Ancient Divine Dragon Transform/C11 Against Fang Yujue
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Ancient Divine Dragon Transform/C11 Against Fang Yujue
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C11 Against Fang Yujue

These are the things the two of them wanted, and as long as they spoke, they both nodded in agreement. Yun Hui looked at Yun Yujiao, then at Yun Zhen. In the end, he still withdrew his footsteps.

As long as Yun Yujiao advanced quickly in the Heaven's End Sect, he would have a chance to enter the Heaven's End Sect next year instead of entering the Third-rate Sect like he did now.

Everyone had a choice. Only Ouyang Qianru remained silent. She stood quietly by the side, staring at Yun Fan.

"Ouyang Qianru, don't you want to become a disciple of the sect?" Qi Fengliang asked.

"I haven't entered the Congenital Stage yet, and I'm 18 years old this year. I want to work hard and cultivate for another two years. Thank you for your kindness. " Ouyang Qianru said with a smile.

Qi Fengliang and Lin Dahai did not force them. They brought the recruited disciples and retreated to the side. Obviously, they wanted to see how this matter would end.

"Patriarch, it is only right to deal with the disciples of the family, but we cannot become enemies with the sect just because of this. I think Patriarch should apologize to the sect! " Yun Yu walked up to Yun Fan and advised him in a low voice.

"That's right, patriarch. Don't bring an undeserved disaster to the family just because of a momentary anger!" Yun Zhen added.

Fang Yujue couldn't help but reveal a cold smile when he heard what the two of them said.

This was the result he wanted, the face of Heaven's End Sect.

As for the matter of Yun Fan and Yun Yujiao, it had nothing to do with the Heaven's End Sect. If Yun Yujiao had the ability, she would handle it herself.

"Yun Fan, if you apologize now, it's not too late. The Heaven's End Sect is considered a big sect, so there is still a limit to this."

Fang Yujue had already thought this through. As long as Yun Fan apologized, this matter would be over. For Yun Yujiao, it was a good thing for the Heaven's End Sect to have such an opponent that could help her improve even faster.

"Haha..." Yun Fan laughed loudly.

"Apologize? Why should I apologize? If every family's expelled disciples had joined the sect, then their family head wouldn't have to do anything else, just apologize to the sect.

Firstly, I didn't offend the Heaven's End Sect, and secondly, I didn't interfere with any matters outside of the family. Thus, I won't apologize. Of course, if the Heaven's End Sect insists on putting this matter on the Yun Family, then the Yun Family will accept it.

As long as I am the patriarch of the Yun Family, there will be no one in the Yun Family who will bow to me. The Yun Family only has disciples who have died in battle. There must be no one who is afraid of death."

Damn it, this is madness!

Since I've given you a way out, you should just get down from the donkey. Isn't this asking for face and suffering?

Do you know the strength of the sect? Even if it was the Third-rate Sect, it wasn't something that the Cloud City could afford to offend!

You, a puny little Yun Family, offended the Heaven's End Sect. Isn't this courting death?

Yun Yu and Yun Zhen shook their heads helplessly. In the Yun Family, the position of patriarch was supreme. Even the elders had no right to interfere with the patriarch's decision.

Both of them hoped that the other party wouldn't be too calculative, but when they saw Fang Yujue's face, their hearts turned cold.

"Do you know what you are talking about? Do you think that your Yun Family has the right to talk to the Heaven's End Sect? I won't kill you today, but I will teach you a good lesson. I will let you know how strong a second-rate sect is! "

A ray of light flashed. Fang Yujue took out his Longsword from its sheath and thrust it at Yun Fan.

"'Absolute Wind Sword'. This is a middle-grade Profound Level martial skill. Looks like Fang Yujue wants Yun Fan to suffer." Lin Dahai said in shock.

"Although Fang Yujue is an elite disciple, he is an elite amongst elite disciples. I heard that he has already been chosen by an elder of the Heaven's End Sect. I'm afraid that he will soon become a direct disciple. He used a Mid Profound Level Martial Skill as soon as he attacked. A second-rate sect really has a deep foundation! "

" This isn't just about the strength of the sect. Fang Yujue is considered a genius amongst geniuses. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to enter the Essence Accumulation Stage at such a young age. Yun Fan was still too impulsive."

"Fang Yujue isn't Yun Yujiao. I'm afraid Yun Fan won't be able to last more than three moves..."

Qi Fengliang said to Lin Dahai while paying attention to the two of them. As he spoke, three moves had already passed.

Yun Fan was still using the Wind Chasing Sword Art. Although he was always on the defensive, the sword light that filled the sky seemed to be sealed and kept blocking Fang Yujue's attack.

The Wind End Sword came because of the wind. The sword force was like the wind, attacking like the wind, swift like the wind.

It was very difficult for ordinary Congenital Stage warriors to dodge such a martial skill.

"No wonder you're so arrogant. It turns out that you're already at the third level of the Congenital Stage. But it's fine to be arrogant in front of others, but you don't have the qualifications to do so in front of me. "

Fang Yujue's Longsword suddenly sped up. It was more than twice as fast as before.

What a fast sword!

Was this a middle grade Profound Theory martial skill?

Is this the strength of an Essence Accumulation Stage?

Everyone widened their eyes. They couldn't even block a single attack like this. Just as they thought Yun Fan was going to be hit, they suddenly heard a clear sound of Longsword colliding.

"Did my eyes become blurry? Why is Yun Fan so fast?"

