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C12 Leave

"As long as I leave the family, no one will think about the family. After this incident, the disciples of the clan will work hard to cultivate. The clan will also become stronger and stronger. Dad, mom, don't worry, I won't let your blood flow for nothing. A debt of blood must be paid in blood!"

Thinking of this, Yun Fan turned around and left. Yun Yu quickly went forward and anxiously said, "Patriarch..."

"Alright, Great Elder. I have made up my mind. If possible, you all can try to nurture Yun Yang. If you are weak, you can train hard. The most important thing to be the head of the family is to have a good eye and a good heart. A person without a big heart could never bring his family to become strong.

Cloud City is too small. I want to go out and take a look at the outside world. Don't worry. If I have the chance, I will come back to see you."

"It seems like he has already thought about it. He has gotten his revenge and intimidated the other families. After that, he will shoulder the responsibility. As long as such a person doesn't die, sooner or later he'll become a powerhouse " Watching Yun Fan leave, Lin Dahai couldn't help but sigh.

"It's true that our sect can't keep such a person! Even if he joins the sect, he won't stay for long."

Lin Dahai and Qi Fengliang left with the disciples who had joined the sect. Yun Yujiao followed Fang Yujue and glared at Yun Fan.

Three years!

Three years later! ...

Yun Yujiao would definitely let Yun Fan understand what a true genius was!


The yearly sect recruitment had ended.

As everyone left, the news of the competition quickly spread throughout the city.

Yun Fan!

The disciples of various families were all talking about this name that had appeared out of nowhere and shone brightly!

With his talent as a dark horse, he had continuously displayed his outstanding talent.

He even defeated Yun Yujiao, who had always been the most talented person in this year's competition and was the center of attention!

Even when facing an Essence Accumulation Stage expert, Fang Yujue, he was still able to take one blow without falling into a disadvantageous position!

After the competition, Yun Fan was in the limelight within and outside the city.

However, at this moment, he unexpectedly chose to leave.

"This is incredible. Is this still the trash that couldn't cultivate in the past? Yun Fan's growth speed really shocked us!"

"I'm looking forward to the three-year agreement. Although Yun Fan is powerful, Yun Yujiao is not bad either. Yun Yujiao entering the Heaven's End Sect, it's really hard to say after three years! "

"As long as Yun Fan does not enter a second-rate sect, I think it will be hard to predict who will win in three years!"

" What do you think? " Yun Yu suddenly asked.

His eyes were still looking in the direction where Yun Fan disappeared, but Yun Zhen knew what he meant.

Yun Fan had left, and Yun Yujiao had gone to the Heaven's End Sect. Currently, Yun Hui was the one who stood out among the disciples of the family. If Yun Hui was allowed to take over the position of the family head at this time, no one in the family would have anything to say.

"Dad, I won't be the family head. I will enter the Heaven's End Sect next year. I will never stay in a small place like Cloud City for the rest of my life!" Yun Hui clenched his fist and said firmly.

"Alright, since you have such ambition, then let Yun Yang take over the position of the family head! The position of family head of Yun Family had been vacant for so many years. It had indeed affected the development of the family." Yun Zhen nodded.

Yun Hao gritted his teeth. He had spent so many years trying to get the position of patriarch, but in the end, he let an ordinary direct disciple enjoy the fruits of his labor.

"Yun Yu, this matter won't end like this. I will come back!"

Yun Yu couldn't be bothered with Yun Hao. No one in the Yun Family was stronger than him.

"Yun Yang, you heard me. I will hold the ceremony for you tomorrow. In the future, the responsibility of developing the family will be on your shoulders."

"I will. I will definitely not disappoint the elders and Brother Yun Fan." Yun Yang said firmly.

At the same time, in City Lord's Mansion, Ouyang Qing brought Ouyang Qianru to Conference Room and said in a low voice, "Have you thought it through? Although the secret realm is a great opportunity, there is still a chance for you to join the Three Sword Sect and Qi Yunfeng.

Yun Fan's strength is strong, but it's hard to say whether he will join the sect or not. If you don't join the sect, you won't even have the qualifications to go."

"Dad, the Heaven Martial Country is only so big. There are only two ways to become stronger. First, join a sect. Second, join the Heaven Martial Country. Given Yun Fan's character, it was impossible for him to join the Heaven Martial Country. Therefore, he could only join the sect.

Once he entered the sect, with his strength, he would definitely obtain the qualification to enter the secret realm. The chances of joining forces with him would be much higher. If I am alone... Even if I obtain treasures in the mystic realm, it's not like I won't be able to take them away in the end. I would have to hand them over to the sect."

"Your analysis makes sense, but there's one thing I need to remind you about. Today, you have also seen what Yun Fan did to Yun Yujiao. He wanted to gain his trust. You better tell me everything, otherwise I am afraid you will end up the same as Yun Yujiao."

Although Fang Yujue had said that Yun Fan was at the third level of the Congenital Stage, Ouyang Qing had never felt Yun Fan's Genuine Qi. The fact that Yun Fan was able to take Fang Yujue's attack head on meant that his true combat strength was even stronger than what he had shown.

