Ancient Divine Dragon Transform/C13 Going to the Sky Cloud Martial School
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Ancient Divine Dragon Transform/C13 Going to the Sky Cloud Martial School
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C13 Going to the Sky Cloud Martial School

Yun Fan raised his head and looked at the tall man. There was a sword hanging from his waist. The sheath was shining brightly and was inlaid with a lot of jewelry. His eyes were facing the sky, looking down on everyone. With his hands behind his back, the two people beside him were holding the gift.

In this world, unless it was a true trash, everyone would have a Storage Ring. The Storage Ring that Yun Fan had taken out previously was the lowest grade. Two pieces of Spirit Stone would be enough to buy it.

The Storage Ring was very convenient. It was a common item. Even ordinary people would not hold things in their hands. However, the other party let the people around him hold it, fearing that others would not know.

"No rush, no rush. Don't delay my meal. Let's talk after I finish eating!"

The corner of the young man surnamed Qin's mouth rose, and the people in front of him hurriedly made way for him. He took two steps forward, and his gaze fell upon Yun Fan.

"Buddy, do you not want to open this shop anymore? You even dare to use my table to do business!"

"I'm sorry, Young Master Qin. It's my fault. I'll wipe the table clean right now!"

The waiter walked quickly to Yun Fan and said in a low voice, "Young Master, I'm sorry. Please change the table." He stretched out his hand and wanted to clean up the bowls and chopsticks on the table.

"Why?" Yun Fan was a little unhappy.

"Damn it, are you deaf? Didn't you hear what Brother Qin said? This table belongs to Brother Qin. Letting you sit for a while is already your fortune. Go away!"

" You dare to occupy Brother Qin's table? You don't want to live anymore, do you? "

... ""

Before the shop assistant could say anything, the surrounding young men and women began to shout. Some even clenched their fists and surrounded him.

"Young Master, didn't you think of a way? That is to enter the Floating Cloud Sect. The Floating Cloud Sect used to be the strongest Third-rate Sect in the vicinity of the Purple Sunglow Mountain... "

When the Purple Sunglow Mountain was destroyed, perhaps some of the surviving disciples would be transferred to the Floating Cloud Sect.

Although the shop assistant's voice wasn't loud, the surrounding people could still hear him clearly. However, before he could finish his words, the young man surnamed Qin sneered and said, "You think you can enter the Floating Cloud Sect? Don't even think about it for the rest of your life."

"What does it have to do with you if I want to enter any sect? You're sick! "

Yun Fan didn't want to waste any more time. Since he already knew the solution, there was no need to grind his teeth with such a person.

As soon as he got up, a few youths surrounded him.

"Kid, I think it's you who's sick, right? You don't even know Brother Qin, and you still want to enter the Floating Cloud Sect? Dream on!"

"Brother Qin's elder brother is a disciple of the Floating Cloud Sect's Internal Sect. Since Brother Qin has spoken, you will never be able to enter the Floating Cloud Sect in your lifetime."

"How dare you offend Brother Qin? I think you deserve a beating!"

A long-faced young man quickly swung his fist toward Yun Fan.

The punch of a Body Tempering Stage Sixth Realm warrior was accompanied by a slight wind from the fist. He had a ferocious smile on his face, as if he could already see Yun Fan kneeling down and begging for mercy when the punch was thrown at him.

Just as he was thinking about how he could perform well this time, he saw his fist being grabbed by his opponent.

The long-faced young man didn't even see how his opponent attacked. He was so shocked that he wanted to retract his fist. However, an intense pain came from his body, and he was forced to take three or four steps back.

His other hand covered his wrist, and he shouted, "Damn it, he still dares to attack! He simply didn't put Brother Qin in his eyes, Brother Qin... "

"Looks like you have had enough of living. You even dare to hit my people. Even if I don't kill you today, I will cripple you. You two, break his legs first!"


Yun Fan gave the young man surnamed Qin a deep look.

What a ruthless heart.

If he didn't agree, he would cripple him.

Just as the two were about to step forward, a cough suddenly came from inside. The inn was already noisy to begin with, so people could clearly hear the coughing inside. This person was clearly not ordinary. Everyone present seemed to know who it was, and hurriedly retracted their fists.

"In my inn, no one has ever been unreasonable to cause trouble, no matter what your identities are!"

An old woman with a hunched back walked out and coldly glanced at everyone. She held a cane, her hair was white, and she had a smile on her face.

Yun Fan looked at the crowd in front of him and revealed a fearful expression. He thought that this old woman's identity was not simple. Otherwise, the crowd who had been clamoring earlier would have lowered their heads.

The young man surnamed Qin cupped his hands and said with a smile, "Sorry for disturbing you, Senior. We will leave now!"

The other party glared at Yun Fan coldly and walked out of the inn.

Once he left the inn, the long-faced young man angrily said, "Brother Qin, are we going to let this kid go just like that?"

"How can there be such a cheap price? Didn't he say that he wanted to enter the Floating Cloud Sect just now? When the time comes, he will be in trouble."

The old woman's eyes paused on Yun Fan's face for a moment. She nodded slightly and walked into the room with a smile.

As soon as the door closed, she couldn't help but mutter to herself in a low voice, "Interesting. I didn't expect that after more than ten years, the first person to come and inquire about the Purple Sunglow Mountain would actually be a young boy! Looks like there aren't many peaceful days left!"

After walking out of Purple Sunglow City in one breath, Yun Fan turned around and saw that no one was following him. Only then did he heave a sigh of relief.

