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Patriarch Yi, please forgive me for treating everyone in the continent with justice. Patriarch Yi should be no exception, right? The man wanted to stop Liu Quan from speaking.

You are? Yi Yang pretended not to know him.

This one shall exterminate the family and exterminate the clan official. The man cupped his hands.

These two were Elder Wang of the Wang family and Jade Feather Palace's Miss Shize. Zong Chen introduced.

I'm sorry for the disrespect, but I don't know why you three have come to my Yi family. Yi Yang slowly said.

Patriarch Yi, I am only here to seek an explanation for my nephew, Liu Cheng, and I have no ill intentions. Elder Wang stroked his beard like he was a teacher.

Since your son has injured my son, then it's easy to do it. You just have to take out that kid and take three punches from the family. Liu Quan said indifferently.

Exhaustion fist technique: three punches. Haha, two punches is enough to take Yi Zhou's life.

I am truly powerless.

You have made up your mind to protect Yi Zhou. Liu Quan said angrily.

Yi Yang suddenly spat out a word as the hostility in his eyes intensified.

Courting death! At this time, Elder Wang also quickly circled behind Yi Yang, stretched his hand out and struck Yi Yang heavily in the back, but Shize did not move from the beginning to the end. He grabbed Zong Chen's fist and raised it to destroy Zong Chen's arm, and with that, Elder Wang also swept his palm away, jumping behind Zong Chen's back, Yi Yang used his palms to slap him. Elder Wang saw that with his palms combined, Zong Chen was blocking off Elder Wang's attack, although Zong Chen was carrying Yi Yang, his left leg swept towards Yi Yang's abdomen, in the instant of contact, Yi Yang borrowed Elder Wang's palms to push him back, Zong Chen saw that Yi Yang was not resisting at all, his fists intersected over his chest, and the texture between his fists started to become denser, becoming denser and denser like flowing magma.

The thirty-first move of the Incense Fist art – Flaming River. Zong Chen jumped up with both of his fists, the texture was like boiling lava, heavily smashing towards Yi Yang who was retreating.

I'll help you. Elder Wang muttered to himself.

Dispersing the wind. Elder Wang bent his body and pulled at the rope with both of his hands.

While Yi Yang was retreating, he suddenly felt something blocking his path behind him. It turned out that Elder Wang was the one who had forced him into a corner, leaving him unable to move.

The divination palm hit nothing but air. Yi Yang instantly moved to the left. The biggest feature of throwing himself into the air was that he could accept the smallest amount of strength to complete the unimaginable change. Yi Yang was already able to borrow the air in his mini world.

Impossible! Elder Wang was frightened.

Zong Chen heavily punched the wind wall, leaving a deep pit on the ground. Smoke was still coming out, even the floor had been melted. It was evident how hard it was to withstand a punch like that.

Yi Yang dodged to the left and instantly charged to the right.

It weighed a thousand catties. Yi Yang opened his palms as if he was pushing something. When Elder Wang and Exterminate the Zong Clan saw this, they hurriedly defended themselves. Between them, there seemed to be a heavy wall rushing towards the two of them. The two struggled to hold on. In an instant, the three were deadlocked. However, it was obvious that the king and the exterminator were in an even more difficult situation …

Shize, Princess Qingyang didn't want you to come to the show. Elder Wang shouted loudly as he thought about Shi Ze, who had not made a move for a long time.

Yi Yang frowned. While dealing with the two of them, he did not expect them to be able to resist the power of a thousand jin. If they had enough time, Yi Yang would definitely win, but Shize could make a move at any time.

Shi Ze stood to the side and watched the three of them in a deadlock.

Patriarch Yi, this junior has offended you. After saying that, Shize slowly leapt up with his left hand and threw a palm towards Yi Yang's shoulder.

Heh! Yi Yang let out a loud roar, which was completely shrouded in a red mist that people couldn't see clearly. It vaguely seemed like that kind of animal was roaring with its mouth wide open.

Martial Soul technique! The three of them were all pushed back as they spoke at the same time.

Today, I, Yi Yang, will see who dares to touch a single hair on my son's head. Yi Yang said with red eyes.

Martial Soul are rare, hahahahaha, I didn't expect you, Yi Yang, to have hidden it so well. Elder Wang could not stop laughing.

Even if the three of us die here today, we will definitely find Yi Zhou. Miss Shize, you shouldn't have held back anymore, right? Zong Chen looked at Shize.

Of course! Shize frowned slightly.

What a big tone, come on! Yi Yang looked at the trio and mocked.

Martial Soul skill, Ice Unicorn. Yi Yang's hand slammed into the ground and the water vapor in the air slowly turned into ice, flying toward the three of them.

Overbearing. Elder Wang stood in front of the two of them with his hands facing the icicle. The icicle slowly stopped three feet away from them.

Old man Wang, I've underestimated you. Yi Yang sneered.

Ashes. As Zong Chen spoke, he watched as dust rose up around Yi Yang, but the dust slowly turned red. In an instant, a fire was ignited.

Quick. After Shize heard what Yi Yang said, he drew a seal beside Yi Yang.

The bitter poison. The air around Yi Yang twisted and turned green, and like ghosts, they dove into the dust.

