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"..." Here.

As the Magistrate announced the time of the match, Liu Xin flew off the stage upside down.

The magistrate who just finished speaking looked at Yi Zhou in silence. The onlookers were also scared silly.

What was going on? Didn't this Yi Zhou always dodge? How did he win in the end?

He tired Liu Xin out and then suddenly made a move. He was quite insidious.

Originally, watching this match was the most boring. Who would have thought that the final result would be like this? Reverse!

The Magistrate looked deeply at Yi Zhou and was about to announce Yi Zhou's failure, but was unable to say anything.

This Yi Zhou was definitely hiding his strength. Why did he have to wait until the end to obtain victory?

The judges could only helplessly announce: "In this match, Azure Sun Academy's Yi Zhou has won."

Yi Zhou nodded at the magistrate with a smile and walked off the stage.

What are you thinking about? Why did he have to wait until the end to win?

Si Qi walked over and asked. He could tell that Yi Zhou must have some unanswered questions.

The matter of the Martial Dao, was about to get an idea. Yi Zhou explained.

He didn't want to ask Si Qi or the dean this question because he had a feeling that it was very important to rely on the inspiration from the deduction he had obtained on the field.

It was a unique perspective that transcended things, one that did not haunt one's mind.

While he was thinking, he could clearly see the circulation path of the cultivation technique. He could determine the advantages and disadvantages of it.

Yi Zhou understood that when he was imagining how the Spiritual Energy would operate, it was actually because a tiny bit of the Spiritual Energy in his body would actually circulate.

What he saw was what actually happened.

However, if he wanted to verify it himself, he would not be able to use such a small number of Spiritual Energy. If he failed the experiment, the damage he received would be even more severe.

Yi Zhou knew that what he was doing now was similar to the meditation method he heard from Dishnalan.

The Spiritual Energy that was used to personally verify the technique had been weakened to the extreme. Not only was it able to report the results back, but it was also not enough to cause the cultivation technique to go into disorder and cause one's cultivation to go berserk and suffer serious injuries.

This was a really good method. If he could maintain this state for a long time, even creating a new cultivation technique, Martial Skill, would not be difficult.

Yi Zhou decided to maintain this state as much as possible.

Yi Zhou's victory caused quite a sensation.

Everyone had thought that he would definitely be eliminated in the first round. However, after hearing that Yi Zhou had reached the first level of Qi Condensation, some people came to a realization. Knowing the process of Yi Zhou winning, he mocked Yi Zhou's despicable tactics even more.

It was actually a sneak attack after the opponent was exhausted.

Liu Xin wanted to add a joke to the competition. He had succeeded, but the main character had changed to him.

Liu Xin originally wanted to end the match quickly and let Yi Zhou rush back and forth, but he ended up with a full match time and was even ambushed by Yi Zhou, making him a laughing stock.

The matches continued. The sixty-four contestants who had won today would draw lots the next day to decide which group to split into.

On the second day, the number of contestants decreased to sixteen. Every stage also had four matches every day, and all sixty-four contestants would have one match.

This time, Yi Zhou's luck was very good. He actually met another opponent at the first level of Qi Condensation.

Thus, the match lasted for another two hours. At the last moment, Yi Zhou continued to act out a good show to reverse the situation.

On the third day, Yi Zhou once again faced an opponent at the first level of Qi Condensation, winning the round.

On the fourth day.

Arena number one, second match in the morning. Yi Zhou from Azure Sun Academy against Hidden Dragon Institute's Zhu Guang.

Martial Brothers Yi Zhou, your luck is really enviable. Among the top 16, only you guys are at the first level of Qi Condensation, yet you're still in the same group.

Si Qi looked at Yi Zhou as if he was looking at a monster.

These people have gone through so much trouble to get to the front, but they still couldn't avoid you.

Is that so? Then I am relieved.

Yi Zhou let out a light breath, feeling really good.

With this, the dean's wish would come true.

Principal Du Wei hoped that someone from the Azure Sun Academy would be able to enter the top eight.

There's no problem for me to win. As long as Wu Jie doesn't meet any perverted contestants, there will be two from Azure Sun Academy in the top eight.

Yi Zhou was waiting to announce Wu Jie's opponent.

Wu Jie was an extremely talented student recruited by the Azure Sun Academy. Before the competition, he had already advanced to the 3rd level of the Qi Gathering stage, and he was recognized as one of the top contestants in the entire Azure Sun Academy.

No one could have thought that Yi Zhou was lucky enough to enter the top 16.

Fortunately, Wu Jie also defeated a few Qi Condensation level players and successfully made it to 16th place. He did not disappoint everyone's expectations.

Stage Four, the first match of the morning. Wu Jie of Azure Sun Academy versus Kong Han of Iron Martial Academy.

The battle of Wu Jie finally began.

This was the worst case scenario. Si Qi's face turned serious. Wu Jie might lose this round.

Why? Is this Kong Han very powerful?

Yi Zhou had always been engrossed in meditation. Other than defeating his opponent at the last moment, he rarely cared about anything else.