"He didn't use his full strength before? How strong is he then? "

"What a joke! Yun Yujiao even said that he is the strongest person in Cloud City. Compared to Yun Fan, there is a huge difference!"

The voice pierced into Yu Feifei and Yun Yujiao's ears. Their faces were filled with shock.

They saw that Yun Fan's speed had also increased by more than double. Although he was still suppressed by Fang Yujue, he was still able to defend more and attack less. If Fang Yujue wanted to defeat him, he would not be able to do so in a short period of time.

"When did the patriarch become so strong?" Yun Zhen looked at Yun Yu in shock.

It was Yun Yu who had been taking care of Yun Fan all these years. Yun Zhen's meaning was obvious that Yun Yu had hidden Yun Fan's true strength.

"Don't look at me like that. My shock right now is the same as yours. But what I want to say is, with the Yun Family having such a patriarch, it will be difficult for them not to become strong! " Yun Yu said with a bitter smile.

At the same time, Lin Dahai and Qi Fengliang's mouths were also wide open.

"I didn't expect him to hide his true strength. Previously, I said three strikes. Now, it seems like if Fang Yujue doesn't use the strength of an Essence Accumulation Stage, he might not be able to take it down in six hours."

Qi Fengliang nodded his head heavily. If it wasn't for the difference in cultivation realm, Yun Fan would definitely be able to fight Fang Yujue for three days and three nights.

But even so, it was still frightening enough.

If it was them, it would be even harder for them to defeat Yun Fan than Fang Yujue.

"Alright, I originally wanted to show you mercy. Now, it seems like I can only let you get hurt. Let me show you the true strength of an Essence Accumulation Stage! "

A Body Tempering Stage cultivated Houtian Genuine Qi. After breaking through to the Congenital Stage, the Genuine Qi would be purified and transformed into a Xiantian Genuine Qi, and its power would be more than double.

And after breaking through to the Essence Accumulation Stage, one would be able to condense the spiritual energy of the heaven and earth. Although it was just a little bit, the natural energy was vast and boundless. If it was condensed bit by bit in the attack, the attack power would definitely not be something that a Congenital Stage could withstand.

The Longsword was thrust out. The tip of the sword seemed to be carrying invisible ripples, and the Genuine Qi rushed out like a tidal wave.

The powerful attack made everyone's expression change.

"It's over. With this sword, even if I don't die, I will still be seriously injured!" Lin Dahai said in shock.

"A Essence Accumulation Stage isn't something a Congenital Stage can defend against. As long as Fang Yujue has a trace of killing intent, Yun Fan will be in danger..."

Yun Yu and Yun Zhen stared at the Longsword in Fang Yujue's hand with serious expressions. If Yun Fan couldn't handle it, they would immediately rush forward.

Although the Yun Family was the Small Family, the strength of an elder had to be at the Essence Accumulation Stage. This was the rule of the family. If the two of them joined forces, they believed that they would be able to save ___ from Fang Yujue's sword.

The Genuine Qi shook violently, and a strong wind blew. Before the sword arrived, Yun Fan felt a heavy pressure, and his speed instantly dropped.

Was this the strength of an Essence Accumulation Stage? Very strong!

If I was just an ordinary Cultivator, I could only wait for death when faced with such an attack. But it's a pity that I'm not.

Without waiting for the Longsword to approach, Yun Fan quickly retreated. As he retreated, he continuously slashed out with his sword.

"Wind Chasing Lightning!"

Yun Fan shouted loudly. The Longsword in his hand drew out cold stars and pierced towards Fang Yujue from all directions.

Wind Chasing Electricity was the strongest killing move of the Wind Chasing Sword Art. This move emphasized speed. One sword strike was indeed difficult to defend against, but what about five or ten sword strikes?

Rustle, rustle, rustle...

Yun Fan took three steps back in a row, and Fang Yujue also took a step back. The two of them just stood there without saying anything.

A gust of wind blew past, and all the leaves on the ground turned into powder.

Everyone around them stood up and covered their mouths with their hands.

It was blocked!

A Congenital Stage actually blocked an Essence Accumulation Stage!

How was this possible? How could there be such a huge gap between them, and he could still block such a powerful attack?

Yun Fan had broken everyone's understanding. They didn't even dare to think about fighting a battle that was a major realm higher than them.

"You want to teach me a lesson? I'm afraid you don't have the strength to do so. If you want to continue, I'll accompany you! "

After being in the Trial Room for so long, not only did Yun Fan increase his strength and speed by a lot, he also practiced the Wind Chasing Sword Art to minor success.

With the terrifying Fairy Dragon Stretching Hand as his trump card, Yun Fan did not want to remain silent. He wanted everyone present to remember that a peerless genius had emerged from the Yun Family, and not the trash from before.

"There's no need for that. If you can block my attack, then forget about what happened before. I'm an elite disciple of a second-rate sect. If I use my full strength to defeat you... There's nothing to brag about. Yun Yujiao, come with me! " After putting the Longsword back into its sheath, Fang Yujue said in a deep voice.

" Wait! " Yun Fan stepped forward and said.

"What else do you want?" Fang Yujue frowned.

"I only want to announce one thing. I hope you can hear it with your own ears. I, Yun Fan, the current patriarch of Yun Family. From now on, I will leave the family. From now on, my business has nothing to do with the family.

If anyone dares to involve the family because of me, I won't be polite. No matter who the other party is, which family and which sect they belong to, I will fight them to the death. From the weakest to the strongest, either they die or I die! " Yun Fan said loudly.

He had already made up his mind that once today's matter was spread, he would become the target of everyone.

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