Thousand catty, return. Yi Yang had wrapped himself up in the thousand jin wall of Qi to protect himself. However, the bitter poison seemed to be invisible as it seeped into Yi Yang's body.

One thousand kilograms, scatter, heh. Yi Yang bounced all of the Martial Skill back. Shize, Elder Wang, and the Ancestral Scholar flew out and smashed heavily on the ground, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

Yi Yang also vomited blood as he fell to the ground.

Suddenly, a figure appeared between the two sides.

I am Li Muqing. I have met with the four seniors. Li Muqing bowed respectfully towards both sides.

Young Master Lin, what are you doing here? Elder Wang slowly stood up and asked.

The three of you should be here for the Liu City's young master. I have a good suggestion, killing is not enough. Liu Cheng's young master was only severely injured, so I feel there is no need to take his life. Li Muqing looked at the three as she spoke.

You mean let Yi Zhou go. Zong Chen frowned.

It was actually Young Master Yi's fault, he must be punished. Li Muqing could use the Li family's secret technique, Seal, Yi Zhou, and all the cultivators, turning it into an ordinary person.

No! Yi Yang shouted after hearing this.

Patriarch Yi, you're seriously injured. What's more … Li Muqing looked towards Shize.

With Miss Shize here, she should have the authority to deal with Jade Feather Palace and the Azure Sun Princess. The Azure Sun Princess wouldn't casually take the lives of her juniors. Li Muqing emphasized the words' seriously injured '.

Of course. Shize answered.

Patriarch Yi, do you have any objections? Li Muqing had an obvious intention to remind him.

"..." No! Yi Yang said after a long pause.

Outside the city, Yi Zhou looked down at the bustling Qingyang City.

What should he do in the future? Li Muqing also gently put away her fan and looked at Yi Zhou.

Thank you, Young Master Li, for saving my life! Yi Zhou slightly bowed.

Young Master Yi doesn't need to be so courteous. Your father is a family friend, and Liu City isn't just a matter of the two families. Even the Jade Feather Palace and the Azure Sun Royal Concubine joined in. With that, Li Muqing turned and left.

The Liu Family! Yi Zhou clenched his fists and said those two words fiercely.

Father, are you alright? Yi Yun looked at Yi Yang who was on the bed and gently bringing the medicine over.

Yi Yang weakly sat up on the bed and looked at Yi Yun, who wore a worried expression.

Zhang Xuan's father was fine. The poison in his body had been resolved, and nothing had happened to him. Yi Yang drank the medicine in Yi Yun's hand as he spoke.

Where's your brother? Yi Yang asked Yi Yun after finishing the medicine.

He went out of the city, but you don't have to worry, Young Master Li went with him. Yi Yun gently took the bowl.

Your brother is no longer a martial artist, so his meridians are sealed. The Martial Soul will not be able to cultivate it anymore. Yi Yang sighed and shook his head.

Uncle Fu, is my father awake? A sound came from outside the window.

Brother, Daddy is awake! Yi Yun quickly shouted.

Father, are you alright!? Yi Zhou came in and looked at Yi Yang on the bed.

I'm fine, Yi Zhou, I know who you are, the fault this time isn't yours, you also received the punishment you deserve, it's just, aiya, I'm really powerless, it was the Li Family's secret arts that sealed your meridians.

Father, don't worry. I know that this world is still big, and there will always be a way. Yi Zhou said to Yi Yang.

What about you from now on? You won't be able to learn the Yi family's martial arts. Yi Yang said.

Father, let me tell you that I intend to leave the Yi family and go out to take a look. Yi Zhou said.

No, now the Liu Family is looking for a chance to get rid of you. No, no, cough ~ ~ Yi Yang said excitedly.

Dad, I understand what you're saying, but I'd rather go inside and find a solution. I've come to bid you farewell. Yi Zhou said.

Ai, whatever. Be careful when you're outside. Whether it's a blessing or a curse depends on your fate. Yi Yang said.

I will not be in the future, remember to take good care of my father, do not be willful. Yi Zhou patted Yi Yun's head.

Hm! Yi Yun replied with sparkling eyes.

Three days later, Yi Zhou had already left the range of activities in Qingyang City. However, he still wandered around aimlessly without any clues. The world was huge, so big that Yi Zhou was confused.

Three days ago, when he was leaving, he bumped into Li Muqing at the cliff peak. Li Muqing said that the Li Family's secret technique could not be dispelled, and unless it was broken, he did not know what was mixed inside the Li Family's Seal Technique. Actually, Yi Zhou's decision was also Li Muqing's idea. After all, the people on this continent weren't the strongest, and there were many secret techniques. Some people didn't have any talent, but they were very talented in spirit, magic, and techniques.

Yi Zhou slowly started to mist after walking south for a while.

Why is there a fog? Am I in the Misty Forest? Yi Zhou muttered to himself.

Yi Zhou continued to walk forward and found that the fog was getting thicker.

Did I really come to the Misty Forest? Yi Zhou looked at the jungle in front of him

In the past, it would have been fine if he had come here, but now, he couldn't even deal with a random Spiritual Beast. Thinking of this, Yi Zhou quickly turned back the way he came.

Crack! The sound of breaking branches could be heard.

Who else had come here other than him? Yi Zhou wanted to see what exactly was happening so he hid.

He saw a person walking over from a place not far from his original path.

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