Ancient Devil Monarch/C17 Delayed arrival at the field
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Ancient Devil Monarch/C17 Delayed arrival at the field
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C17 Delayed arrival at the field

After having lunch early, Liu Xin went to the competition grounds, anticipating the start of the match.

One by one, the magistrates went up to the stage they were supervising and began to put the two sides on it.

Stage number 1, Tie Wu Academy's Guo Wei versus Hidden Dragon Institute's Sun Sen.

Arena number two …

Stage 17, Hidden Dragon Institute Liu Xin, against Azure Sun Academy Yi Zhou.

Hearing her name being called, Liu Xin walked up to the stage with a calm demeanor.

Good morning, referee teacher!

After Liu Xin gave a respectful bow, he swept his eyes across the audience.

He had never seen Yi Zhou before, but at this time, whoever walked up the stage was definitely Yi Zhou.

However, to his astonishment, after the referee had shouted at the two combatants, no one actually walked towards the stage.

Stage number seventeen, Azure Sun Academy's Yi Zhou, has he come yet? cried the magistrate.

But there was no response.

Seeing that the competition on the adjacent stage had begun, anger began to appear on Liu Xin's face.

If this Yi Zhou did not come in time, and he entered into the second round, he would inevitably have some strange words, saying that he was lucky.

In the Three Academies' Tournament, the most important thing was to show the strength of the individual Martial Dao.

Could it be that he was not here?

It's possible, it's said that this Yi Zhou is the only one in the Refinement Realm.

Absence in the past is extremely rare, I should fight with him a few times!

These are the students of the three great academies that we are envious of.

The onlookers began to discuss with each other.

Anger rose in the magistrate's heart, and he thought to himself: If you don't have the guts to compete, what will you be called?

Seeing that even the participants at the thirty-second stage had begun their battle, the judge once again asked loudly: "The last time, did Yi Zhou from the Azure Sun Academy come?" If he didn't come, then he would be deemed a loser if he was absent!

His gaze swept across the surrounding crowd sternly. If Yi Zhou was there, he would have used his gaze to poke a few holes on Yi Zhou.

The Three Courtyards could be considered as the most important contestants in this competition. There would not be any low level errors such as drunkenness or mishandling.

The palace had set up a place for free meals and rest around the competition grounds. Relying on the competition's number plate, one could enjoy a sumptuous meal and a good resting environment.

If the contestant went to eat, he or she would avoid contact with a diet that would affect his or her physical condition because of the competition in the afternoon.

Wait, Yi Zhou is here. A voice came from afar.


Hearing the voice, the onlookers looked around, but they didn't see the speaker.

On the stage, the judges were still able to see two figures flying over due to ascending to a higher position.

Liu Xin's gaze followed the voice and looked over.

So fast! He was shocked.

Amongst the two people who were running over from afar, one of them had to be Yi Zhou, but judging from their speed, the two of them were clearly much faster than ordinary Qi Gathering experts.

Could it be that this Yi Zhou is the main movement skill he cultivates? In this match, was he going to rely on his movement technique to exhaust the opponent's strength?

Liu Xin pondered in his heart as the corner of his mouth unconsciously curled up in disdain.

Speaking of lightening techniques, he was practicing a Yellow Rank Level Four martial skill. This was a fortuitous gain that he had obtained by chance. It was a grade higher than the average person.

Moreover, there was a limit to the attack power of someone in the Refinement Realm. It was unknown whether this Yi Zhou could even cause him any harm.

The two people who ran over were Yi Zhou and Si Qi.

When Yi Zhou finally felt that he had reached the peak of perfection and reached the limit of his absorption of spirit energy, he finally woke up from his meditation.

The smiling Si Qi didn't even have time to ask Yi Zhou about his situation, and directly brought him to the competition grounds, hoping that he would be able to make it in time.

However, what surprised Si Qi was that, at first, he took care of Yi Zhou a little too quickly. He thought that Yi Zhou had just entered the Qi Gathering Realm and needed a process to get used to it.

Unexpectedly, Yi Zhou's starting speed was equal to Si Qi's. And following after, Si Qi's slow acceleration, Yi Zhou also quickly caught up.

In the end, Si Qi still maintained a speed that was above average. He did not want to, if he was able to make it in time, then Yi Zhou would only be left panting, and would not have the energy to fight anymore.

Then he would be laughed to death by others!

I'm sorry, Mentor, I was delayed by something.

Yi Zhou sincerely apologized. It was his fault this time round, it was necessary to apologize.

Well, that's it this time. If you want to rest, you need to communicate with the contestants.

The referee performed his duties.

The time limit for each match was two hours, which meant that the match had to end within two hours. If the match could not end, then there would be a magistrate who would determine the victor based on the condition of the contestant.

If the situation was special, there could be a fifteen minute delay before the competition. However, the two sides had to negotiate first.

Thank you, mentor. No need, I can compete directly.

All right, then, let the game begin. The magistrate quickly announced.

Aren't you at the 9th Body Refinement Layer? Liu Xin observed Yi Zhou's realm and asked in shock.

Just upgraded. Yi Zhou said with a smile on his face.

So the reason why he was late was to level up.

