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C5 Selling pills

"Whew ~ ~ It's finally done!" Yi Zhou finally opened his tightly shut eyes as a long sigh came out from his throat. The spirit pellet that was created was not a rare medicine, but a normal medicine that could speed up the healing process of wounds, and could be taken out without anyone noticing its origin, which was exactly where Yi Zhou had a lot of thoughts. The reason why he did not enter the house was to save his father some unnecessary trouble, and even though it was to earn some money, it was not so easy for others to find him, but it would cause him a lot of trouble. Yi Zhou grabbed the refined pill bottle, and shook it hard, feeling that it was only half a bottle, his hand contentedly rubbed on the stubble on his chin, and laughed.

After exiting the forest, he once again returned to the small town that he had settled in. The city was not considered big, but although it was small and had all sorts of businesses, and it also gave birth to auction houses, presumably no matter where one went, there would always be poor people or rich people. For this purpose, many of the rarer things would flow into the hands of auction houses to sell at good prices. On the corner of the street, Yi Zhou had already wandered around for a long time. It was normal for people to go in and out, and that was number one. He did not see anyone that he was familiar with, nor did he meet anyone from the three great families.

This was what he wanted! If it wasn't precious items, then naturally it had to be bought by someone else!

After another two laps, he walked into the entrance of the auction house.

Hello, sir! The waiter at the door did not neglect the black robe that he wore that he had stolen from an unknown place, so he respectfully greeted him. Hmm, it seems like the boss really knows how to do business. No matter what, the people who come here aren't poor people. A person who hasn't eaten yet wouldn't have the money to stroll around.

Cough cough ~ Yi Zhou was quiet and tried his best to shed a few tears. He lowered his head and choked with sobs.

I want to sell something!

Oh? Sir, you must have met with some trouble, but who hasn't done something important yet? Sir, do you know our auction house's rules? The waiter's tone was extremely sincere. If I really am a poor gongzi, I'm sure I would have been moved by these words.

What rule?

Normally, if the price of an auction item was too low, the result would not be accepted. Of course, it would have to be made in person by someone with the ability to check the income of the industry. The waiter was all smiles.

Here. Yi Zhou handed over the bottle in his hand. The corner of his eyes slightly raised, and his face filled with loneliness, a flash of light passed through his eyes. The waiter doubtfully received the bottle and opened its lid. A refreshing fragrance immediately overflowed from the bottle, causing one's heart to tremble. Suddenly, the waiter's face lit up. Although he didn't know what this medicine was for, ordinary people could tell that this medicine looked very good. It was at least a few grades better than the conventional drugs on the market.

Heh heh, looks like it's not bad. Yi Zhou's heart also gained some confidence, he knew that his ability to refine medicine, although it was something to be praised, but after all, not much time had passed, and experience was not an alternative. But now it seemed that this thing was much more superior than his average, and his heart had grown a bit towards the cauldron, which could automatically raise its quality.

If mister is not in a hurry, please wait a moment. I'll go get an appraiser. The waiter is still quite slow and does not seem to care much about it. Un, this brat is very cunning, Yi Zhou made a mental definition.

Alright, I don't have much time. He only said this one sentence before his face suddenly changed. His expectant look suddenly disappeared as he pretended to be a big shot and sat down to drink his tea.

The waiter didn't say anything, he just stood up and left. This pill was probably scarce at the moment. After a short while, a faint fragrance wafted out from the screen behind him. It was actually a woman.

The person was dressed in a neat silver white dress with a seemingly indiscernible design embroidered on the material. A palm wide belt was tied around his waist. He didn't look as shy as the young misses. He had a smile on his face and looked very natural and unrestrained.

Young Master Yi, how have you been? This sentence almost spurted out from Yi Zhou's mouth as he was sipping his tea. It was a shame that his many years of upbringing had worked, to be able to make him remain calm even after coughing a mouthful.

Oh? [I am afraid that Miss has mistaken him for someone else. I am the only one who is down and out. Young master is nothing!]

Young Master Yi may have been away from home for too long, but the three great families have already depicted him to be missing from the moment you injured Young Master Liu.

These old fools! Yi Zhou cursed in his heart as he took the chance to lift the large hat on his head. It was Yi Zhou's appearance. How can you recognize me when I'm dressed like this? Yi family's Yi Zhou!

Hello, Young Master Yi, Ning Yun! The woman also smiled. The news of the Liu Family being exterminated had already spread. Ning Yun believed it was done by the man in front of his. However, she did not ask. From the aura on Yi Zhou's body, Ning Yun knew that he would definitely not be someone who could survive in a pond in the future. He might even need Yi Zhou's help on his own matters.

Young Master Yi, I won't beat around the bush with you. Your medicine is considered top-notch, what kind of price do you want? Of course, in order to become friends with Young Master Zhou, the auction house did its best to satisfy your request. Ning Yun spoke very straightforwardly, giving him a good impression of her.

As for me, I don't have any requirements. As long as the price is fair, it'll be good enough for me to eat and drink to my heart's content. Yi Zhou also started to fight Tai Chi.

In that case, if Young Master wishes to participate in the auction, how about we try our best to facilitate your transaction and return the profits to you by half?

After pondering for a moment, Yi Zhou softly replied.

Perhaps it was due to the blessing of the heavens that he managed to find a set of secret dodging scripture — Shadow Step. It was better to use it to escape with one's life.

Yi Zhou nodded, and said after a while: "I have one more request. I know that your Auction House and the Liu Family have been in contact, and now that the Liu Family is gone, I hope that you can give all the things you support the Liu Family to the Yi Family!"

This was not a problem! Ning Yun smiled. She then opened a secret door. Let's talk about the details inside!

After entering the secret room, the two of them first discussed the issue of the transaction. Afterwards, Ning Yun raised a very important question.

Yi Zhou, in terms of alchemy, you are indeed a very outstanding, very promising person … Ning Yun looked at Yi Zhou.

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