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Ancient Divine Dragon Transform/C10 Expelled from the Family
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C10 Expelled from the Family

Ring ring...

The Longsword kept stabbing out, and every time it touched the Longsword in Yun Yujiao's hand, it would immediately separate.

Yun Yujiao's expression changed drastically. This seemingly light contact made her feel that the sword in her hand was getting heavier and heavier. Not only that, there seemed to be an invisible force restraining her, and the momentum of a life and death situation was constantly weakening.

A huge force hit the sword and the Longsword flew out of her hand. A cold aura assaulted her. Yun Fan's Longsword was already pressed against her neck.

At this time, as long as Yun Fan slightly exerted force on his wrist, Yun Yujiao would bleed for five steps.

"This is the Purple Sunglow Mountain's Wind Chasing Sword Art. Could it be that he is a disciple of the Purple Sunglow Mountain?" Lin Dahai exclaimed.

"Impossible. If he was a disciple of the Purple Sunglow Mountain, he wouldn't be here. Besides, the Purple Sunglow Mountain has been gone for more than ten years. It's normal for the Wind Chasing Sword Art to be spread around." Qi Fengliang analyzed.

The Purple Sunglow Mountain was the same as the Heaven's End Sect, a second-rate sect. More than ten years ago, it suddenly disappeared without a trace.

The 'Wind Chasing Sword Technique' was a martial skill that only the elite disciples of the Purple Sunglow Mountain could practice. There were more than a hundred elite disciples of a second-rate sect. No one could guarantee that no one would leak out the 'Wind Chasing Sword Technique'. It wouldn't be surprising if Yun Fan could use one or two moves.

"I said that I will trample you under my feet. Now, you have two choices. First, lie down. Second, die!"

"How dare you!"

Two voices sounded at the same time.

Just as Yun Hao stood up, Yun Yu and Yun Zhen stood in front of him.

"Yun Hao, what are you trying to do? Yun Fan was the future patriarch of Yun Family. He could even succeed the position now. If the patriarch wants to kill a disciple of his family, as an elder of a branch of Yun Family, do you have the right to stop him?"

According to the rules of the Yun Family, if the children of an elder could enter a second-rate sect, they could become the patriarch of the family. However, there was a prerequisite. The successor of the patriarch was too weak, or he had made a huge mistake.

In the past, it was Yun Fan who couldn't cultivate the Genuine Qi, which was the reason why he was able to seize the position of the family head. But now that Yun Fan was able to defeat Yun Yujiao, even if Yun Yujiao entered a second-rate sect, the position of patriarch would still belong to Yun Fan.


"But what? If Yun Fan didn't behave like this today, will you let him go once you become the patriarch? If you kill him as the patriarch, are we qualified to stop you?

You have been in Yun Family for so many years, so you should respect the rules of Yun Family. Sit down, or we will use betrayal to arrest you!" Yun Yu said with a stern voice.

If Yun Hao did it openly and openly, even if he became the patriarch, even if Yun Fan was chased out of the family, Yun Yu would have nothing to say. This was the rule of Yun Family.

However, not only did Yun Hao do it secretly, Yun Yujiao also did it for the sake of her purpose. This was unacceptable to Yun Yu.


"Yujiao, get down!" Yun Hao sat down dejectedly and sighed.

"Shut up, the disciples of Heaven's End Sect can only stand and die!"

Fang Yujue shouted out loudly and rushed in front of Yun Fan.

"Take your sword away. Your talent is not bad. This matter will end here. Although there is only one quota for the Heaven's End Sect, I will make an exception and let you enter the sect."

"Fang Yujue, what do you mean? You people of the Heaven's End Sect are talking to him... Bullshit! Don't forget, the Cloud City belongs to the sphere of influence of our sect. I've already given you enough face by asking you to pick someone first. Don't push your luck!" Lin Dahai and Qi Fengliang ran over at the same time, full of anger.

"What's wrong? Don't tell me you still want to fight me? I'm talking about a quota. Didn't you hear me say that I would make an exception? " Fang Yujue said with a laugh.

"Wait, can I ask you a question?"

Yun Fan suddenly asked. The three of them immediately stopped.

Fang Yujue nodded and said, "Go ahead!"

"If only one of us can enter the Heaven's End Sect, I want to know who you will choose."

Fang Yujue was stunned.

Yun Yujiao's information had long been sent to the sect. He came here this time because he was ordered to bring Yun Yujiao back.

Yun Fan's sudden appearance interrupted his plan. No matter what, Yun Fan was better than Yun Yujiao. If he missed Yun Fan because of Yun Yujiao, the sect would definitely punish him.

"I choose you!" Fang Yujue said.

"Did you hear that? Do you think you can enter a second-rate sect? But as long as I'm willing... You have no chance at all. Geniuses are just a joke in the eyes of trash like me." Yun Fan laughed and kept the Longsword.


Yun Yujiao opened her mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood. Her face was pale.

"Do you think this is the end? I will keep my word. Get down!"

"You..." Yun Yujiao opened her mouth and spat out another mouthful of blood.

"Alright, Yun Fan. Yun Yujiao is a disciple appointed by the sect. In the future, all of you will be in the same sect. Since she has already been taught a lesson, then forget it! " Fang Yujue advised.

"Same sect? Haha... How could I possibly be in the same sect as her!" Yun Fan's laughter suddenly stopped, his face cold.