Ouyang Qianru, who was at the ninth level of the Body Tempering Stage, had no chance of winning against Yun Fan. The only way to obtain benefits in the secret realm was to be honest with him.

"Dad, don't worry. I won't be as stupid as Yun Yujiao. A woman's greatest strength was not her martial power, but her gentleness. Alright, I will leave first. Otherwise, I will not be able to catch up with him."

Ouyang Qianru turned around and walked out. Ouyang Qing frowned. He whispered to himself, "You are not stupid, but I am afraid that you are too smart."

After leaving Cloud City, Yun Fan suddenly had a reluctant feeling.

Although Yun Yu and Yun Yang were the only ones in the family who still had some feelings for each other, they had been living in this city for so many years. It was a little sad to leave this city all of a sudden.

He turned around and gave Cloud City a final glance, then he thought to himself, "Just wait. When I return, I will definitely make my family the biggest family in Cloud City. Father, mother, I will become stronger very soon. I will never let go of those people who attacked me back then. "

" Lin Dahai said that the 'Wind Chasing Sword Art' is a martial skill of the Purple Sunglow Mountain, so I should be able to get some information from the Purple Sunglow City. "

After making up his mind, he sped up his horse and arrived at the Purple Sunglow City a few days later.

The surrounding mountains were continuous and connected to the sky. It was like a green ocean, and the Purple Sunglow City was the only island in this green ocean.

The city wall was more than four meters tall, and it was ancient and heavy. It seemed to have experienced the vicissitudes of life. The streets were filled with shops and pedestrians.

Looking around, any one of them was at least at the fourth level of the Body Tempering Stage, and many of the young men were at the sixth level of the Body Tempering Stage. If these people were placed in the Cloud City, they would be the focal point of the family.

The main city was the main city, it was not something a small city like the Cloud City could compare with.

"Young Master, are you going to eat or stay here?"

The waiter of the inn came up to him and took the reins from Yun Fan. He led Yun Fan into the inn.

Although the inn was not big, there were a lot of people. After two cups of wine, these people started to brag about their Drinker.

Yun Fan ordered a table of wine and wine and listened as he ate. After listening for a long time, he did not hear any useful news and reached out his hand to call the waiter over.

"Sorry, I didn't bring any money. Take a look at where you can sell these things."

Upon hearing that there was no money, the waiter's face darkened. When he received Yun Fan's Storage Ring, he couldn't help but open his mouth wide.

The space within the low level Storage Ring was only one cubic meter. The inside was filled with the bones and skin of the Demon Beast. It was filled to the brim.

There was not only a tier 1 Demon Beast bone skin inside, there was also a tier 2 Demon Beast. To be able to kill a tier 2 Demon Beast, he could not afford to offend such a person.

"Young Master, there is a special trading ground in the city. Why don't I bring Young Master to take a look?"

"No need, just help me exchange it for a Spirit Stone. Otherwise, I don't have the money to pay the bill!"

It was not the first time someone had come here with a mix of good and bad people. The shop assistant nodded and walked out.

Soon, the shop assistant returned with the Storage Ring and handed it to Yun Fan.

"Young Master, there's a total of 100 Spirit Stone. Although this price is a little low, it's so much at once. We have to make a deal immediately... "

How could Yun Fan not know what the shop assistant was thinking? If he did not get any benefits from this kind of thing, then it would be somewhat abnormal.

"You have done very well. Take this Spirit Stone. Oh right, can I ask you something?"

There were quite a lot of tips from the guests who came here, but it was rare to see a Spirit Stone in one go. The shop assistant could not close his mouth from laughing. This was already enough to cover half a month of his salary.

"Young Master has asked the right person. There is nothing that I don't know about in Purple Sunglow City."

"I heard that there was a second-rate sect in Purple Sunglow Mountain. Why is it gone now? The child of a friend of mine, an elder, is a disciple of the Purple Sunglow Mountain. This time, I am here. The elder asked me to bring him something, but I didn't expect that the Purple Sunglow Mountain wouldn't be able to find it. "

The waiter looked around nervously. He moved closer and said in a low voice, "Young master, you can't say this casually. He heard that the Purple Sunglow Mountain had offended a powerful expert, and in the end, it was destroyed. If you keep asking around, you'll easily get yourself killed. "

" Ah, then what should we do? You don't know, I have a bad temper as an elder. A few days ago, a disciple went back and forgot to bring a pot of wine. In the end, he was crippled. Can you help me think about it? Is there any other way to find him? "

Yun Fan pretended to be nervous and quietly stuffed two more Spirit Stones over.

Although these people were not strong, there were many messy ways to find them. As long as they gave enough, they were not afraid that there was nothing they could do.

"This... Actually, it's not like there's no way at all... Aiya, what brings Young Master Qin here? My humble shop is honored by your presence!"

The waiter had just finished speaking when he suddenly made an obeisance to a young man at the entrance and quickly went up to greet him.

Many young men and women around him stood up and surrounded him like a swarm of bees.

"Brother Qin, this is the Spirit Stone I collected. Please accept it!"

"Brother Qin, this is a Tier 2 spirit herb that I accidentally picked!"

"Brother Qin, this Essence Cultivating Pill has been kept for a long time..."

All of them impatiently took out good things and handed them over. Even outside, many people followed in.

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