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C20 Good exercise target

Yi Zhou shook his head, speechless at Zhu Guang's arrogance.

However, since Zhu Guang had defeated an opponent at the second level of Qi Condensation, he was obviously a good target for practice.

Only, Yi Zhou was no longer in the mood to be like before.

The illusion was almost instinctive, and Yi Zhou didn't need to rely on the competition to enter the illusory world to meditate. In other words, low-level opponents no longer had any value in tempering themselves.

Moreover, what Yi Zhou needed the most right now was to thoroughly research on how to hurt others using Qi Gathering and Explosion. Only if he met that Kong Han in the future competitions would he have a certain amount of strength to rely on.

Are you done talking? Yi Zhou said coldly.

Why are you in such a rush? You country bumpkin, do you want to admit defeat right away? Zhu Guang had a look of disdain on his face.

He had already enquired about Yi Zhou's tactics, so he wanted to delay for a while, find the right time, and defeat him in one strike.

After he finished, he left the stage!

After Yi Zhou finished speaking, his figure flashed, and appeared in front of Zhu Guang, his fist striking straight at the door.

Eh? This brat had changed his nature and wasn't going to circle around anymore? Zhu Guang was a little puzzled, but Yi Zhou's way of doing things was exactly what he wanted.

The strength of the Light Blessing was far greater than his peers. When he fought opponents at the second level of Qi Condensation, his strength was slightly higher.

He sneered, gathered all the energy in his body and struck towards Yi Zhou's fist.

Kid, you will regret this! Zhu Guang grinned fiendishly, even his teeth flashed with a cold light.

From his point of view, just one strike would be enough to cripple Yi Zhou's fighting strength.




Zhu Guang felt as if he had hit a huge mountain, and it was the mountain that came crashing towards him.

His wrist bones suddenly shattered as the power gathered on his body and knocked him into the air.


He spat out a mouthful of blood. Zhu Guang didn't even have the chance to be surprised before he fainted.

The magistrate was stunned!

The judges in each round were all randomly chosen. The judge who was in charge of supervising Yi Zhou's competition had already been looked at with sympathy by his comrades before he arrived.

Because in all of the current matches, there was no such thing as a full time slot, except for Yi Zhou's matches.

For the other contestants, everyone was doing their best to compete in their best condition. Only Yi Zhou was participating in the competition, it was full of boredom, the entire competition was dodging and dodging, it left people speechless.

There was once a teacher who oversaw Yi Zhou's competition, but after he returned, he swore that he would never monitor Yi Zhou's competition again.

The current magistrate was mentally prepared. He planned to think about the problems that he had recently encountered.

He didn't pay much attention to the match at first, because he knew it would be useless to watch.

Just as he finished looking over the topic, he heard a miserable scream. He raised his head and saw Zhu Guang coughing up blood, and flying weakly away from the stage.

What was going on?

The magistrate looked at the scene in front of him. It was very different from what his companions had told him. He could not understand it.

The onlookers were also stunned!

In the front row, there was an old spectator who had watched Yi Zhou's match before, and was turning his head to inform the people beside him about Yi Zhou's dark history.

Brother, let me tell you, watch Yi Zhou's match, you have to be fully prepared, because …

Before his spit could land on the faces of the surrounding people, he saw someone fly down from the stage.

Had he picked up the wrong script today?

He looked at Yi Zhou who was standing on the stage and felt that he did not recognize him.

With one move, the outcome was decided!

The fastest record of the current competition!

How was this possible!

A group of people were trampling over strange creatures in their hearts.

Was this still the Yi Zhou who only knew how to play tricks, and only knew how to shamelessly rely on his movement skills to drag his opponent down?

The surrounding crowd was silent.

May I announce the results, Mentor?

Yi Zhou reminded the child.

Ah? Yes, yes.

The judge ran to the stage and said blankly: In the end, Yi Zhou of the Azure Sun Academy won.

His voice was not loud, because he had yet to completely recover from his daze.

Some of the spectators near the stage looked over and conversed in low voices.

Is this the first match? Wasn't that person just now?

Not the first round, but the second. From the looks of it, there was a contestant who was late! This contestant was quite lucky.

They did not expect that the competition would be completed, and that they would only end when they met Yi Zhou who had gone crazy.

Yi Zhou shook his head and walked off the stage.

He was overestimating himself!

Ever since his entire body had been purified by the Solar Moon Spring, the strength of Yi Zhou's body had reached an unbelievable level.

Even if it was a Martial Cultivator at the second level of Qi Condensation, they might not even be able to withstand a single full powered attack from Yi Zhou under full protection. Furthermore, Zhu Guang did not gather energy to protect himself just now, nor did he summon his Martial Soul to protect himself.

Yi Zhou's victory was extremely easy.

Why was he so active this time? Si Qi asked with a smile.

His opponent was too weak, so he didn't have any value in training.

Si Qi did not ask any further, but he was clear in his heart that there might be pressure brought about by Kong Han.

Yi Zhou did not stay at the competition grounds and directly returned to the Academy. He had to make the best use of his time and research the correct way to use the Qi Gathering Blast.

