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C15 Decoy

At this moment, there was a knock on the door at the closed cultivation grounds.

"Huh?!" No one had come before. Could it be that they were here on purpose?

Si Qi immediately opened the door, and saw a person standing outside cautiously.

Yi Zhou knew this person. It was the bastard who wanted Yi Zhou to go and seek refuge in his family. Reportedly, he came from the Marquis of Goldmoon Mansion.

Hello, Senior! This man nervously bowed to Si Qi. Someone was looking for Yi Zhou outside.

Who? Yi Zhou asked, he did not have anyone in the capital that could be considered his friend.

The Human Class Academy, A, B, and C classes all had some status. For example, this person in front of them, even if he was not valued in the residence, would still have a noble status when he was outside. Normally, they would not take the initiative to contact someone with a lower status.

The people of D class, had collectively rejected Yi Zhou because they misunderstood him before the public recruitment test. Later on, because of Yi Zhou's concentration in cultivation, they had never had a good chance to ease the tension.

Could it be that Ning Yun got the elixir from the Alchemy Guild from the auction house?

Yi Zhou pondered as he walked over.

It was Second Young Master He of Duke Wei's Residence. The man stood up straight and said loudly, his face still showing a trace of excitement. It was as if being able to work for the other party was an unparalleled honor.

He Zhen? Yi Zhou frowned, why is he looking for me?

Second Brother is just outside the academy. Hurry up and go, don't make Second Brother anxious. The Marquis of Goldmoon's concubine felt that he was doing something for the Duke Wei Palace. The fear for Yi Zhou that he originally felt in his heart had completely disappeared, and his tone had become stiff.

Senior Martial Brother, I'll go take a look then.

Let's go together. Si Qi also followed.

Yi Zhou shook his head when he saw He Zhen far away from the academy's entrance. He remembered that the first time he met He Zhen, the other party had looked down on Azure Sun Academy, and from the looks of it, even though they were closer to the entrance of the academy, they were still able to resist him.

What's the matter?

When Yi Zhou approached He Zhen and saw that he was indeed at the 3rd level of Qi Gathering, he sighed in his heart. The Wealthy Class families had Ao Jiao as their capital.

There was a murderous look in He Zhen's eyes as he asked in a low voice, "Why did you kill He Sha?"

Who was He Sha? Yi Zhou asked in shock, then reacted, the one with the sharp voice? He's dead?

Why kill him? He Zhen's eyes were bloodshot as he forcefully asked.

In He Zhen's eyes, although this He Sha wasn't considered a good teacher or a good friend, they could still get along quite well. They had a lot in common with each other.

Only, he did not expect that after he finished his closed door cultivation, he actually knew that He Sha had died on the way back home, and the first thing he thought of was Yi Zhou, so he came over to question him.

I didn't kill him, so why should I? Yi Zhou shook his head and denied. Was there any evidence?

You and him are the only two who have conflicts in Qingyang City!

He Zhen stared into Yi Zhou's eyes and said word by word.

[What is the reason for this? Do I have to kill people if there is any conflict?] Yi Zhou opened his eyes wide, he was curious about He Zhen's logic, I have never killed anyone before.

However, he is only in Qingyang City and you are the only one who is at odds with him. Your suspicion is the greatest, so I will definitely find out who you are! He Zhen had already thought that Yi Zhou was the culprit.

Well, you'd better find out. If you find the real killer, will you come and apologize to me?

Yi Zhou said indifferently.

Who do you think you are? And you still f * * king dared to ask second brother to apologize to you? A popinjay who accompanied He Zhen over cursed.

Your name is Yi Zhou, right? From some small clan in some corner, do you believe that I can make your entire family kneel down and beg for mercy?!

The silkpants at the first level of Qi Condensation only happened to bump into He Zhen on the way here, and intended to deepen their relationship with him. Seeing Yi Zhou's current attitude, they immediately put on an act of haughty arrogance.

Yi Zhou hated it when people threatened his family members the most. Without waiting for the other party to speak again, he had already arrived in front of the silkpants at lightning speed.

The foppish young man coughed with great difficulty. His face was so red that it seemed as if his blood vessels were about to burst out. He wanted to escape Yi Zhou's control, but how could he?

He Zhen was dumbstruck. Just now, when he sensed that Yi Zhou wanted to make a move, he wanted to stop him, but he didn't expect that before he could even make a move, Yi Zhou had already restrained the silkpants that came along with him.


Originally, he came over to question Yi Zhou. Firstly, he wanted to know if He Sha's death was related to Yi Zhou, and secondly, he wanted to flaunt his cultivation.

Back then, when they were scolded by Yi Zhou at the city gate, they, as a group of popinjays, made him feel extremely humiliated.

Who would have thought, Yi Zhou actually did not care, and actually dared to hurt people in front of him!

He Zhen felt that his third level of Qi Gathering, in Yi Zhou's eyes, was just like a joke!

If you don't let go, I will definitely make you beg for death!

With a hideous expression, He Zhen roared loudly.

I hate people who threaten my family the most!

