength. Be careful!" Si Qi wanted to test whether he could still withstand the pressure of the second level of Qi Gathering, and whether his strength had increased to the third level.

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