Ancient Divine Dragon Transform/C16 Enter the Mountain Gate(last Part)
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Ancient Divine Dragon Transform/C16 Enter the Mountain Gate(last Part)
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C16 Enter the Mountain Gate(last Part)


Blood spurted out from his mouth. Suddenly, the Fairy Dragon Qi in his body rapidly moved through his body. In a moment, Yun Fan felt that his strength had increased a little.

He could really break through the limits of his body and increase his physical strength.

A bright light flashed in Yun Fan's eyes. He adjusted himself slightly. Just as he was about to take a step forward, he saw a familiar figure walking up to him.

"You dare to take the test with just this bit of strength? Even if you just barely pass. After entering the sect, I will find an opportunity to kill you! "

The one who spoke was the young man Yun Fan met on the way. Sensing the cold killing intent of the young man, Yun Fan let out a cold snort.

After he killed the middle-aged man who was with the young man, he had never thought of letting this young man go.

Since the young man wanted to make a move, it couldn't be any better. At that time, even if the sect were to investigate, he wouldn't need to explain.

The other party raised his head and looked at the old man. Knowing that he couldn't make a move now, he walked forward.

At that moment, most of the people had already stopped. The one in front was the young girl with the green veil covering her face. She had already reached the 90th step. Next was Qin Yu, who had already reached the 85th step. The youth who had just spoken had also reached the 80th step in one breath.

"F * ck! This young master of the Lan Family is really awesome! He has reached the 80th step in one go!"

"I think Lan Lin can at most reach the next two steps. Qin Yu should be able to reach the 87th step. But who is this perverted woman? Why is she so awesome?"

"I don't know, but the three of them are really strong!"

The surrounding disciples discussed animatedly, and the old man nodded in satisfaction.

"The new disciples are really not bad this time!"

"Yeah, to be able to step onto the 80th step, one must at least be at the first level of the Congenital Stage or above. Moreover, one's disposition and willpower must also be able to keep up. Looks like there are indeed a few good seedlings this time! "

" That little girl is really monstrous. Fourth level Congenital Stage. Even the disciples of the Internal Sect can't compare to her! "

"I don't know if this is her strongest strength. If she can reach the hundredth step, I guess those old guys in the sect won't be able to sit still."

"Fourth level Congenital Stage stepping into the hundredth step, focusing on nurturing her for a year. She is definitely the leader of this generation of the Floating Cloud Sect. Ling Xinyue, it seems like the Heaven Martial Country doesn't have any major families from the Ling Family! "

"Don't worry about which family she belongs to. As long as she enters the sect, she will become a disciple of the Floating Cloud Sect."

The two old men beside the old man couldn't help but smile. With such talent, even if she entered a second-rate sect, she would still be outstanding.


With a loud roar, Lan Lin collapsed onto the ground.

Eighty Fourth Rank warriors, this had already surpassed his ability. Looking at Lan Lin who was bleeding from the corner of his mouth, Qin Yu retracted the step she had just taken.

At this moment, he was already standing on the eighty-ninth step. He knew that if he could advance another step, his position in the sect would definitely be different. Because every ten steps was a step, the pressure would increase tremendously.

Looking at Ling Xinyue who had already stepped onto the 95th step, he knew that no matter how hard he worked, he would not be able to surpass her. Rather than getting injured, he might as well give up.

"Eighty Fourth Rank, eighty-ninth step, this is too amazing! I wonder if that monstrous genius will reach the hundredth step."

"A hundred steps, the Floating Cloud Sect hasn't reached it in a few hundred years!"

"Look, it's going up. Ninety-six steps... "


Everyone couldn't help but shout out. At this moment, it was as if they were the ones walking on top.

"Old Xing, do you think she can go up?"

Bai Yan had been an elder of Outer Sect for so many years, but this was the first time he was so excited. Not to mention him, even Shi Zhong and Xing Yue were also excited.

An elder of the Outer Sect was in charge of all the trivial matters in the sect, and his most important duty was to find talented disciples. If Ling Xinyue could really step onto the 100th step, then they would very likely become elders of the Internal Sect.

One should know that the elder of the Outer Sect handled trivial matters all day long, so he didn't have much time to cultivate. But the elders of the Internal Sect were different. As long as nothing happened to the disciples of the Internal Sect, they wouldn't care about anything and just focus on their cultivation.

The elders of the Internal Sect were all elders of the Outer Sect in the past. The reason why they had advanced was because they had discovered a monstrous disciple who had stepped onto the ninety-eighth step.

"Yes, of course I can. Didn't you see that her footsteps were steady?" Xing Yue said firmly.

At this moment, Ling Xinyue was indeed very calm because the 98th step was not her goal at all. Her goal was the 100th step.

She took a step forward and did not stop. She took another step. Her body steadily stood on the 99th step.

"So powerful, it's already at the 99th step. She's trying to break through to the 100th step!"

" F * ck, if only I had the strength. "

"The difference is too great. 100th step, I'm only at the 72nd step and I can't hold on anymore."

The surrounding disciples widened their eyes, and Xing Yue couldn't help but clench his fists tightly.

"She is accumulating energy!"

"Regardless of whether she can succeed or not, she is destined to be a monstrous genius of this generation."

"Come, let's go up and wait. We can't let her get hurt!"

The three of them quickly went up to the 100th step on the stage. Just as they stood still, Ling Xinyue shouted and stepped on it.

Her delicate body shook and a trace of blood flowed out from the corner of her mouth. Her almond eyes lit up and her willowy eyebrows tightly knitted. Her half-bent body slowly straightened up.

"Good, good, good!"

Xing Yue couldn't help but shout. He stretched out his hand and took out a Pills and handed it over.

Ling Xinyue opened her mouth and swallowed it. She closed her eyes and slowly exhaled a mouthful of foul air. She smiled and said, "Thank you, Elder!"

"It's fine. You are now a disciple of our Floating Cloud Sect. How can I let you get hurt?! Now, I declare... Eh..."

Xing Yue was about to announce the end of the examination when he saw a person standing on the mountain road. This person was none other than Yun Fan.

The Fairy Dragon Qi in his body continuously filled his body. The meridians and muscles that had been damaged by the pressure slowly recovered.

He stood on the 69th step. He knew very well how powerful the pressure of the 70th step was. He was accumulating strength. He wanted to use his physical strength to charge up.

"This fellow's skin is really thick. He's stuck on the 69th step and not coming down!"

"Although the 69th step is only one step away, the pressure of the 70th step is not something that a 60th step can compare to. Isn't this fellow courting death?"

"Get lost. Come back and train for another two years!"

"You dare to take the test with such strength. If you want to torture yourself, don't waste our time!"

"Get lost..."

The surrounding disciples shouted. Qin Yu and Lan Lin's faces were full of disdain. They said coldly, "Elder, let him get lost. Even if he managed to reach the 70th step, it would only bring shame to the sect. "

Bai Yan was just about to open his mouth when Xing Yue suddenly said, "Alright, Senior White. Bring the disciples who passed the test up the mountain first."

"Old Xing, is that necessary?" After saying that, he turned to look at Yun Fan, who was about to recover.

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