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C19 Sect Mission

Down the mountain, people come and go.

The entire outer court became much livelier because of the large number of new students.

The two towers on the Zong Mission Peak were tall and eye-catching, and there were a few halls at the edge. At this moment, a High Tower was surrounded by people, while the few halls at the side were sparsely scattered. Not many people could be seen.

Yun Fan was not a person who wanted to join in the fun. He would walk towards whichever side had fewer people. Most importantly, the message Wang Dashan left behind was about the Internal Affairs Division. These two tall towers were clearly not.

When they approached the few halls at the edge of the hall, they could clearly see the plaque on the hall.

Law Enforcement Hall!

Sect Hall!

Internal Affairs Hall!

Yun Fan knew about the Law Enforcement Hall, but he really didn't know what the Sect Hall was. Just as he was about to walk over, he saw two cold and sharp gazes shot out from the old man's eyes. His footsteps paused slightly, then he turned around and walked towards the Internal Affairs Hall.

He had just entered the sect, so he didn't want to cause any trouble!

"Elder, my new disciple, Yun Fan, has come to collect the identity Jade Plate." Yun Fan bowed to the old man from the Internal Affairs Division.

The old man casually threw out a Jade Plate and said, "Take it, don't lose it. This is not only your identity Jade Plate, but also the Jade Plate that you have saved points in the sect. If you lose it, the points on it will be cleared."


The old man looked at Yun Fan, who was at a loss. He pointed at the High Tower that had the most people and said, "That is the Mission Tower. You can go there and receive missions to earn points.

Points were the contribution points to the sect. In the sect, if you wanted to obtain cultivation methods, martial skills, Pills, weapons and other things you needed points to exchange for. If you don't have points, you won't be able to get anything in the sect. "

Although the Yun Family was the Small Family, they had heard of the sect's points before. Yun Fan bowed and left.

He injected a trace of Genuine Qi into the Jade Plate, and his name appeared in front of him. Behind him, there was a word '0', which was very eye-catching.

The Eternal Fairy Dragon Transformation skill was enough. The Dragon Skill skill and the Wind Chasing Sword skill could not be used easily, but the Falling Leaf Sword Arts skill seemed a little weak. It was best to find some practical martial skills now.

Thinking of this, Yun Fan walked to the front of the Mission Tower.

There were so many people in front of him. Not to mention the road, he couldn't even squeeze in.

Most of the people outside were rookies taking the entrance exam this time. Just like him, they were in urgent need of points.

Discussions, noises, and angry shouts filled the air. Everyone wanted to go up and take a look at the mission.

Yun Fan walked left and right, and just as he was thinking about how to get in, he suddenly saw a familiar figure not far away.

"Shanzi, this is..."

This person was the one who left the message, Wang Dashan. He didn't know what he and the two people beside him were discussing, and it seemed like they didn't agree with each other.

The three of them raised their heads at the same time, and Yun Fan couldn't help but be stunned.

"Yun Fan, you're here! Let me introduce you. This beauty is called Ouyang Qianru. She entered the sect with us."

Yun Fan nodded and said, "I didn't expect you to really come!"

Ouyang Qianru playfully stuck out her tongue and smiled sweetly. "You don't want me to follow you. I can only take the test myself."

"Do you guys know each other?" Wang Dashan was stunned.

"Yes, by the way, Shanzi. You accepted the mission?" Yun Fan nodded slightly.

"Yeah, aren't we discussing this right now? Oh right, I forgot to introduce senior brother Chang to you. Senior Brother Chang was really amazing. Chang Yingyan was ranked 23rd among the new disciples.

If it wasn't for Senior Brother Chang's help, we wouldn't have dared to accept this mission. Why don't you come with me? This way, our chances of success will be higher! " Wang Dashan scratched his head and gave a silly smile.

Seeing Ouyang Qianru blink at Yun Fan, Chang Yingyan's face darkened. A trace of gloominess flashed across his eyes and soon disappeared.

"A First Grade Second Grade Demon Beast, I can kill it with one slash!"

Chang Yingyan curled his lips and looked at Yun Fan with disdain, as if he was looking down on everyone.

"Senior brother Chang, it's better to bring Yun Fan along. With senior disciple Chang's strength, he shouldn't care about these points, right?" Ouyang Qianru said with a faint smile.

"Yeah, senior brother Chang, Yun Fan is also very powerful!"

Chang Yingyan sneered and said, "Powerful? Not even Congenital Stage, he would be a burden even if he went. But since Junior Sister Ouyang has pleaded, I'll give you a few points! "

Yun Fan was too lazy to argue with someone like Chang Yingyan.

Although a second level Congenital Stage was not bad among the disciples, he still took him seriously. He nodded at Wang Dashan and walked down the mountain together with him.

"Shanzi, what exactly is the mission you guys have accepted?" On the way, Yun Fan asked.

"It's a three-star mission. Oh, right, you still don't know what a three-star mission is. The sect's missions are all categorized by stars. One star is the lowest, and nine stars are the highest.

Completing a one-star mission would give one more than 100 points based on the difficulty of the mission. Two stars would allow one to obtain points within 500 points, three stars would allow one to obtain points within 1,000 points, four stars would be 2,000 points, and every additional star after that would double the points.

Our mission this time is to go to Dark Yin Mountain and hunt down a tier 2 Azure Rock King Snake. This Demon Beast has recently come to the village and caused the deaths of many villagers. As long as we succeed, each of us will be able to get more than 200 points. Hehe!"

Yun Fan smiled. He knew about the Dark Yin Mountain. It wasn't far from the Floating Cloud Sect, it was only half a day's journey.

Although the Dark Yin Mountain wasn't very tall, it covered a very large area, and there were countless Demon Beasts inside. As long as they didn't go too deep into the mountain, there wouldn't be any danger, because there had never been a Second Order Demon Beast in the outer region.

It was precisely because of this that a Tier 2 Demon Beast entering the village and injuring people would attract attention. That was why the mission would be issued.

Standing at the foot of the mountain, he looked at the endless lush and lush forest that covered the surroundings.

The mountain breeze blew, and the green leaves drifted. They were like the green waves of the sea, sweeping away layers of ripples.

The forest was dark and damp, and layers of leaves covered the sky. Very few sunlight could fall in large numbers.

"Flaming Battle Deer, Rank One, Rank Eight Demon Beast! Leave this to me!"

Not long after they entered the Dark Yin Mountain, they encountered the Demon Beast. Without saying another word, Wang Dashan picked up a sledgehammer and rushed forward.

Although the Flaming Deer was at the eighth level of the First Order, its Raging Flame Charge could even kill someone at the ninth level of the Body Tempering Stage.

The Flaming Battle Deer glared at Wang Dashan. Its front kick slowly drew a line across the ground. Its eyes suddenly turned blood red, as if there was a flame burning in its eyes.

The deer lowered its head, and two forked antlers fiercely rushed forward. It was very fast. The fallen leaves on the ground were lifted up, like a flying tail behind it.

"Good timing. Look at my Rushing Thunder Hammer, the Violent Thunder Strike!"

The sledgehammer was very big, even bigger than Wang Dashan's head. It weighed at least fifty kilograms, but in Wang Dashan's hands, it was as light as a feather, and its speed was very fast.

As the hammer fell, there was a faint sound of muffled thunder. The surrounding leaves flew into the air, bringing with them layers of wind as they fiercely smashed towards the Flaming Deer.


With a loud sound, the flying leaves turned into powder, and a few cracks spread out under his feet.

"Again!" Wang Dashan took three or four steps back in a row. He swung his numb arm, raised his hammer, and rushed forward again.

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