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C1 Betrayal

Heaven Martial Country, Cloud City, Yun Family, and the back mountain.

A sixteen year old youth kept waving the Longsword, and his clothes were soaked in sweat. His body turned, and drops of sweat splashed out. Under the sunlight, they looked like crystal beads that fell to the ground.

It had been ten years, a whole ten years. He had been practicing every day. Besides sleeping and eating, he had given all his time to the sword.

His sword arts kept improving, but he could not cultivate a single Genuine Qi.

"I don't believe that I can't cultivate it. I don't believe that I'll forever be a cripple!"

He did not stop for three breaths before he started cultivating once again.

The wind blew, and the fallen leaves flew everywhere!

The Longsword seemed to have eyes, and it pierced through the fallen leaves one by one. When the fallen leaves fell to the ground in the distance, the Longsword was already covered with fallen leaves.

"Great, this is great, Brother Yun Fan!" One! A beautiful girl ran over excitedly.

The young man waved his Longsword, and the fallen leaves on the sword flew out, filling the sky. He reached out his hand to grab the girl's hand, and a bright smile appeared on his sweaty face.

"Yujiao, you're here! Sit down!"

Yun Fan used his sleeve to wipe the stone beside him and let Yun Yujiao sit on it.

"Brother Yun Fan, you are working too hard, aren't you? Practicing the sword every day is not tiring!"

Yun Fan shook his head as beads of sweat rolled down his forehead. He smiled and said, "I have to practice. Sooner or later, I will become the patriarch of Yun Family. How can I do that without strength? Besides, my dad hasn't received any news in all these years. If I can't even protect the position he gave me, how can I have the face to look for him?"

"But, aren't you unable to cultivate the Genuine Qi? Without the Genuine Qi, what's the use of having a good sword technique?"

Yun Fan was the son of the previous patriarch of the Yun Family, Yun Xiao. As the son of the patriarch, he had an excellent cultivation environment and resources.

All of this should have meant that he would become a proud son of heaven, but sadly, he couldn't cultivate the Genuine Qi.

The Genuine Qi was the foundation of everything. No matter how strong a martial technique was, it still needed the Genuine Qi to activate it. Without the Genuine Qi, no matter how good a martial skill was, it would just be a showoff. It was destined to be trash in the eyes of others.

If his father was by his side, he could still guide him, but Yun Xiao had left the family for ten years, and there was no news of him.

In these ten years, he had been cultivating non-stop. He wanted to refine Genuine Qi, inherit the position of Patriarch, and then inquire about his father's information.

"Don't worry, I will succeed sooner or later. Oh right, you don't want me to teach you sword practice again, right?"

"Of course. In Yun Family, besides Brother Yun Fan, who else is stronger than me in sword skills?" Yun Yujiao got up and pulled out the Longsword. Her smile was filled with pride.

Holding the Longsword in her hand, she took a step forward. The Longsword carried a ray of light as it danced in her hand.

Her steps were light and her sword was like the wind. There was not a single flaw in her moves. After she finished practicing the sword technique, Yun Yujiao turned her head to look at Yun Fan.

"Brother Yun Fan, how is my Falling Leaf Sword Arts practice going?"

"Very good. He had already mastered it. What you lack now is only the comprehension of this martial technique. Looks like I don't have anything else to teach you anymore. " Yun Fan said with a smile.

The cultivation of martial skills was divided into four stages: Initiation, Initiation, Mastery, and Perfection. Yun Yujiao had practiced the Falling Leaf Sword Arts to the large success stage, and was only a step away from the great success stage.

"Hehe, really? But if it wasn't for Brother Yun Fan's careful guidance, I wouldn't have been able to practice it until now."

"This isn't my credit. The Falling Leaf Sword Arts is a high-grade Yellow Level martial skill. If it was any other disciple of my family, even if I taught them every day, they wouldn't be as good as you." Yun Fan said seriously.

There were many disciples in Yun Family, but whether it was in terms of talent or comprehension, Yun Yujiao was definitely the first.

Yun Yujiao was a disciple of a branch of the Yun Family. The cultivation resources of the branch disciples were limited. It was her own hard work that allowed her to have such achievements.

In the past two years, Yun Fan had been teaching her the sword technique. He even taught her the Falling Leaf Sword Arts, which only the patriarch could learn. The two of them had been together for a long time, and their relationship had always been very good.

"Although this martial skill is called the Falling Leaf Sword Arts, the essence is the comprehension of wind. You should go and feel the wind more, and you will learn it better. "

"Yes, I will. Brother Yun Fan, you seem to be quite tired. Why don't you go back and rest first? Even if you train hard, you can't spoil your body. I still want to practice for a while more...

"Alright, then I won't accompany you anymore!"

Just as Yun Fan left, a middle-aged man walked out from the side.

"Father!" Yun Yujiao said.

This person was Yun Yujiao's father, Yun Hao. He was the Third Elder of the Yun Family and the only elder of the branch.

"Good. It seems like he really taught you all the sword techniques. It's time to change the position of the patriarch of Yun Family." Yun Hao's eyes revealed a trace of ruthlessness.

"Dad, don't worry. No one in the Yun Family is a match for me now." Yun Yujiao waved the sword in her hand, her face full of pride.

"We can't slack off. For this day... I have planned for so many years. You've also endured by that trash's side for so long. You can't afford to lose anything. One month later, it would be the year when every sect would come to Cloud City to recruit disciples. You have to perform well.

