Ancient Divine Dragon Transform/C2 Dragon Blood Descends from the Heavens
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Ancient Divine Dragon Transform/C2 Dragon Blood Descends from the Heavens
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C2 Dragon Blood Descends from the Heavens

"Oh, what else could it mean? Yun Fan, you can't cultivate the Genuine Qi. Although the family disciples don't dare to say it openly, but in their hearts, they all know that you are just a piece of trash. Your body is crippled, could it be that your brain is crippled as well? Can't you tell that I am following Sister Yujiao?"

Yun Hui did not seem to be joking. Yun Fan's heart sank.

Following Yun Yujiao?

A direct line of genius disciples, and now they want to follow a branch disciple?

Yun Hui's eyes were high above his head. If Yun Yujiao did not have absolute strength, he would not have made such a decision.

"Yujiao's talent and comprehension are indeed not bad. She is also stronger than you in terms of martial skills. But in terms of strength, she is only one level higher than you. You are a direct disciple, and you are younger than Yujiao. Next year, your strength will not be weaker than Yujiao's..."

When Yun Fan said this, Yun Hui laughed.

"Yun Fan, you are really stupid! Sister Yujiao had broken through to the eighth level of the Body Tempering Stage a year ago, and now she was already at the ninth level. She was trying to break through to the Congenital Stage. Among the disciples of the Yun Family, including me, no one was her match. In the entire family, you're the only one who doesn't know.

This time, she will definitely enter a second-rate sect. With his talent, he'll become an elite disciple in less than a year. At that time, he would have a recommendation spot. How many disciples in the family want to follow her? If it wasn't for my strength being alright... There would never be such a chance.

It's ridiculous that you kept teaching her martial skills. But that was also true. The Falling Leaf Sword Arts was left behind by the Patriarch. If you didn't teach it, no one would be able to teach it to her. She had already learned it now, and her strength was even stronger. And you are just a piece of trash!"

Yun Fan's expression changed. All along, Yun Yujiao's strength had always been at the 7th level of the Body Tempering Stage in front of him. If what Yun Hui said was true, then Yun Yujiao had been lying to him all these years.

The cultivation realms were divided into Body Tempering Stage, Congenital Stage, Essence Accumulation Stage, Transcending Mortality Stage and Fusion Stage. Each realm was divided into nine levels.

If the young generation could break through to the seventh level of the Body Tempering Stage, then they would be considered geniuses. If they could break through to the Congenital Stage, not to mention the family, even the entire Cloud City would be considered the top geniuses.

"What did you say?!"

Yun Fan clenched his fists tightly, full of anger.

"Yun Fan, no one else would dare to do anything to you, but because you are the son of the patriarch. But that won't work on me. You're the direct descendant, and I'm also the direct descendant. Your father is the head of the family, hehe, in the past. But my father is an elder, my status in the family is not inferior to yours.

Although the rules of the family are for you to inherit the position of the head of the family, that is only in the past. As long as Sister Yujiao enters a second-rate sect next month, the Third Elder will become the family head. At that time, whether or not you can stay in the Yun Family will be a problem. I'm warning you, don't give me face. If you come up again, I will throw you out! "

Yun Hui leaned against the door with a look of disdain.

Many years ago, he knew that Yun Fan could not cultivate the Genuine Qi, so he wanted to become the number one person in the family. He did not expect Yun Yujiao to be so strong. Since she could not become the number one, he would follow her.

Only in this way could he have the same cultivation environment as Yun Yujiao. Otherwise, when Yun Yujiao entered a second-rate sect, the gap between them would only get bigger and bigger.


"Trash is trash. If the family gave me your cultivation resources, I wouldn't be any worse than Sister Yujiao!" Yun Hui spat out a mouthful of saliva in disdain.


Yun Fan gritted his teeth. He did not believe Yun Yang's words. Yun Hui's words were confirmed once again. But he still wanted to hear Yun Yujiao say it herself.

"Yun Yujiao, do you plan to never see me?" Yun Fan said loudly.

"Shut up, trash!" Yun Hui took a step forward, and just as he was about to step forward, he heard Yun Yujiao's voice behind him.

"Alright, Yun Hui. Let her in!"

After walking into the courtyard, Yun Fan saw Yun Yujiao cultivating by the side of the courtyard. She had heard everything just now and even saw it. She slowly walked to the chair and sat down, looking like a superior person.

"What do you want to say?"

Her words were cold. She was a completely different person from the past. Yun Fan's heart felt like it had fallen into an ice cellar.

"Tell me, are you with me because of my sword technique?" Yun Fan went forward and grabbed Yun Yujiao's arms. He said angrily.

"Haha, since you know, there is no need to hide it. Of course I am doing it for the sword technique. Do you think it is for you?! I've learned everything that the Yun Family can, except for the sword technique that only the head of the family can learn. If I'm not with you, how can I have the chance to learn it? Didn't you want to be the patriarch? Don't tell me you don't even understand this?"

Yun Yujiao reached out and pushed Yun Fan away, forcing him to take three or four steps back.

"But you know that my father left the position of Patriarch for me." Yun Fan shouted.

"I know!" Yun Yujiao said coldly.

"You also know that I cultivate non-stop in order to one day become the head of the family and strengthen the family." Yun Fan's voice became even louder.

"I know!" Yun Yujiao was still as cold as before.

"Then why are you still doing this? Why?" Yun Fan couldn't hold it any longer. He roared out loudly.

Yun Yujiao suddenly stood up and stared proudly at Yun Fan.

