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C14 Long body

In an instant, Si Qi's aura rose greatly, and a tyrannical line of fist shadows rushed straight towards Yi Zhou! Yi Zhou did not hesitate, with his inner strength wrapped around his body, his chest brimming with heroic spirit, he was not afraid in the slightest, with a loud roar, his right hand formed a fist, directly clashing against the incoming fist shadows.

The fist shadows collided and dissipated. Si Qi's heart was filled with praise. He had also used nearly seventy percent of his strength in this punch, for Yi Zhou to be able to clash head on with him, it seemed like he still had some hope of winning against the third level of Qi Condensation in the Three Great Academies this time around.

Just as Si Qi was praising her in his heart, he revealed a weak point to Yi Zhou. Yi Zhou then used Shadow Steps to instantly appear behind Si Qi.

"Junior Brother, this trick of yours is a bit too cunning!" Yi Zhou's movements had long been seen through by Si Qi, he quickly turned around and raised his leg to kick Yi Zhou. Yi Zhou's figure flashed, not only did he dodge Si Qi's kick, he even used his Mirage to continue attacking Si Qi.

Without the slightest pause in time, after avoiding the attack, Yi Zhou once again used the Shadow Steps, and appeared at Si Qi's side in a flash! However, Si Qi still made his move

To deal with Yi Zhou's second Mirage.

I won this match!

Yi Zhou punched out! Just at this moment, Si Qi's fist was actually one step faster than Yi Zhou's, and in the blink of an eye, it had arrived in front of Yi Zhou's chest.

"Junior brother, you're too careless!" "Those with a high level of insight would be able to react far better than those with a low level of comprehension!" As Si Qi pointed out Yi Zhou's flaws, his fist also landed on Yi Zhou's chest.

"Pfft!" Yi Zhou only felt his throat grow hot as he spat out a mouthful of black blood, and his entire body fell towards Si Qi.

It was Si Qi's turn to be nervous. He did not use much strength in that punch just now.

Are you all right?

Si Qi anxiously retracted his attack. The three times that Yi Zhou had changed his body had caught him off guard, and he had unknowingly used the power of Qi Gathering Stage Level 3, and a portion of his ultimate skills.

I'm fine.

Yi Zhou closed his eyes, carefully feeling the changes in his body.

Ever since his body had been purified by the Solar Moon Spring, the warm current that had been occupying every part of his meridians and organs was gradually seeping into his body.

The black blood he spat out just now was actually the impurities from the sun and moon precious spring water that had fused with his body.

After spitting out the black blood, Yi Zhou felt his entire body feeling refreshed, as if he had suddenly arrived at a sunny prairie from a dark, cloudy, and sunless cave.

It's really nothing. Yi Zhou said again, looking at the concerned expression on Si Qi's face.

He raised his leg, wanting to stretch his body to prove to Si Qi. However, he didn't expect that he almost fell down.

Ah!" You're still saying that everything is fine? Where in the world did he get so uncomfortable that his internal organs were injured? Si Qi hurriedly helped Yi Zhou up.

It's a good thing, but the timing is too good, it has nothing to do with you, Senior Brother.

Yi Zhou leaned on Si Qi and explained with a bitter smile.

His entire body felt numb and itchy. It was as if his muscles and bones were rapidly growing, and the surface of his internal organs was also producing thin films.

Only after Si Qi's punch shook the power of the Solar Moon Spring, did it begin to be absorbed by Yi Zhou.

Senior brother can just help me back to the dorm, I might need to grow up.

Grow up? Si Qi's eyes were filled with suspicions, he truly did not understand why Yi Zhou who was just hit by the third level of Qi Gathering would suddenly grow up.

I just had an opportunity the other day and now I'm starting to show it.

Following Yi Zhou's words, the sound of bones grinding began to ring out.

You're a freak!

When Si Qi saw that it wasn't a bad thing, he relaxed. He carried Yi Zhou on his back and walked towards the dorm room.

The three times you shifted positions in succession did have a very surprising effect. Si Qi praised Yi Zhou's performance in the competition.

I can only change it once before, so it requires more muscles. Recently, his body's endurance seemed to have increased quite a bit, and he could barely move three times.

Actually, Yi Zhou knew that this should be the effect of the Solar Moon Spring. Moreover, the effect didn't seem to be complete. The feeling from his muscles told him that the explosive strength of his muscles was still growing.

If your movement technique could be combined with the one given to you by the principal, would the effect be better? Si Qi asked.

Senior Brother, we really think the same way as heroes. I was just thinking of this. When my body is fully recovered, I will definitely give it a try.

Right now, your biggest weakness is still that your attack power is slightly weak. However, if you don't enter the Qi Condensation stage, this problem won't be easy to solve. If you need demon cores or Spiritual Stone, you can go and find the Principal.

Si Qi suggested. He felt that Yi Zhou would be more effective after entering the Qi Gathering stage.

Senior Brother, this is not a matter of the Spiritual Stone, hmm, I will think of a way as soon as possible.

Yi Zhou's mind entered his brain palace and saw that the black vortex Martial Soul was fast asleep, and with every breath he took, the whirlpool became even more rhythmic.

I just hope you wake up as soon as you can! Yi Zhou anxiously hoped.

Only after seven days did Yi Zhou finally completely absorb the energy of the Sun Moon Spring.