Fang Yujue's facial expression changed. The only difference was that they didn't want to enter the Heaven's End Sect. The previous question was a blow to Yun Yujiao. The Heaven's End Sect was a second-rate sect. When had Fang Yujue ever been looked down upon?

"I've said it for a long time and you don't want to join the Heaven's End Sect. Since that's the case, shouldn't you give me an explanation for treating the disciples of the Heaven's End Sect like this?"

"Disciples of the Heaven's End Sect? You must be joking with me! Regardless of whether she was a disciple of the Heaven's End Sect or not, she was now a disciple of the Yun Family.

Since when did the Heaven Martial Country have such a rule when the Heaven's End Sect wanted to interfere in the matters of the local families? The Yun Family had nurtured her for so many years. If she said that she was a disciple of the Heaven's End Sect, then she would be a disciple of the Heaven's End Sect!

I don't care what your status in the Heaven's End Sect is, and I don't care if you represent the Heaven's End Sect or not. What I want to tell you is that before I settle the matters of my family, she is a disciple of the Yun Family. No one is allowed to interfere!"

Yun Fan turned his head and looked at the people around him. He said loudly, "Everyone here is the representative of every family in the Cloud City. Everyone knows what they are here for. Why did you let the disciples of your family enter the sect? It's not because of your family's status.

If a disciple of a family forgets his family upon entering the sect, will you still send him into the sect? I don't care what other families will do, but we, the Yun Family, will never allow such a disciple to appear.

Great Elder, I'm going to take over the position of Patriarch now, and the ceremony will be postponed. The first thing I need to do after becoming the family head is to clean up my family. Yun Yujiao, the family has nurtured you for so many years, but you and your father want to take over the position of Patriarch together.

And you want to become stronger by any means possible. This has already exceeded the rules of the Yun Family. Although you are heartless, I can't represent the Yun Family without justice. Today, in front of so many families, I am expelling you and your daughter from the Yun Family. What happens to all of you in the future has nothing to do with the Yun Family!"

Are you crazy? Even the second-rate sects have sent out invitations to give up on Yun Yujiao and want you. What are you still insisting on?

Isn't it just a patriarch? Can he be compared to a second-rate sect's disciple?

Entering a second-rate sect was equivalent to stepping onto the path of the strong. Not only had he rejected the offer, he had also offended Fang Yujue. Wasn't this digging his own grave?

Don't you fucking give it to us!

Everyone shook their heads helplessly.

It was difficult for them to enter the Third-rate Sect, let alone a second-rate sect.

The surroundings were silent.

"He's still too young. He's too rash when doing things. If that's the case, it will be very difficult for Yun Family to develop in the future!"

"Not to mention a second-rate sect, even the Third-rate Sect can't afford to offend them!"

The older generation of each family sighed in their hearts.

Expelling an elder of a family and a disciple of a second-rate sect in public. If it was any other family, they would have to consider it for a few days no matter what.

Yun Fan had expelled both of them from the family with just one sentence, and it was in front of the Heaven's End Sect. This had weakened the strength of the family, and had also offended the Heaven's End Sect.

However, they also felt that what Yun Fan said was right. If the disciple that the family had painstakingly nurtured was ignored by the family, then what was the use of having such a disciple?

"Yun Yujiao, I didn't kill you because I pity you, nor because you are going to be a disciple of the Heaven's End Sect. It's because your father has been an elder of the family for so many years. Even if he didn't contribute, he still had to put in a lot of effort.

We, the Yun Family, have never produced ungrateful people. Our talent is poor, our comprehension is poor, and our strength is poor. All of these can be cultivated, but if our moral conduct and disposition are bad, then there is no way to save us. You can leave now!"

" Alright, you better remember what you said today. Three years later, I will come back and make you regret your words!" Yun Yujiao looked at Yun Fan with resentment and gritted her teeth.

"If I can step on you today, I will also step on you three years later."

After Yun Fan said that, he turned around and was about to leave when Fang Yujue suddenly stepped forward to block him.

"Your matter has been settled. My matter has not been settled yet. Yun Yujiao is no longer a member of your Yun Family. She is a member of my Heaven's End Sect. You have insulted the people of the Heaven's End Sect. Do you want to leave like this?

What do you think the Heaven's End Sect is? What do you think I am? Without an explanation, I don't care what family you are from, I will make you pay the price."

Lin Dahai opened his mouth, but in the end, he didn't say anything.

Fang Yujue represented the Heaven's End Sect, a second-rate sect. Whether it was the Three Sword Sect or Qi Yunfeng, there was no need for them to become enemies with the Heaven's End Sect over this matter.

If Yun Fan expressed his intention to join the sect, they would still have a reason to intervene and persuade him, but the other party clearly did not have this intention.

"Truly ignorant. He thinks that he can ignore everything just because he has entered the Congenital Stage. A person like you who is in charge of the sect will sooner or later destroy the Yun Family."

Yu Feifei gave Yun Fan a disdainful look, walked up to Lin Dahai and said, "Can I join the Three Sword Sect?"

Those who were fighting the last match didn't want to miss such an opportunity.

Now that the situation had become like this, they might miss such an opportunity if something unexpected happened.

All of them quickly handed out their requests to Lin Dahai and Qi Fengliang.

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