Liu Xin felt disdain in his heart. However, he was not worried at all. The cultivation realm that he had just raised, was it useful? He didn't even know how to use spiritual energy, right?

If you come in a hurry, I'll let you come back in a hurry after losing.

Liu Xin secretly reduced the planned ten moves to five as he defeated Yi Zhou. He planned to make use of Yi Zhou's previous inconsistencies after levelling up to quickly win.

If he knew that Yi Zhou was happy to have met such a lowly person at the first level of Qi Gathering Stage, his nose would probably be crooked from anger.

Yi Zhou's thoughts were the exact opposite of Liu Xin's.

The opponent was only at the first level of Qi Condensation, which was just enough for him to practice with.

He was fairly familiar with the Tidal Art and his movement technique, Bewitching Shadow, was about to fuse with his instincts. All he was missing was a powerful killing move.

The solution he got from the killer was to verify how to transform from a self-destruct internal injury to an external one.

Yi Zhou calculated in his mind, and without hesitation, he started to attack.

He actually didn't show any modesty and dared to attack first?

Liu Xin felt slightly angry in his heart.

Usually, the two sides would show some modesty in the face of the academy's competition, showing their respect to each other.

Yi Zhou would usually face life and death battles, so such formalities never existed.


Seeing Yi Zhou's peaceful punch coming at him, Liu Xin also roared and threw a punch at him.

Above Liu Xin's fist, there was a thin layer of spirit energy covering it.

The best and most powerful place compared to the Refinement Realm was the usage of Spiritual Energy.

For spiritual energy, it could be used as a protective shield, or it could be used to form saber wind sword Qis, depending on the user's techniques and techniques.

Usually, the higher the level of Qi Condensation, the thicker and stronger the shield formed from spirit energy, and the sharper and sharper the sword Qi.

He didn't even have a shield to protect himself with. What a newbie idiot!

When Liu Xin saw Yi Zhou's pure white fist and his unprotected physical strength attack, he despised them to the extreme.

For a Qi Condensation warrior like Yi Zhou, he would probably need to use a Body Refinement Cultivator to attack. Did he think that he could win just by using force?

Yi Zhou had only used about thirty percent of his strength in one punch. He was afraid that he would overuse it and defeat his opponent in one move.

Boom! *

With a dull thud, the two fists collided.

Yi Zhou felt that the other party's strength was not small, so he slid backwards.

Liu Xin took three or four steps back and looked at Yi Zhou in shock.

How was this possible? His opponent was able to resist 90% of his strength purely by relying on his physical strength?

If Liu Xin knew that this was the result of Yi Zhou overexerting himself, he might even vomit blood.

Since that's the case, I don't care if you're injured or not!

Liu Xin had originally wanted to try his best not to injure Yi Zhou too badly, as long as he could win the battle easily.

Martial Soul, Golden Winged Eagle!

With a light shout, a huge and ferocious sculpture-type Martial Soul appeared behind him.

Golden-winged eagle, a Yellow Rank Level Four Martial Soul, it was something Liu Xin was proud of. Although he could not enter the ranks of the first level Martial Soul of Qingyang City, he was still able to hold his place firmly in the second level Martial Soul of the younger generation.

Liu Xin's Golden Winged Condor had just been summoned, and it immediately let out a vicious cry that was extremely cold.

Many of the onlookers could not help but take two steps back. This Golden Winged Eagle was truly lifelike. Moreover, its eyes revealed a fierce light. It let out a strange cry as if it wanted to choose a person to devour.

How scary, what level of Martial Soul is this?

From the looks of it, it wasn't any lower than fifth grade.

What fifth rank? This was a fourth rank Golden-winged Eagle Martial Soul, the closest thing to a third rank Martial Soul.

So that's how it was.

Hearing that there were people among the commoners who could recognize their Martial Soul, Liu Xin revealed a smile, his heart rejoicing.

Junior Brother Yi Zhou, you must be careful. This Martial Soul of mine is known for its ferocity, when it attacks, even I find it difficult to control it.

The attacks of Martial Soul s would usually have a certain amount of fluctuation. For high level Martial Soul s, there would even be situations where they have a super level increase.

Thank you for the reminder, Senior Brother. Yi Zhou smiled and nodded.

Aren't you going to summon the Martial Soul? Liu Xin looked at Yi Zhou in confusion.

It was because of this that Liu Xin had to maintain his Wealthy Class demeanor in front of everyone in order to kindly remind Yi Zhou.

Liu Xin thought that Yi Zhou would lose no matter what so he wanted to show off his style and leave a good impression on the judge.

The judges in the competition were all chosen from the three academy coaches. Some of the coaches had rather deep backgrounds. Coincidentally, Liu Xin saw a magistrate who was selected from the three academies.

If I feel that I can't handle it, it won't be too late to summon more Martial Soul, so I thank Senior Brother for the reminder.

Yi Zhou did not need to summon his Martial Soul when dealing with a first level Qi Condensation cultivator. Furthermore, his Martial Soul was a little special. Summoning a dark whirlpool was more eye-catching.

Through his understanding of Martial Soul s, Yi Zhou had already known that other than the animal shaped Martial Soul s, such as the Golden Winged Condors in front of him, there were also plant shapes and equipment Martial Soul s. There were even special mysterious unknown Martial Soul s.

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