Yi Zhou felt his vision become clear and his steps become powerful. The inside of his body became filled with explosive power and the functions of all his organs had been greatly enhanced. Even the rate at which he produced his psychic power had increased.

He had earned so much that this Spring of Sun and Moon could actually improve all aspects of his body's quality.

Within the span of seven days, Yi Zhou had been researching on the possibility of merging his movement skills into his Phantom Shadow and Enchanting Phantom Mirage.

One of them relied more on the strength of his muscles, while the other relied more on his spiritual force to induce confusion.

The most important thing was to synchronize them. He needed to activate both his muscle and spirit energy at the same time. In the future, when he entered the Qi Gathering stage, he would need to add another Spiritual Energy.

Yi Zhou began to slowly experiment, the initial results were tragic to behold.

He was already very familiar with Shadow, and he only barely understood the Bewitching Phantom Form, so the combination was very awkward.

However, Yi Zhou felt that this was a better opportunity.

If he cultivated the Hallucination Illusion by himself and combined the two together, the difficulty would be similar and perhaps even higher. The combination of the two things should be able to create a sense of familiarity.

The activation of spiritual energy was too late!

The degree of simulation should not be enough to confuse others.

When the strength of his muscles was activated, it clearly interfered with the activation of his spiritual energy.

The difference in strength and time was too obvious. They all had effects, but they did not join forces.

Yi Zhou kept trying for ten days before he finally understood.

During this period of time, Si Qi would occasionally come over to give some pointers, and he praised Yi Zhou's rapid improvement.

To fuse two things from two different systems so quickly, Junior Brother Yi Zhou, you are truly a genius.

Did you not see that I was about to slip away? I was shocked by your praise!

After about a month, Yi Zhou was completely focused and finally managed to combine the two sets of movement skills into one.

In the future, he would need to practice more. It would be best if he could develop his instincts.

Shadow and Phantom Illusion, when these two are combined, I'll call you Phantom Illusion!

Yi Zhou flashed around the space, and unexpectedly, three figures slipped out.

These were not the afterimages he left behind too quickly. Rather, he relied on his spiritual force to create images that were similar to his real body. In terms of bewitchment, he was definitely able to create false images within a short period of time.

Congratulations, junior apprentice-brother. Si Qi just happened to come over and see Yi Zhou's previous performance.

Yi Zhou smiled bashfully.

I've already registered you to participate in the competition between the three academies. Si Qi said.

The competition between the three academies was less than half a month away. The registration for the tournament had already started, and students from all three academies could begin as well.

However, before the official competition, there was an open ranking competition between the three academies.

Hidden Dragon Institute and Iron Martial Academy each had a quota of fifty people, while Azure Sun Academy only had twenty-eight spots. The three families had a total of one hundred and twenty-eight spots to participate in the main tournament of the three academies.

Just by looking at the number of people from the three academies participating in the finals, the disparity between Azure Sun Academy and the other two academies was obvious.

Another piece of bad news? Si Qi said to Yi Zhou.

Bad news? Yi Zhou was confused.

You had a conflict with the second young master of the Guardian, He Zhen, didn't you? He has recently come out of closed-door training, and he has threatened to teach you a lesson.

Him? Yi Zhou was a little disdainful.

The last time they met, He Zhen was only at the 9th Body Refinement Layer. How strong could he be in a few months?

He Zhen's current realm was at the 3rd level of the Qi Gathering stage.

Si Qi saw that Yi Zhou did not have any expression on his face, and immediately threw a heavy bomb at him.

How is this possible!? Yi Zhou exclaimed.

Third level of Qi Condensation!

Yi Zhou found it hard to imagine that He Zhen's cultivation speed had also reached the level of a genius, someone who could compete with Senior Brother Si Qi.

There were all sorts of rare and precious things within Duke Wei's Mansion, and his brother He Yu had even found a strange person from the army. All three of the spirit veins within the third level of Qi Condensation could be disturbed to dredge and reduce the difficulty of cultivation, which was why he had such speed.

There was such a talent? Yi Zhou truly felt that this world was too big, full of wonders.

The human body had nine spiritual veins. Every spiritual vein that was opened for the spiritual energy to gather was considered to have one level of cultivation.

Within the nine spirit veins, there were naturally all sorts of obstructions that required a cultivator to painstakingly open.

Usually, it would take half a year to one year before the spiritual vein would be fully opened.

Moreover, the further one went, the more difficult it would be to open the spirit vein.

Yi Zhou never thought that He Zhen would actually encounter a good thing that could lower the difficulty of cultivation.

With his current strength, wanting to take third place and obtain the Bone Ablutionary Dan Bead was almost impossible.

Yi Zhou thought.

In this competition, only you are at the Refinement Realm. The remaining 127 people are all at the Qi Gathering stage, and there are 7 at the 3rd level of the Qi Gathering stage. It seemed that all the families were prepared to gamble for the reward of this competition.

The rewards for being in the top eight were all very good, so it was no wonder that everyone was going crazy.

Yi Zhou had already seen the method of rewards for the competition. The first eight places were usually rare treasures, whether it was in terms of mental cultivation or cultivation techniques or pills, if a small clan could get one, they would immediately level up.

You still haven't shown any signs of entering the Qi Condensation stage? Si Qi asked.

Not yet. Yi Zhou shook his head. The Martial Soul had not awakened.

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