Dean Du, the student who won on Stage Number 1 is from your academy, not bad!

Although his cultivation did not seem high, his attacks were decisive, and the strength of his body was outstanding. If it wasn't because his talent was exceptional, then he had been nourished by some heavenly and earthly treasures in the later stages.

As the chairmen of the three academies on the viewing platform, they had a general overview of the situation. If there was an abnormal chance that their lives would be in danger, it would be convenient for them to stop it.

That one strike from Yi Zhou just now was indeed breathtaking.

Facing the fastest winner at the moment, the principals of Hidden Dragon Institute and Iron Martial Academy congratulated Dean Du Wei in their respective ways.

Du Wei's eyes never left Yi Zhou, and naturally, he saw the cause and effect much clearer. He smiled and replied: That kid is called Yi Zhou, maybe I got lucky by winning this time, but compared to the experts of your two academies, I'm still far off.

The future is limitless.

They would definitely become great materials.

The two chairmen praised Yi Zhou's future. After all, Yi Zhou's cultivation level was still only at the first level of Qi Gathering, and was still lacking when compared to the students of their academy who had fought their way into the top eight.

There were a total of three people in the Hidden Dragon Institute who had entered the top eight this time, and they were all at the 3rd level of the Qi Gathering stage. Only Kong Han was at the third level of Qi Gathering while the other three were at the second level. However, their strength was not to be underestimated, as they were close to the third level of Qi Gathering.

In Azure Sun Academy, only Yi Zhou relied on his exceptional luck, and in four matches, he was able to fight all participants at the first level of Qi Condensation, and thus made it into the top eight.

Congratulations to Principal Du. Under the leadership of Principal Du, Azure Sun Academy has already made history.

Congratulations, Dean Du is indeed a good teacher.

Joy, luck, luck. Du Wei said humbly with a face full of smiles.

Yi Zhou returned to the Academy and continued to experiment with his meditation.

There was no problem with the method to gather and compress Spiritual Energy, and the route of the meridians seemed to be correct. What he needed now was a suitable location to store them.

Yi Zhou eliminated each and every one of them.

Unless one relied on the engulfing abilities of the Black Vortex Martial Soul, Yi Zhou had no methods to deal with him.

However, the Martial Soul was still sleeping, and Yi Zhou did not want to directly admit defeat, so finding the method to use the Qi Gathering Blast had already become a top priority.

On the fifth day, an eight-to-four match took place.

Because the prizes for the top eight were different, from the first eight, the losers were not directly eliminated. Rather, the losers would also have their rankings among the losers group.

At this time, there were still four stages. The morning's matches were divided into the winner group and the top four matches on the second day. The afternoon's matches were where the losers group competed for the top five, six, seven, and eight positions.

Yi Zhou's opponent this time was from the Iron Martial Academy. He was also at the second level of Qi Condensation, which meant that besides Yi Zhou, he had the lowest realm.

Everyone was shocked by Yi Zhou's luck.

Could it be that this Yi Zhou was the son of the Azure Sun King, and his ranking was secretly manipulated?

It makes sense for the son of the Azure Sun King to be surnamed Lu!

Or was it his mother's surname? Otherwise, what kind of luck was this!

It made sense.

Actually, no one knew that Yi Zhou's luck was due to the increase in luck to the host when the cocoon's entire body was covered with patterns.

However, this rare opportunity had been wasted on such an insignificant low-level competition. If a great man knew about this, who knew how many times he would have been angered to death.

The match began. someone shouted.

With the judge's announcement, Yi Zhou's match had begun.

Yi Zhou's opponent came from Iron Martial Academy, a Martial Cultivator at the second level of Qi Condensation. He was not tall, but his body was relatively thick. His eyes looked at Yi Zhou coldly, as if he was a hungry wolf staring at its prey.

Yi Zhou thought about the look in Kong Han's eyes as he looked over. They looked very similar.

Could it be that all the students from the Iron Martial Academy were of the same moral character?

The other party did not bother to exchange pleasantries, a four legged White Tiger Martial Soul slowly floated up.

Rank five Martial Soul, Mountain Touring Tiger.

When the Tiger Touring Martial Soul appeared, it did not stop moving, but was running back and forth. However, its tiger eyes were firmly locked onto Yi Zhou, and for some reason, it felt an invisible pressure.


After the Martial Soul was summoned, the other party started to gather spirit energy. In a short moment, with his right fist as the center, it seemed to form a whirlpool, gathering a large amount of spirit energy.

His right fist seemed to have transformed into a gigantic tiger claw, and the tip of the claw could clearly be seen within the phantom. He leaped up and fiercely smashed down on Yi Zhou's head.

The huge wind pressure instantly blew away the dust on the stage. The commoners who were slightly closer to the stage had no choice but to cover their noses and mouths, some even coughing out loud.

Just this one attack from the sky would cause anyone with weak mind to feel fear no matter how high their cultivation realm was.

As expected of a student of Iron Martial Academy, his aura was really different.

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