Ancient Devil Monarch/C8 In a fight of equal strength
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Ancient Devil Monarch/C8 In a fight of equal strength
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C8 In a fight of equal strength

After hearing Yi Zhou's rejection, He Yu smiled happily.

The eyes of the guard, He Wu, were filled with bewilderment. The vast majority of people who approached the young man, wanting to be his friend, all wanted to get into a relationship with the father of the eldest young master. This Yi Zhou, had actually exceeded his expectations.

Following that, Yi Zhou and He Yu's conversation surprised He Wu even more.

Yi Zhou asked: "Brother He Yu, there must be a competition in the House of Duke Wei, right?"

Of course! How could my Duke Wei Mansion not have such an important competition?! A few days ago, I reinforced the barrier around the stage with a few elders and was able to withstand the attack of a peak body refining martial artist!

Yi Zhou was a little worried that his attack would break the enchantment, but after thinking about how He Wu's cultivation was not high and he would not break the enchantment, Yi Zhou felt relieved.

Why is Brother Yi Zhou suddenly interested in the competition?

Actually, I'd like to compete with your guard, Parade.

He Yu and He Wu looked at each other in surprise. He Wu Dai spoke first, "Eldest Young Master, I am willing to compete with him!"

He thought that Yi Zhou was just an alchemist, his cultivation would naturally not do, but seeing Yi Zhou's persistent gaze, he sighed, and agreed to have a duel with He Wu.

In the arena.

The House of Duke Wei was indeed a huge power. On this side, Yi Zhou and He Wu Gang were about to start the competition, but the audience was already gathered with people who were watching the show.

He didn't expect that his young master's friend would want to challenge Parade. What a novelty!

We have all experienced the power of Parade. We don't know what the young master is thinking, but he agreed to let his friend have a duel with Parade.

On the stage, Yi Zhou and Parade stood facing each other. Parade no longer controlled the killing intent around them, letting them release it completely: You are a friend of the First Young Master, it is still too late to regret.

In my, Yi Zhou's, dictionary, there is no such thing as regret!

Since the other party had looked down on him so much, he didn't mind letting him witness his power!

Yi Zhou did not waste anymore time, he chose to be the first to make a move. With his 9th Body Refinement Layer cultivation, facing a 2nd Body Refinement Layer martial artist, he had to win. However, the reason why he wanted to compete against Parade was because he admired Parade's killing intent. Therefore, he chose to use his most primitive physical combat style to fight to gain victory between the two of them.

He made his move! Even though he had underestimated the opponent in front of him, it did not mean that he, who had experienced hundreds of battles, would relax when facing Yi Zhou. His killing intent was not trained in vain.

He also rushed forward to fight with Yi Zhou.

The two of them fought for dozens of rounds this time, and it could be said that they were evenly matched. However, only Parade knew that he had lost this fight.

The other party's cultivation was so much higher than his, yet he chose to fight him in close combat while he could only use a cultivation method to fight him. Whether it was cultivation or cultivation method, he lost.

Mr. Yee, are you sure you want to continue? Because He Wu felt Yi Zhou's strength, he gradually lost all desire to fight, and wanted to directly give up on the competition with Yi Zhou.

Your strength is far more than that. I hope to be able to fight with the real you. Seeing that Jia Wu had lost his desire to fight, Yi Zhou chose to use his words to motivate him.

The killing intent around Parade was not ordinary. He was definitely a survivor from the sea of blood and the mountains of blades. To him, competing with such a person was a great training experience.

The two of them continued fighting to their heart's content for more than a dozen rounds before the match ended. However, from an outsider's point of view, it was as if the two of them had reached a draw.

It seems that this friend of Eldest Young Master was indeed quite powerful. He had even fought with He Wu to a standstill!

Perhaps it was because Parade had been giving him face and giving him some face, but Parade was definitely stronger than him!

Hearing so many people discussing below the stage, Parade explained loudly for Yi Zhou: "It's my loss, and I am convinced of the fact that I lost."

But even though He Wu said so, the audience still didn't believe him. At this time, a slightly aged voice sounded out, "He Wu is right. This little friend has indeed won against me!"

Yi Zhou did not care about what the people said, his only goal was this competition, but at this time, someone stood out to speak up for him, which surprised him a little.

Moreover, when he saw that the people below the stage all stood up respectfully after hearing this aged voice, it was obvious that the person who spoke had a very high status. Otherwise, they wouldn't have such a reaction.

It was actually the dean! Beside Yi Zhou, the eyes of Parade suddenly burned with passion, obviously showing great respect for this person.

The dean? The head of the famous Azure Sun Academy? Why was he here to protect Duke Wei's mansion?

Not far away, an old man walked over with a smile. The moment Yi Zhou saw this old man, he had a very good impression of him.

Hello, Lord Dean. Yi Zhou took the initiative to go up and greet him.

I am Du Wei, and coincidentally, I came today to visit this Duke Wei Palace. You can call me President.

I thank the dean for his praise.

How about it? Do you want to compete with me?

Du Wei suddenly said these words, causing him to be startled.


Young man, it's good for you to have more combat experience. Do you want to try it? Du Wei patiently and patiently.

Yi Zhou nodded his head, the other party was very strong, the dignified Azure Sun Academy's Principal, although he knew that he could not defeat him, it would still be good to give it a try.

He Wu silently stepped down from the stage and stood behind He Yu. As for the crowd who were watching from below the stage, they all tactfully shut their mouths.

Everyone was using their fervent gazes to chase after the elderly figure on the stage. That was their good friend, the dignified Azure Sun Academy's president. They were really envious of their young master's friend for having the opportunity to compete against him!

Young man, since you were fighting hand to hand with Parade just now, then we will just fight using our spiritual power, what do you think?

Yi Zhou listened to Du Wei's words and nodded his head in agreement. Coincidentally, he had expended a lot of energy in the competition with Parade, but he had not expended any spirit energy at all.

Then I ask the dean to enlighten me! Yi Zhou felt that at this very moment, due to the high degree of concentration his mental power had, it had already reached its peak, and he couldn't wait to have a spar with Du Wei, to reach a breakthrough in his mental power!

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