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Furthermore, at this time, Master Zhao could see that although Yi Zhou's movements looked chaotic and disorderly, he still had some skills, and his movements were extremely smooth and skilled.

After a short while, a round Cosmetic Cultivation Pill appeared.

Master Zhao, this is a little gift from me.

Yi Zhou passed the Life Nourishing Pill to Master Zhao, and Master Zhao accepted it without hesitation. His complexion looked much better than before.

Since you are so sincere, this old man will accept it! As for the alchemist certificate … Saying that, Master Zhao's eyes darted around as he smiled and said, "Child, this Cosmetic Cultivation Pill is a good item that could easily be buried in your hands. How about this, you give me the formula, I'll help you build your reputation, and I'll also give you proof of it. What do you think?"

Yi Zhou did not expect Master Zhao to be so unreasonable as to take the opportunity to obtain his own medicinal formula. Cursing the shamelessness of this old thing in his heart, Yi Zhou rejected it with a smile: Master Zhao, this medicinal formula is passed down from my ancestors, it cannot be passed down to outsiders.

It's alright, child. Give it to me, I won't tell anyone.

Really not.

You stinking brat, you refuse a toast only to be punished! I, Master Zhao, have given you a huge amount of face by taking your prescription. If you don't want to give it to me, then I won't give you the proof of being an alchemist. Master Zhao was extremely angry, but at the same time, he did not forget to continue threatening Yi Zhou.

Yi Zhou could tell that this old fellow was not a good person. He knew that the alchemist this time around was hopeless and immediately gave Master Zhao a hard time: "You disrespectful old thing, to actually be able to become a Master.

Master Zhao saw that Yi Zhou was also sharp with his words, he immediately raised his hand, and was about to grab Yi Zhou to search his body.

Yi Zhou easily dodged Master Zhao's actions, and revealed a disdainful smile along the way. This made Master Zhao even more irascible, and the two of them started to chase after him in the large room.

Yi Zhou only dodged and did not attack, while Master Zhao's attack was ruthless, it only hit Yi Zhou, causing the situation to become deadlock. Very quickly, Yi Zhou was tired of this boring game, just as he was preparing to make his move, a noise suddenly came from outside the door, and a few guards dressed like people rushed in quickly.

We're here to protect Duke Wei's Mansion, what happened!?

Seeing that someone had entered, and even that person seemed to have a deep background, Yi Zhou stopped attacking: "This old man, he doesn't respect his age, he wants to rob me."

Oh? What did Master Zhao want to rob you of? A person walked out from the crowd. When he saw Master Zhao's displeased expression and the pill that seemed to be of extraordinary quality on the table, he immediately understood the entire process. What pill was that?

Seeing this logical person, Yi Zhou quickly replied: That is the Life Nourishing Beauty Pellet that I just refined.

It was indeed a good item. No wonder Master Zhao did not care about his identity. The man said a few words in a light tone, while Master Zhao merely nodded his head and bowed.

Seeing Master Zhao's reaction, Yi Zhou speculated even more that this House of Duke Wei was not ordinary, and that the person who had just entered was definitely not of an ordinary status in the Residence of Duke Wei.

Just as Yi Zhou was trying to guess the identity of this person, he took the initiative to introduce him to Yi Zhou: For you to be able to concoct such a good pill, you must be a talented alchemist. I, He Yu, love to make friends with talented people.

Yi Zhou, thank you. Yi Zhou was not polite because of the other party's status, but instead said a few sentences in a flat tone, and didn't speak anymore.

This is the eldest young master of the Residence of Duke Wei, can you be more polite with him? When a guard saw that Yi Zhou's attitude was not good, he could not help but stand out and speak up for He Yu.

When Yi Zhou saw the aura around the guard, he could not help but raise his eyebrows. His eyes revealed a fiery fighting intent, but it was concealed very well, and to the onlookers, it was just looking at the guard a few times.

He Yu thought so. When he saw Yi Zhou looking at his guard, he immediately thought that his guard had offended the friend he wanted to make.

The guard He Wu nodded, he stared at Yi Zhou with eyes filled with killing intent, and retreated to the other guards.

With the appearance of a guard like He Wu, who could arouse his own fighting spirit, Yi Zhou sized up He Yu's guards with interest. He looked around to see if there were any more surprises, but to his disappointment, only He Wu's aura was unique, there were no other people that could catch his eyes.

Seeing that Yi Zhou had been sizing up his guards, He Yu invited him. "Brother Yi Zhou, I wonder if you're willing to come to my Duke Wei Palace as a guest?

Thank you, Brother He Yu, for your invitation.

He Yu faintly felt that Yi Zhou's attitude towards him was a little better than before, but he did not care about it, and was only interested in Yi Zhou.

Seeing that Yi Zhou's attitude was even better than before, the guard He Wu nodded his head in satisfaction, the killing intent around him dissipating by a large amount.

Just like that, the group of people ignored Master Zhao. Before Yi Zhou left, he openly snatched the Cosmetic Cultivation Pill from Master Zhao. Master Zhao gritted his teeth in anger, but in the end, it was not good to act.

Outside the Residence of Duke Wei.

Young Master, you're back!

As expected of the Residence of Duke Wei, a group of guards with powerful cultivations stood guard outside the main gate. When they saw He Yu returning, they respectfully greeted him in unison.

He Yu nodded, and cordially led Yi Zhou in. They brought him through the big door.

Yi Zhou could see that the inner part of Duke Wei Residence was even more gorgeous than the outer part, and there were even some array formations that he couldn't penetrate that were faintly laid on the ground.

What a mysterious formation. Yi Zhou could not help but exclaim.

On the way, He Yu heard Yi Zhou talk about the things that happened between him and Master Zhao, and he felt that this friend of his was extremely interesting. Seeing that he was rarely interested in the formations in his house, he proudly introduced: "These are all array formations that my father and Principal Du Wei of Azure Sun Academy study normally.

Yi Zhou nodded, he only sighed at the profoundness of the array when he felt the power contained within it.

May I ask who your father is? It should be an extremely powerful array master, Yi Zhou guessed.

If you are interested, Brother Yi Zhou, I can help you introduce him in the future.

No, no, no. Thinking about the Master Zhao whom Ning Yun had recommended, Yi Zhou did not have any good impressions of the word 'introduce', and decisively refused He Yu's good intentions.

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