Ancient Devil Monarch/C3 Misty forest
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Ancient Devil Monarch/C3 Misty forest
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C3 Misty forest

Why is it him? Yi Zhou frowned. The person who came was none other than the Second Young Master of the Liu Family, Liu Yu.

There were so many birds and beasts in the Misty Forest, what was an ordinary person like him doing here? A week later, she quietly followed him.

As they entered deeper and deeper into the forest, the fog became bigger and bigger. Slowly, the willow tree disappeared.

Where is this place, why is Liu so familiar with it? Thinking about it here, Yi Zhou realized that he had gotten lost. The mystery is too big to see the original road.

Forget it, it should be this way. Yi Zhou carried his sixth sense and decided to walk towards the exit.

Yi Zhou was still circling far away after a quarter of an hour when he saw a gigantic boulder and sat down.

This place is too strange. There's no way I can't get out. Yi Zhou leaned on a boulder that was as tall as he sat down and asked in surprise.

Things are not going well, don't you think? As Yi Zhou finished speaking, he used his back to push against the rock, suddenly, the rock rolled downwards. Because of its inertia, Yi Zhou also rolled backwards along with the rock, behind the rock was a cliff, and because of the fog, he could not see it clearly, the huge rock was the mountain top. Yi Zhou realized that when the time came, he would fall down immediately.

Head, ah, pain! Yi Zhou slowly sat up on the ground.

Yi Zhou did not fall down the cliff at all when he fell. There was a protruding cliff face about 30 meters away from the cliff, and the top of his head was covered with a net made from plant roots and vines. Because it was already dried up, when he fell, he gave Yi Zhou a cushion.

What is this place? Yi Zhou held his head and looked at the rock wall beneath his feet. Yi Zhou looked at the cave entrance and thought for a while before going in. Then, he walked to the other side of the cliff.

After walking for less than ten meters, the inside of the cave had a huge change. The entire underground cave had become extremely wide, and there was a hole in the cave that emitted light into the cave, Yi Zhou could see what looked like a backpack from within the cave, that's right that it was his own backpack. Yi Zhou now understood, whether he was the one with the boulder at the entrance of the cave or it was just a part of the cliff, as for why he did not realise that the place he was sitting on was probably a light source of some sort of secret method.

After a week of understanding, he started to gather a lot of caves, only to see a simple and crude looking table, a medicine cauldron, a medicine cabinet and a delicate box. The box was completely red, but it did not attract Yi Zhou's attention, because there was an old man seated on the table, wearing tattered clothes, sitting with his eyes closed.

Junior Yi Zhou had no intention to barge in, disturbing Senior's peaceful time, I beg for Senior's forgiveness. Yi Zhou said as he bowed and bowed.

However, the elder sitting at the table didn't move at all.

Senior! Yi Zhou tried to ask but the old man did not answer.

Yi Zhou walked in front of the old man and patted on his shoulder. The old man instantly turned into a pile of ashes and his clothes also collapsed on the ground.

Today, this child mistakenly entered Senior's resting place. I have disturbed him, please forgive me, Senior! With that, Yi Zhou kowtowed three times.

With that said, Yi Zhou looked towards the medicine cabinet beside him. Yi Zhou took out a box and slowly placed the old man's ashes inside.

In the future, when this junior can come out, I will definitely find a quiet place for Senior and temporarily make Senior feel wronged. Yi Yang placed the box on the seat.

Yi Zhou realized that there was a book on the seating area.

The Four Arts of the Demonic Lord! Yi Zhou flipped to the first page and read. The contents on the book nearly made Yi Zhou jump up in shock.

The Four Arts of the Sky Demon Clan were split into the Sky Law and Magic, with magic being the top four, but the Four Arts of the Underworld was unknown, and could only be used to introduce the Four Arts under the Demons. But now, even Yi Zhou was shocked by the four techniques, and the next four techniques introduced pill refining, body, looting and binding.

In the process of refining pills, he introduced all kinds of high quality pills, body and hidden tribulations complemented each other, making the body and body of the practitioner different states of the user, the body was considered a cultivation technique, and the hidden tribulation was a mental cultivation method. The biggest characteristic of the two was their limitless growth and coordination, a type of cultivation technique combined with different mental cultivation methods could not display the same power and effects, the inside of the seal were all Seal techniques, which was also extremely difficult to understand. However, Yi Zhou quickly calmed himself down. The current situation was that he did not have the ability to leave, and there was no way to cultivate his cultivation technique, so the only option was to use the seal to unseal his meridians. Although he did not know what sealed his meridians, he knew that this was the only way.

Heh! With the sound of an explosion, the giant rocks on the cliffs of the Dense Fog Forest burst apart. Finally, after half a month, Yi Zhou managed to come out from within the cliff. Yi Zhou had already cultivated a portion of the Four Arts of the Sky Demon Art and had successfully opened up his blood channels inside the seal. He did not manage to find the Li Family's Seal technique, but he had seen a chapter that stated that giving up meant becoming new to him!

During the process of Yi Zhou's cleared meridians, he had given up on cultivating. Right now, Yi Zhou only had the Four Great Demonic Techniques on him, but the power of the Four Great Demonic Techniques was much stronger than the Yi Family techniques. During this period of time, Yi Zhou did not study refining pills, but placed all of his attention into the physical body and the hidden tribulation techniques. Yi Zhou had learned the external techniques in the physical body rather easily, but during the hidden tribulation, he had only comprehended the central technique — — Octadic Divine Art, which only allowed him to comprehend the Soaring Snake and White Tiger.

With the addition of the physique that he was familiar with, Yi Zhou was confident that as long as his father did not use the Martial Soul s, he would definitely be able to stay at the place where he could not lose to his father. This was the terror of the Four Great Arts of the Sky Demon Clan;

In the cave, Yi Zhou realised that the person in the box was an unknown sleeping Martial Soul. One must know that the strength of the Martial Soul could increase a person's strength by three times or even more. The strength of Martial Soul s was very obvious.

Yi Zhou held the medicine cauldron in his left hand and slowly activated the Four Arts of the Sky Demon Snake, causing Yi Zhou to close his eyes.

Seeing the marks of the giant boulder that he came from, Yi Zhou started to slowly walk back the way he came from.

Yi Zhou did not tell anyone when he returned to Qingyang City, and he also disguised himself. He only had one goal right now, revenge, and to return what the Liu Family had given him.

The people of Qing Yang City were all over the place, no one would notice the disguised Yi Zhou. However, no one expected that it was this person that no one noticed that had caused the Liu Family so much pain that they wished they were dead.

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