The old woman was very polite and friendly. However, Yun Fan could feel a vague pressure from her gaze.

After cultivating the Fairy Dragon Qi, his senses towards the Genuine Qi were very strong. Unless he was three or four great realms higher, he would know the approximate strength of his opponent without the opponent's help.

"Purple Sunglow City is indeed a main city. It's not something that a small city like Cloud City can compare with. The owner of an inn actually has such powerful strength. It seems like I have to pay more attention to what I say in the future. "

Yun Fan was secretly on guard. This was the territory of Purple Sunglow Mountain in the past. It was hard to guarantee that there were no spies from those men in black in the jade pendant. His current strength was not enough to fight them head on.

"Yun Fan, I have waited for you!"

Yun Fan turned his head and saw Ouyang Qianru. His face darkened slightly.

Ouyang Qianru, why is she here?

"Haha, don't look like that, okay? I am not following you. I just want to work with you."

"Work together? What do you mean?"

Ouyang Qianru looked at the pedestrians around her and reached out to pull Yun Fan's sleeve. She whispered, "Let's talk as we walk!"

Yun Fan did not say anything. He pulled the horse and Ouyang Qianru away from Purple Sunglow City.

"Yun Fan, do you remember the recruitment of disciples in Cloud City? In the past years, the elders of the Three Sword Sect and Qi Yunfeng brought the Internal Sect and the new disciples to recruit disciples, but this year, the ones who came were the direct disciples. Don't you find it strange?"

" What does this have to do with me? "

"Hehe, of course it has nothing to do with me right now, but if you plan to enter the sect... It has something to do with you. Heaven Martial Country, two mountains, two sects, five peaks and seven sects. Ever since the Purple Sunglow Mountain disappeared more than ten years ago, it has become one mountain and two gates. Five peaks and seven sects.

Whether it was a second-rate sect, one mountain, two sects, or the Third-rate Sect's five peaks, seven sects... Right now, they were all preparing for one thing, and that was to enter the secret realm. It was said that this secret realm was left behind by the Absolute Emptiness Stage Expert. If you want to become as strong as me... This is a great opportunity."

Ouyang Qianru spoke with joy, but when she saw Yun Fan get on the horse without saying anything, she quickly pulled the reins.

"Yun Fan, what do you mean?"

"Nothing. This has nothing to do with me. Jia!" He pushed Ouyang Qianru's hand away and quickly rushed out.

"Bastard, you made me talk for so long and actually left me behind and ran away." Ouyang Qianru stomped her foot and angrily said, "Hmph, I don't believe that you don't want to go to the secret realm."

The horse galloped and Yun Fan rushed towards the Floating Cloud Sect.

He was really tempted by Ouyang Qianru's words. The most important thing right now was to increase his strength. Regardless of whether he went to the secret realm or not, he had to enter the Floating Cloud Sect first.

"F * ck, are you blind?! F * ck, stop right there!"

A loud roar came from behind. A person suddenly appeared in front of them and threw a punch at the horse's head.

Yun Fan did not have time to stop. He pulled on the reins.


The horse fell to the ground. Yun Fan gently jumped and landed on the ground. He looked at the aggressive middle-aged man in front of him and said coldly, "What are you doing?"

"F * ck, why are you asking me? Bah, are you blind? Don't you see anyone on the road?"

As the middle-aged man spoke, a youth walked up from behind. His skin was fair, and he wore embroidered clothes. The Storage Ring on his finger was not an ordinary item either.

He held a handkerchief and covered his nose. One of his hands continuously fanned in front of him, causing dust to rise up from the horse.

Yun Fan had indeed seen two figures earlier, but he did not care about them at all. He did not expect them to stop him because of such a small matter.

"You killed my horse. This matter will be considered settled."

"Settled? Kid, do you know who our young master is? The young master of the Lan Family in Purple Sunglow City, who do you think you are? Just settle it as you wish!" The middle-aged man shouted angrily.

Yun Fan furrowed his brows. The middle-aged man was a Fifth Level of Congenital Stage. If he really wanted to fight, he would have to use the Dragon Skill. Otherwise, no one knew how long he would have to fight.

He was in a hurry to rush to the Floating Cloud Sect, but he didn't want to reveal his trump card. He couldn't help but say in a deep voice, "Then what do you want?"

"Young master..." The middle-aged man looked at the young man.

"Just let him take out a hundred Spirit Stones. I still have to report to the Floating Cloud Sect. If this is delayed, and I don't have a good impression of him, it will be difficult for me to become a disciple of the Internal Sect in the future." The young man waved his hand and walked away.

"Did you hear that? If it wasn't for the fact that the young master has an important matter today, I would definitely beat you until your teeth are all over the floor!"

A hundred Spirit Stones, not to mention Yun Fan, even if he had it, he wouldn't give it to him.

" Since that's the case, then I can only make a move! "

Yun Fan did not cause trouble, but he was definitely not afraid of trouble. Not to mention Fifth Level of Congenital Stage, even if he was an Essence Accumulation Stage, he wouldn't swallow his anger.

"Haha... fight with me, I..."

The middle-aged man said as he attacked. Their fists collided, and both of them took a step back at the same time. This caused the youth in front of them to stop in his tracks.

"Hurry up, we'll catch up when we're done. I'll be leaving first!"

The middle-aged man blocked in the middle of the road until he could not see the youth's figure. This time, he coldly said, "Brat, you're courting death. You're only at the second level of the Congenital Stage, yet you dare to look down on me? I..."

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