Ancient Divine Dragon Transform/C20 Rock Eroding Spider
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Ancient Divine Dragon Transform/C20 Rock Eroding Spider
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C20 Rock Eroding Spider

This was the first time Yun Fan had seen Wang Dashan fight. He leaned against the tree and stared at Wang Dashan.

It had to be said that Wang Dashan's foundation was very solid. Although he was at the ninth level of the Body Tempering Stage, Yun Fan believed that an ordinary ninth level Body Tempering Stage Cultivator was absolutely no match for Wang Dashan.

The moves were simple, fast, and most importantly, fierce.

Whether it was strength or momentum, there was only one characteristic - fierce!

Mm, not bad. The Rushing Thunder Hammer was only a low-grade Yellow Level martial skill. To be able to unleash such power, this martial skill was almost perfect.

Yun Fan secretly nodded his head. He watched as Wang Dashan continuously hammered the Flaming Battle Deer, forcing it to retreat.

After another ten strikes, the deer was finally smashed to death by Wang Dashan's hammer.

Wang Dashan stretched out his hand and took out the Demon Core. He put the corpse of the deer away and said with a silly smile, "Since we are together, why don't we put the Demon Core together? We can divide it after we leave the Dark Yin Mountain."

"It's better to keep it for me. If I encounter some powerful Demon Beast, I won't lose it all."

Chang Yingyan suddenly said. He stepped forward and threw all the Demon Core in Wang Dashan's hand.

After that, he encountered a few more tier one and eight Demon Beast. It was either Wang Dashan or Ouyang Qianru who attacked. The battle was quickly resolved.

Suddenly, Wang Dashan's footsteps stopped. He looked at a black spider on the tree branch in front of him with a serious expression.

"Rock Eroding Spider, tier 1 and 9 Demon Beast!"

Wang Dashan turned to look at Ouyang Qianru. If it was another First Grade and Ninth Grade, Wang Dashan would not care. However, although the Rock Eroding Spider was a First Grade and Ninth Grade, it was poisonous.

Not to mention Body Tempering Stage, even a Congenital Stage would be poisoned to death if they didn't have an antidote Pills, let alone a poison from a Rock Eroding Spider.

In the First Grade Demon Beast, although the Rock Eroding Spider's combat strength wasn't the strongest, with its deadly poison, it wouldn't even dare to provoke a lot of Second Grade Demon Beast.

"Senior Brother Chang, I'll leave this Rock Eroding Spider to you!" Ouyang Qianru said.

"Leave it to me? I'm here to deal with the Azure Rock King Snake. A mere Tier 1 Demon Beast and you still want me to take action? Isn't there still one of us who hasn't made a move yet? Just let him do it." Chang Yingyan's gaze fell upon Yun Fan.

Before Yun Fan could say anything, Wang Dashan stepped forward and said, "Senior Brother Chang, the Rock Eroding Spider is not an ordinary First Grade or Ninth Grade Demon Beast. Anyone below the Congenital Stage could be poisoned to death."

"So what? Although we are a temporary team, we can't just sit around and eat, right? If you want to earn points, then you have to make a move. Otherwise, get out of here as soon as possible! "

Ouyang Qianru and Wang Dashan frowned. Just as they were about to speak, Yun Fan lazily stretched his waist and walked over.

"Yun Fan, I'll help you!" Wang Dashan followed.

"Thanks, let me do it!"

Yun Fan did not want to say anything more. He took out his Longsword and slashed at the Rock Eroding Spider.


A spider web shot out. Before Yun Fan could dodge, countless spider webs fell from all directions.

He didn't feel any spiritual energy at all. It was like a huge net that covered him face to face.

"Yun Fan, dodge! The spider silk is poisonous!" Wang Dashan shouted.

"Do I need you to remind me of such simple common sense? If I don't even know about this, what qualifications do I have to become a disciple of the Floating Cloud Sect? Isn't this a disgrace to the sect? "Chang Yingyan revealed a mocking expression.