In the past, it was the Third-rate Sect who came to Cloud City. This time, even the second-rate sect, Heaven's End Sect, came as well. Although I have already reported your situation to the Heaven's End Sect, they are still satisfied with it. However, the Cloud City isn't our family. We can't let anyone else beat us to it."

" Don't even think about it. In just a month's time, I will be able to break through to the ninth level of the Body Tempering Stage. When that time comes, no one will be my match. As long as I enter the Heaven's End Sect, the position of patriarch will belong to dad. " Yun Yujiao raised her head even higher.

"Haha... well said!" Yun Hao laughed loudly.

Yun Family had always been under direct control. As the only branch elder of the Yun Family, he had been keeping an eye on the position of the patriarch for more than ten years, and it was about to come true. How could he not be happy?

After the two of them left, a young man slowly walked out from the woods beside them.

The young man's name was Yun Yang, a direct disciple of the Yun Family. His talent and comprehension ability were average, and he seemed very ordinary amongst the disciples.

He had the best relationship with Yun Fan, and Yun Fan would teach him some martial skills when he had nothing to do. In his heart, Yun Fan was his older brother, his biological older brother.

"Bastard, I didn't expect them to be so vicious. They actually wanted to snatch the position of Patriarch of Brother Yun Fan. No, I have to tell Brother Yun Fan about this!"

In the main hall of Yun Family, Yun Yu looked at Yun Fan with a smile and said," Yun Fan, if you don't have any objections, I plan to settle the marriage between you and Yun Yujiao in a few months.

Since your father isn't here, your matter will naturally be handled by me. Take a look at what else I have to do for you. From now on, you are the master of Yun Family. This scene can't be small!"

" Great Elder, you should do as you see fit. Right now, I just want to cultivate the Genuine Qi as soon as possible. Otherwise, even if I become the patriarch, I will still feel uneasy! "

"Brother Yun Fan, it's not good..."

"How dare you! Who allowed you to come in? Get out of here!" Yun Yu's face darkened.

The main hall of the family was usually a place to entertain distinguished guests and discuss important matters. Except for the elders and the family head, no one was allowed to enter without notifying anyone.

The Yun Family's family wasn't big, but the rules were very strict. If it wasn't for this, Yun Fan wouldn't have been able to cultivate the Genuine Qi in ten years, and Yun Yu wouldn't have treated him so well.

"I..." Yun Yang couldn't help but look at Yun Fan anxiously.

"Great Elder, there must be something wrong with Yun Yang coming here. Otherwise, he wouldn't be so reckless. Let him talk about it!" Yun Fan said with a smile.

"Speak. If you can't come up with an explanation, see how I punish you." Yun Yu nodded.

"Great Elder, Brother Yun Fan. Not good, the Third Elder wanted to snatch the position of Patriarch. Yun Yujiao had been lying to Brother Yun Fan. She wanted to learn Brother Yun Fan's sword technique. Then, she would enter the Heaven's End Sect when the sect was recruiting disciples. We were all fooled!" Yun Yang couldn't wait to say it out loud.

"Nonsense!" Yun Fan suddenly stood up.

"Yujiao is not the kind of person you are talking about. We have always had a good relationship. Why would she do such a thing?"

"Really, I heard it with my own ears. It is at the back of the mountain. If Brother Yun Fan doesn't believe it, he can ask the Great Elder. If Yun Yujiao enters the Heaven's End Sect, will the Third Elder become the patriarch?" Yun Yang explained.

Before Yun Fan could say anything, Yun Yu's facial expression darkened.

"Yun Fan, it seems like this matter is true. The family had a rule that if the child of an elder could enter a second-rate sect, then he would be the head of the family.

All along, the disciples of our Yun Family have entered the Third-rate Sect. Not only our Yun Family, but also all the families in Cloud City don't have any disciples who can enter a second-rate sect.

This has always been the goal of our Yun Family, and we have already set this rule. However, no one has ever been able to do it. Over time, this matter has been forgotten by us. I didn't expect Yun Hao to think so far ahead. Everything he has done in the past few years... All of this is for the position of the patriarch."

Even Yun Fan didn't know about this, let alone Yun Yang.

The Yun Family was just an ordinary family in the Cloud City. It was only when Yun Xiao was here that they became slightly stronger. After Yun Xiao left, everyone knew that the position of patriarch belonged to Yun Fan, even if Yun Fan couldn't cultivate the Genuine Qi.

Others thought so, but Yun Fan also thought so. Because of this, he continued to work hard.

"No, this is impossible. Succeeding the family head and strengthening the family has always been my goal. Yujiao already knew that she would always encourage me. Why would he do such a thing?"

Yun Fan did not believe it. He did not believe that the girl who kept encouraging him in his eyes was such a person. He shouted and rushed out.

"Yujiao, come out!"

Yun Yujiao and Yun Hao lived in the same yard. The yard was not big and the wall was not high. They could climb in by hand.

Yun Fan was very familiar with this place. As soon as he stepped into the yard, a young man suddenly appeared in front of him.

"Yun Fan, you can't go in without Sister Yujiao's permission!"

"Yun Hui, what do you mean?"

Yun Hui had the best talent among the direct disciples of Yun Family. He had broken through to the seventh level of the Body Tempering Stage at the age of fifteen, and was only a step away from the eighth level of the Body Tempering Stage.

Normally, Yun Yu would always stand in front of the direct disciples and use him as an example. Yun Fan didn't expect him to be here. Obviously, he was here to guard Yun Yujiao's door!

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