His strength was probably not weaker than a Qi level 4.

This Kong Han, he definitely had the strength to get first place. His cultivation was also at the third level of Qi Condensation, but in truth, he was no weaker than a fourth level Qi Condensation cultivator.

Si Qi analyzed for Yi Zhou.

That was a bit difficult. Yi Zhou couldn't help but nod when he heard this.

Si Qi began to introduce the situation of Wu Steel to Yi Zhou.

Speaking of grouping, Yi Zhou had the best luck. From the first to the fourth round, all his opponents were at the first level of Qi Condensation.

And the one with the worst luck was Kong Han. The first round's contestants were also at the second level of Qi Condensation. From the second to the fourth round, all contestants were at the third level of Qi Condensation.

However, it was because of this situation that Kong Han showed off so much.

In the previous three rounds, Kong Han's opponents had never been able to last more than ten moves, whether it was Qi Condensation Level 2 or Qi Condensation Level 3.

Among the same level, he could actually defeat the opponent in ten moves. Most people already believed that Kong Han could get first place.

Now that Wu Jie met Kong Han, the odds were against him.

This Kong Han was actually this powerful! Yi Zhou couldn't help but admire the other party's talent.

Kong Han might only be two years older than him, but his cultivation was close to the 4th level of Qi Condensation. Moreover, Kong Han came from Iron Martial Academy, so he must have a lot of combat experience.

Fortunately, I don't want to get first place, I only want a third Bone Ablutionary Dan. I hope that I can continue this good luck and not run into him.

In his heart, Wu also saw Kong Han as an opponent that he had to avoid whenever possible.

In the first match of Wu Jie's competition, Yi Zhou tried his best to enter into the dreamland as he divided his attention to observe Wu Jie's match. He actually saw a blurry image as well.

This works too!

Yi Zhou didn't expect his current situation to be able to do two things at once, so he was more at ease on both sides.

There shouldn't be a problem with the Spiritual Energy's compression. The more Spiritual Energy gathered, the more powerful it would be.

Was it because of the release or the location of the gathered Spiritual Energy?

Gathering in the Dantian was obviously impossible as the gathered Spiritual Energy would cause relatively greater damage when passing through the meridians, hence it had to be placed in an easily released position.

He had to adjust the method to release it. How could it be released so quickly?

Yi Zhou continued to ponder. He felt that he was getting closer to success.

Ah!" He was defeated just like that!

Yi Zhou, who was running his cultivation technique, suddenly felt that the stage where he was paying attention to Wu Jie had a result.

He opened his eyes and saw Wu Jie already on the ground, blood flowing out of his mouth.

It's only been a few moves? Yi Zhou asked in surprise.

Three moves. Kong Han seemed to be giving it his all. It was different from before. Si Qi said on the side.

Could he have been hiding his strength in the past? Yi Zhou looked at Si Qi.

In the past, he would fight with his opponent for a few moves to see how strong his opponent was before obtaining victory. This time, he was going to go all out.

Si Qi continued, "Junior Brother, if you win today, you will be able to enter the top eight. You will be able to set a new record for our academy's competition in the three academies, and that will bring honor to the dean." If Junior were to meet this Kong Han next, it would be best for him to directly admit defeat.

Why? Even if I can't beat him, I can still learn from him. Yi Zhou asked in confusion.

Ai, if you were to meet Kong Han, I'm afraid he would have done it in the first place. Si Qi said with a wry smile.

I don't have any grudges against him, do I? Why did he hit me so hard? Yi Zhou had never seen Kong Han before, so he felt that there should be no enmity between them.

The enmity between you is only indirect. Si Qi looked at Yi Zhou with a wry smile.

A grudge? Indirect? Yi Zhou shook his head. These few days of intense meditation made him unable to differentiate between reality and fantasy.

Could it be that the person who came with He Zhen a few days ago was related to Kong Han?

Yi Zhou recalled a popinjay that he taught to threaten his family not long ago at the entrance of the academy.

Right, that person was Kong Han's brother.

Yi Zhou touched his forehead and was a bit speechless. He didn't expect it to be such a coincidence.

When he looked up at Stage Four again, he saw Kong Han looking at him with an expressionless face, and the focus of his gaze was none other than himself.

This Kong Han, he definitely holds a grudge. He wants to deal with me. Yi Zhou had already come to an understanding in his heart.

Since that was the case, he might as well give it a try! A fearless thought rose in his mind.

At this moment, Yi Zhou's match was about to begin.

The second match of the morning, Azure Sun Academy's Yi Zhou against Hidden Dragon Institute's Zhu Guang.

The magistrate announced loudly.

Yi Zhou slowly walked up the stage and looked at his opponent.

I've heard that your tactics are very despicable, called strenuous tactics. I want to say, this is no use to me.

I've already killed the first few level 2 Qi Condensation cultivators. For a level 1 Qi Condensation cultivator like you, if you were to rely on your luck and enter your current ranking by relying on your movement technique, you would definitely be killed by me. Zhu Guang said confidently.

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