The Rock Eroding Spider was lying on a tree branch, motionless. Its two eyes kept moving.

In its opinion, the human in front of it would soon be covered by a spider web, then roll around on the ground, poisoned to death.

However, just as the spider web was about to fall, Yun Fan rushed forward.

With a flash of sword light, the spider web wrapped around the sword and stabbed into the body of the Stonerock Rock Spider.

The Longsword was pulled out. A jet of black blood spurted out and fell onto the ground.


A black smoke rose up, and the fallen leaves and rocks beneath the blood were instantly corroded, revealing a large hole.

What an overbearing poison!

Yun Fan's heart trembled. He knew that the Rock Eroding Spider's poison was powerful, but he didn't expect it to be this powerful. It could even corrode rocks, and it could even corrode rocks in an instant.

If he was hit by this poison, he would die in less than a minute. Even if they were entangled by the poisonous spider silk, the spider silk would cut into their bodies like sharp blades, making it difficult for them to survive.

"How is this possible? This trash's speed is actually so fast!"

A sinister look flashed across Chang Yingyan's eyes. When cultivating the Eternal Fairy Dragon Transformation, as long as he wasn't three or four big realms higher, he wouldn't be able to see through Yun Fan's strength.

In Chang Yingyan's eyes, Yun Fan was at most at the eighth level of the Body Tempering Stage. With this kind of strength, facing the Rock Eroding Spider would only result in death!

However, not only did Yun Fan not die, he even killed the Rock Eroding Spider with a single sword strike. Although the Rock Eroding Spider was in a daze, most of it was due to the speed of Yun Fan's sword strike.

"Yun Fan, impressive! You killed the Stonerock Spiders in one strike. You're much stronger than me."

Wang Dashan stepped forward and put his hand on Yun Fan's shoulder. He smiled foolishly.

Ouyang Qianru went forward and smiled sweetly. She walked around Yun Fan and said, "Do you know how dangerous it was just now? As long as you are touched by some spider silk, no one can save you."

Ouyang Qianru did not want to listen to what Yun Fan said. She wanted to enter Absolute Emptiness Secret Realm with Yun Fan. Naturally, she did not want anything to happen to Yun Fan before that. But when she heard what Chang Yingyan said, it meant something else.

"Hmph, you dare to have thoughts about the woman I like? Just you wait! I will never let you leave Dark Yin Mountain alive!"

Chang Yingyan thought to himself and said coldly, "I was just lucky. I met a stupid spider who was waiting for him to stab me."

Yun Fan ignored Chang Yingyan, which made his eyes even colder.

Wang Dashan walked forward and put away the Eclipse Spider's Demon Core. He smiled at Yun Fan and walked towards the deeper parts of the cave.

Along the way, there were some Rank 1 Demon Beast and more than 20 beast cores.

"Wow, what a beautiful lake! Is this the Jade-Yin Lake?"

Ouyang Qianru's eyes lit up as a huge lake appeared in front of her. Although it was called a large lake, it was actually just a small lake in the arms of the mountain.

The lake water was dark green, but the depths of it was dark and incomparably strange.

Sunlight sprinkled onto the surface of the lake, and scales flickered like gemstones. It was extremely beautiful.

Yun Fan gently shook his head. Women are women. At this moment, he was still in the mood to watch the beautiful scenery. The surroundings were filled with Demon Beast. If one was not careful, one would die. Could it be that he didn't know that the more beautiful a place was, the easier it would be for powerful Demon Beast to appear?

"Qianru, don't move!"

Ouyang Qianru was just about to step forward when Chang Yingyan suddenly scolded in a low voice. His eyes looked towards the weeds by the lake.

As they looked over, Ouyang Qianru and Wang Dashan could not help but suck in a breath of cold air. A huge green snake was entrenched in it, like a huge millstone, it was very frightening.

The green scales were sparkling and shining. A cool breeze blew past, giving off a strong fishy smell.

"Azure Rock King Snake, and it's even an adult. How is this possible?"

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