Ancient Divine Dragon Transform/C14 The Entrance Exam
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Ancient Divine Dragon Transform/C14 The Entrance Exam
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C14 The Entrance Exam

When the middle-aged man saw that Yun Fan didn't say anything, he immediately threw his fist forward to meet Yun Fan's attack. Just as he was about to mock ___, he suddenly saw the opponent's clenched fist loosen and turn into a sharp claw that pierced through his body.

The fist landed on Yun Fan's body. Not only did the powerful impact not push Yun Fan back, but it also caused a sharp pain in his chest.

Lowering his head, he saw a huge hole in his chest, and blood was flowing out. His opponent's hand was full of blood, and he even had two ribs in his hands.

"Bullying others with your power, do you really think I'm afraid just because you bark twice!?"

After Yun Fan finished speaking, his ribs fiercely hit his opponent's head, killing him with a single strike.

It wasn't because he was ruthless and merciless.

Yun Fan knew very well that in this world where martial arts reigned supreme, everything depended on strength.

If he wasn't strong enough, he would only die an even more miserable death.

He threw the corpse to the side and took off the Storage Ring in his hand.

Although this fellow was considered a servant, there were quite a lot of things inside the Storage Ring. Just the Spirit Stone alone had a few hundred of them, and there were also some messy Demon Core.

"Just as I was thinking about how to improve, someone gave me the Spirit Stone. The Eternal Fairy Dragon Transformation doesn't take much time either. Let's see if I can break through first! "

On the way to Purple Sunglow City, he had already lost a hundred Spirit Stones to Ouyang Qianru to cultivate. Adding on the few days of cultivation, it wasn't far from the third level of Divine Bone Transformation. With these words, he should be able to break through to the third level.

After finding a slightly remote place, he crossed his legs and started cultivating.

The Fairy Dragon Qi circulated, and a vortex of spiritual energy appeared above his head once again. Yun Fan hurriedly took out the Spirit Stone and all of its contents, and the spiritual energy frantically drilled into his body.


A slight sound came from within his body, and Yun Fan's face was filled with joy.

He had broken through to the third level of the Divine Bone Transformation. It turned out that when he was at the second level of the Divine Bone Transformation, he had already given it to someone else. Now, just his cultivation base alone was equivalent to the fourth level of the Congenital Stage.

If one counted the powerful attack of the Fairy Dragon Qi on his body, even if he was at the Sixth Level of Congenital Stage, Yun Fan would still be able to fight to a draw.

"Eh? Why are all the bones golden? Divine Bone Transformation? Right, breaking through to the Divine Bone Transformation means that the bones have changed. The blood of the Divine Blood Transformation should have turned golden as well, right? But what's the use of this?"

Yun Fan had too many questions about the Eternal Fairy Dragon Transformation, but he didn't want to waste any more time on it.

"I've been cultivating for some time now. That kid said that he was in a hurry to report to the Floating Cloud Sect. It seems like I can't delay any longer."

The recruitment of disciples in a sect wasn't something that could be tested at any time. In an ordinary sect, even if it was the Third-rate Sect, it could only be done twice a year. If it was a second-rate sect, it would take place once a year.

Once they missed the chance to take in disciples, no matter how strong Yun Fan was, he wouldn't have the chance to enter the Floating Cloud Sect.

There were countless mountains around the Floating Cloud Sect. Although it wasn't a mountain range, there were a few peaks that stood in the middle of the mountains. The mountain was surrounded by mist, and the atmosphere was majestic.

The surrounding spiritual energy was so dense that it couldn't be compared to an ordinary place. On one hand, the spiritual energy here was much denser than other places. On the other hand, the Floating Cloud Sect had set up a Spirit Gathering Battle Array here.

Compared to the surrounding families, the sect's geographical environment wasn't the only good thing. What was more important was their foundation. This was because the cultivation and martial skills of the sect were not something a few families could compare with.

At this moment, a large group of people had already gathered at the foot of the mountain gate of the Floating Cloud Sect.

The people who had formed a group whispered amongst themselves, but no one knew what they were talking about. At this moment, a disciple of the Floating Cloud Sect said loudly, "Anyone else? If not, we won't wait any longer. We will start the assessment."

"There's another one. I'll have to trouble senior brother to help me register. My name is Yun Fan!"

Yun Fan squeezed through the crowd and walked up to the other party. He saw the other party write his name on it.

There were at least a thousand people in the surrounding forest, and the weakest one was at the sixth level of the Body Tempering Stage. The strongest one had already broken through to the Congenital Stage.

Looking around, many of them raised their heads confidently, as if they had already known the rules of the exam.

"I heard that the requirements to enter the sect have increased this time. In the past, as long as you reach the 60th step, you will be able to enter the sect. This year, it seems like you will need to reach the 70th step."

"It can't be? How many people can enter the sect then? Sixty steps was already at the eighth level of the Body Tempering Stage, and seventy steps was at least at the ninth level of the Body Tempering Stage."

"This isn't just a matter of cultivation realm, even if it's the ninth level of the Body Tempering Stage... If one's disposition and willpower aren't good enough, they will still be eliminated. This was the only test in the Floating Cloud Sect's entrance exam. It was said that this section of the road had the pressure of a Fusion Stage warrior. It's not that easy to pass."

Yun Fan turned his head and looked at a slightly plump young man. He scratched his head and said with a worried expression.

With a thought, he stepped forward and said, "You're at the ninth level of the Body Tempering Stage. Don't tell me you're not confident?"

The slightly plump young man smiled and said, "To be honest, if it was in the past, I would have the confidence, but if I really raised my standards this year, I have no confidence at all."

As he spoke, an old man in a long robe stood out. He had a dignified expression, and his eyes flashed with a trace of light as he scanned the crowd. The discussions around him immediately stopped.

"I think all of you are clear about the sect's examination. Our Floating Cloud Sect has always used the same method to take the entrance exam, which is to climb the mountain gate.

Perhaps some people already know that the requirement to climb the mountain gate this year will be higher. Only those who have reached the 70th step can enter the sect. Alright, let's start now! "

As soon as he finished speaking, many of the people who had long prepared stepped onto the mountain path behind the old man.

The mountain path was wide and continuous. There were a total of 100 steps, and each step was more than 30 centimeters tall. It stretched straight to the waist of the mountain. After the hillside, it became an ordinary narrow and long mountain road.

The mountain path of the 100th step was very wide. It was enough for dozens of people to climb it at once. The first dozen people who went up had already reached the 30th step.

Yun Fan stared at the path of the mountain. He didn't think that it would be so easy to go up this path. If that was the case, then everyone would be able to enter the Floating Cloud Sect.

As he stepped on it, he suddenly felt an invisible pressure falling on him.

Was this the pressure?

Yun Fan felt the Fairy Dragon Qi in his body begin to stir. He immediately pressed down on the Fairy Dragon Qi.

The pressure was very good. It just so happens that I can see how much pressure my body can withstand.

The first 30 steps seemed very relaxed, and people followed one after another. When he reached the 50th step, Yun Fan could clearly feel that the people in front of him had slowed down, and his expression was solemn.

Looks like it really isn't simple!

These people all knew the rules of the assessment and had come prepared. To have such an expression on their faces when they reached the 50th step was clearly a little strenuous.

Just as Yun Fan was about to step forward, a sneer sounded from behind him, "I didn't expect you to really come. It's useless even if you don't come. It's impossible for you to enter the Floating Cloud Sect."

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