Yi Zhou felt that the silkpants youth's resistance towards him had gradually weakened, as though he was going to his limit, and he threw him onto the ground.

As if he had been saved from drowning, the hedonistic youth desperately took in large breaths of air. His body that was sitting on the ground rubbed against it, trembling as he retreated, trying to stay away from Yi Zhou.

In his eyes, Yi Zhou was like a terrifying devil; a single word from him could take a person's life.

He had never thought that his noble life would actually be viewed by others as a piece of grass that could be taken or taken at will.

He Zhen, who originally wanted to attack Yi Zhou, was stopped by Si Qi, who had a harmless smile all over his face. He had the strength of someone at the peak of the third level of Qi Gathering, forcing He Zhen to only look at the scene in front of him.

Good, good! Yi Zhou, you are really good. When I look at the Three Courtyards, is there anyone who can protect you? I will not hold back!

He Zhen turned around and left hatefully while the foppish young man scrambled to catch up.

After leaving far away, the foppish brat suddenly turned around and shouted at Yi Zhou: Yi Zhou, just you wait, I'll definitely beat you to death my big brother!

The person you taught a lesson to seems to be from Iron Martial Academy. Si Qi reminded.

No one can threaten my family. Yi Zhou did not care about the other party's identity, as his eyes flashed with a cold glint.

On the side, ever since Yi Zhou had made his move, the concubine son of the Marquis of Goldmoon's house had maintained a stupefied and frozen appearance.

Yi Zhou continued to cultivate.

After mastering [Obscuring Shadow], dodging was no problem. Right now, his biggest weakness was his lack of attack power.

Before reaching Qi Condensation, the strength of one's attack could only be the Qi of the inner force cultivated from their muscles. Compared to a Qi Condensation Spiritual Energy, the strength of one's attack was much weaker.

Among the students participating, there were seven who were at the 3rd level of the Qi Gathering stage. Even if I can attack them, if I am too small, the other side will probably not feel any pain at all, right?

The Martial Soul had not woken up, and as the time of the competition approached, Yi Zhou became more and more anxious.

Amongst the Martial Skill that Yi Zhou had grasped, although the Yellow Rank Level 1 Tidal Art was powerful, it did not specialize in offensive strength.

With Yi Zhou's current cultivation of body refining ninth level, he might be able to match up against the attack power of the second level of Qi Condensation. However, if he wanted to shake the third level of Qi Gathering, it would be a bit difficult.

Also, you can't borrow any tools during the competition. Otherwise, the protective items that the dean gave me would be of use.

After Yi Zhou had been assassinated by an assassin, the Principal, Du Wei, had given Yi Zhou a protective magical tool.

This is?

Yi Zhou who was looking through the storage ring suddenly saw a secret manual.

He had gotten it from the last assassin. He hadn't looked at it for a long time, so he didn't know if it was helpful or not.

Yi Zhou took out the secret manual. This was a Martial Skill called "Qi Gathering Burst", or rather, a method to commit suicide.

At that time, Yi Zhou was almost hit.

This Martial Skill taught him how to make the spirit energy in his body gather and compress, reaching a certain limit and producing an explosive effect.

This kind of Martial Skill, when used in a situation like this, would definitely cause the user to die, obliterate any traces of being traced, and at the same time cause injuries to the opponent. In extreme cases, this could be considered killing two birds with one stone.

Yi Zhou read carefully, his mind constantly simulating the situation of the cultivation technique in his body.

Ever since he had been enlightened by Dishnalan, Yi Zhou had become interested in imitating cultivation techniques in his mind.

His spiritual force was strong, and he could clearly sense the meridians in his body. Any technique could be simulated in his mind.

What problems are encountered when actually running, that can only be experienced during the concrete operation. At the very least, his simulation allowed him to first comprehend the circulation route of a cultivation technique. This was especially true for foreign cultivation techniques, which could reduce the number of mistakes he had made during his first time of cultivation.

After a few days, Yi Zhou had obtained some information.

Previously, he had improved the Qi Explosion that was produced from his internal energy to enter his opponent's body before displaying its power. Now, he had to research the reverse process, so he had to export the Spiritual Energy's Qi Explosion outside of his body and change the main internal injuries to external injuries.

However, he still had to enter the Qi Condensation stage to check out the results and see if there was room for improvement.

Yi Zhou was completely focused on his training grounds, whether it was performing his movement techniques or researching Martial Skill or understanding mental cultivation techniques, he was preparing for the competition.

Fortunately, he did not have to participate in the academy's internal ranking competition, so he could put more of his energy into cultivation.

Everything was ready, all that was left was for the Martial Soul to awaken the east wind.

A few days ago, Si Qi also brought Yi Zhou a good news, which was that he did not have to participate in the Institute's internal ranking competition, which was held for the twenty-eight great academy competitions.

Every principal of the academy had a waiver for recommendation. Du Wei immediately gave Yi Zhou the position, placing him in the twenty-eighth place.

The ranking within the competition didn't matter. In any case, the competition was a random match of two lots, but it was hard to find a place without saving a lot of time.

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