"Why? Yun Fan, don't you think your words are ridiculous? In this world, strength was the only thing that mattered. Without strength, one would be a piece of trash. Other than sword techniques, you don't have a single Genuine Qi. Falling Leaf Sword Arts, a high-grade Yellow Level martial skill. If it was in your hands, it would be a waste of a heavenly treasure. And in my hands, he is a sharp sword. High-Ranked martial skills belong to geniuses, not trash."

" Just for this, you've been lying to me? Could it be that your feelings towards me are also fake?"

The same person suddenly became so unfamiliar. Every sentence was like a knife stabbing into his heart. It was very painful, very painful.

"Yun Fan, I learned your sword technique, but you touched me and hugged me. Isn't that enough? Let me tell you, I, Yun Yujiao, never owe you anything. Do you know that any random disciple of the Yun Family, even a First Level Body Tempering Stage, can trample you under their feet?

You only know how to live in your dreams all day long, thinking that your sword technique is very powerful. But without the Genuine Qi, what can a powerful sword technique do? Chop the vegetables or chop the firewood! I am destined to be a genius, and you are destined to be a trash! How can a genius have feelings for a trash!"

Every sentence was filled with killing intent, and every word was dripping with blood!

Yun Fan's body couldn't help but sway.

It turned out that in everyone's hearts, he was just a piece of trash!

I am really too stupid, I naively thought that she would like me. I naively thought that even if I can't cultivate the Genuine Qi, I can still become the family head.

What an idiot!

"You're right, this world relies on strength to speak. I don't care if you cheat my feelings, but I won't let you ruin my goal. The position of family head was left to me by my father, no one can take it away from me."

Yun Fan suppressed the anger in his heart and bit his lips. A trace of blood flowed down from the corner of his mouth. He turned around and strode out.

After leaving the Yun Family and Cloud City, Yun Fan couldn't help but roar.

He wanted to vent all the anger in his heart. He wanted to throw away all the pain Yun Yujiao had brought him. He wanted to become stronger, he wanted the Genuine Qi, he wanted to take everything back. Not only the position of the Patriarch, but also all the humiliation that Yun Yujiao had brought him.

The Longsword was drawn out of the sheath and waved with all its might. Ten years of forbearance erupted uncontrollably at this moment.

"Brother Yun Fan, your sword technique is so powerful!"

"So what if your sword technique is powerful? Without the Genuine Qi, any disciple of the family would be able to step on you even if you are at the first level of the Body Tempering Stage."

"Brother Yun Fan, teach me how to use the sword! One person practicing the sword is different from two people practicing the sword. Perhaps under my pressure, you will be able to cultivate the Genuine Qi."

"Other than the sword technique, you don't have any Genuine Qi. Falling Leaf Sword Arts is a high-grade Yellow Level martial skill. It would be a waste to use it in your hands. And in my hands, he is a sharp sword. High-Ranked martial skills belong to geniuses, not trash."

" Brother Yun Fan, I like you! "

"I am destined to be a genius, and you are destined to be trash! How can a genius have feelings for a trash!"

The same face and different words lingered in his ears, and he could not shake them off no matter how hard he tried.


The pitch-black sky, the cold heart.

The heavy rain was pouring down, and the bone-piercing rain was hitting Yun Fan's face.

"Scoundrel, this is the destiny that you have arranged for me? Are you f * cking blind? Come down, I'm going to chop you up!" Not only did Yun Fan not stop, he even roared.

His words seemed to have infuriated the heavens, and heavenly thunder rumbled in his ears, causing him to lose his hearing.

The dark clouds became darker and darker, and the rain began to pour down from the sky. Yun Fan still had his head held high, and he pointed his sword at the sky. He started laughing with a ferocious expression on his face.

"Come on, I'm afraid of you! Everyone can cultivate Genuine Qi, but I can't. If you're not blind, what are you?"

Crack crack...

A series of lightning bolts fell down and struck Yun Fan's face. The dazzling light was so bright that even Yun Fan couldn't open his eyes.

The space was trembling, as if it had reached its limit and was about to collapse at any moment.

* Roar! *

The moment countless bolts of lightning fell, Yun Fan heard the sound of Dragon's Cry.

An image suddenly appeared in his mind. The sky was pitch black, and the earth was shaking. Vicious Beast and spirit beasts could be seen everywhere, raising their heads and roaring.

Yun Fan was so shocked that he couldn't help but raise his head and look up.

A golden light flashed past, breaking through the dark clouds and streaking across the sky. It was like a meteor, and it was even more like a Fairy Dragon, as if it could pass through the heavens and earth.


The lightning struck his body, and an intense electric current flowed through his body. His skin was charred, his meridians were broken, and his bones were shattered. Other than his hair, which was still intact, everything else was destroyed, just like a pile of rotten flesh.

The intense pain made Yun Fan unable to endure any longer, and his body smashed onto the ground. Right at this moment, the golden light turned into a drop of golden liquid and fell on his body.

The torrential rain stopped. The dense dark clouds disappeared, and the sun shone brightly. All of this seemed to be an illusion. It had never happened before.

Chirp! Chirp!

A Golden Feathered Eagle seemed to have smelled the fragrance of meat as it lowered its head and pecked its body.

Suddenly, a golden halo started circulating around its body. The vulture flapped its wings and let out a terrified cry. In an instant, it turned into a few drops of Essence Bloods and disappeared.

If someone saw it at this moment, they would definitely be frightened and scream.

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