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Ancient Divine Dragon Transform/C17 Falling into the Storm
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C17 Falling into the Storm

Even the 70th step took so much effort to enter the sect, it was just the bottom of the pack. For such a disciple to enter the sect, it would only be a waste of the sect's resources.

Whether it was the Third-rate Sect or the second-rate sects, the main cultivation resources were placed on the top few disciples. Because the sect needed experts, not trash.

Yun Fan was barely able to reach the 70th step. Even if he had sufficient cultivation resources, he didn't know how many years it would take for him to enter the Congenital Stage.

"Alright, Senior White. All of you can arrange for the passing disciples. Since the sect has set the rules for the test, then we can't violate the rules. Otherwise, it won't be good for the sect's reputation if this gets out."

Bai Yan and Shi Zhong nodded and left with the others.

Xing Yue walked to the side and said in a deep voice, "You'd better not deliberately delay any longer. I'll give you another minute. If you can't go, then scram!"

Yun Fan slowly opened his eyes and nodded.

Although Xing Yue's words were hard to hear, he was still grateful that he was given this opportunity.

According to what the others had said, even if Xing Yue announced that he couldn't do it now, he wouldn't be able to do anything about it.


He took a step forward, and a huge pressure smashed onto his body like a heavy hammer. His knee heavily smashed onto the ground.

"Alright, don't force yourself. If you continue, you will be injured. If you really want to join the Floating Cloud Sect, you should go back and cultivate for another two years... "

Before Xing Yue could finish his words, he saw Yun Fan suddenly stand up.

He spurted out a mouthful of blood, and his face turned pale. However, his face was firm, and his body stood up like a javelin.

"Although his strength is a bit weak, his mind and willpower are not bad. Alright, you've passed. Come with me!"

Yun Fan nodded and followed Xing Yue up the mountain.

On the mountain, there were scattered courtyards. There were hundreds of them.

"This is the Outer Peak. It is also the place where the disciples of the sect live. Each courtyard had a sign hanging on it. If the sign on the door was gone, it meant that the courtyard was full of people. You can find any one of them yourself! "

After saying that, Xing Yue turned around and left. He did not care about a disciple who barely managed to step onto the 70th step.

Yun Fan was not picky about his residence. He simply found a small courtyard with a signboard and walked in.

There were four rooms in the courtyard. Yun Fan was about to find one when he saw one of the rooms open. Wang Dashan walked out with a silly smile on his face.

"Brother Yun, what a coincidence!"

Yun Fan smiled and said, "It is indeed a coincidence. I did not expect to meet you in a random courtyard. I saw that you could easily reach the 70th step. Why didn't you continue?"

When Wang Dashan was above him, others would try their best to go up, but Wang Dashan did not continue after reaching the 70th step.

Wang Dashan scratched his head and said with a silly smile, "As long as I can become a disciple of the sect, that's enough. My strength isn't strong. It's the same whether I can go up or not. I'm the only one who can make it in this generation of our village. The villagers are counting on me to become stronger. Protect the village.

Not to mention that I am not strong, even if I am strong, I will not show off. Not only will that not do me any good, it will also bring trouble to the village. Hehe, everyone in the village calls me Shanzi. You can call me that in the future!"

Yun Fan smiled and nodded.

This Wang Dashan looked very honest, but his heart was as clear as a mirror. He was straightforward and honest. Not only was he honest, but he was also reliable and worth making friends with.

"Oh, right, they are all from the same courtyard. Let me introduce them to you. I say, the two of you don't need to hide anymore. Come out and get to know each other!"

The doors of the two rooms opened, and a man and woman walked out.

The man was short, his skin was slightly dark, and he had a cold expression.

The woman was slim and graceful. She had a ponytail and braids, and her figure was well-proportioned. She was quite pretty.

Wang Dashan put his hand on the man's body and smiled. "This boy who doesn't like to talk is called Leng Feng. The beauty next to him is called Jing Xiangyan. Both of them are stronger than me.

Leng Feng reached the seventy Sixth Rank and Jing Xiangyan reached the seventy-fifth step. Although they are both at the ninth level of the Body Tempering Stage, I can't even withstand ten of them."

" Wang Dashan, I thought you were an honest man, but I didn't expect you to flatter me as well. I have to say, what you said made me feel comfortable."

Jing Xiangyan revealed a sweet smile. At this moment, Yun Fan suddenly felt that she was very beautiful.

Although some women's appearances were not very outstanding, after looking at them for a long time, one would realize that she was more beautiful than ordinary women. Jing Xiangyan was obviously this kind of woman.

Although they had just met, Jing Xiangyan's smile made them become much more harmonious.


The courtyard door was suddenly kicked open. A youth dressed in brocade clothes walked in with his head held high.

Beside him were a few other youths. Each one of them looked fierce and fierce, as if they weren't like this. It didn't show how strong they were.

"This young master has taken a liking to this place. Hurry up and take your luggage, get lost!"

Yun Fan gave them a cold look, then he turned around and walked towards the last empty room. Wang Dashan and the other two looked at each other, then turned around and walked at the same time.

"What a daring dog! Do you know who I am? It is your fortune that this young master has taken a fancy to this run-down courtyard of yours! Oh right, I don't like to have mixed fishes at my place. You people better scram to a place ten miles away, don't get in my way! Otherwise..."

The youth in embroidered clothing roared and the four of them immediately stopped in their tracks.

Wang Dashan pointed at him and angrily said, "You..."

Jing Xiangyan, who was beside him, gently pulled Wang Dashan. Wang Dashan suppressed his anger and swallowed the rest of his words.

They had just entered the sect, and this guy in front of them was not someone they could mess with. Not only Wang Dashan and Jing Xiangyan, even Leng Feng had a helpless expression on his face.

"What else can we do?"

Seeing Yun Fan approaching, the youth in embroidered clothing said with a stern expression, "You trash, who told you to get close to me?"

"You don't want me to get close to you? Then what are you doing here? Are you a Sect Master or an Elder?"

"Although I'm not..."

Yun Fan did not give the other party the chance to speak. He coldly shouted, "Who do you think you are? What do I do? Where do I live? Do you have the right to tell me what to do?"

The youth in embroidered clothes was so angry that his chest was heaving up and down. Yun Fan's words also attracted quite a number of disciples to watch. However, none of them entered the courtyard. They were outside the courtyard, taking pleasure in ___'s misfortune.

"This kid is so awesome! He even dared to provoke Gu Chenyu, he was at the first level of the Congenital Stage! This time, there's going to be a good show to watch."

" Gu Chenyu's grandfather is an elder of the Internal Sect. Doesn't this kid plan to enter the Internal Sect? "

"This kid has a hard time even reaching the 70th step. I wonder how long it will take for him to enter the Internal Sect. But even if he doesn't enter the Internal Sect, as long as the elder of the Internal Sect speaks, he won't have a good life."

"A good life? You think too much. As long as there is a single mistake, he will be expelled from the sect."

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