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C3 Obtained Skill

The Golden Feathered Vulture was a Demon Beast, and an adult Golden Feathered Vulture was at least a Second Order First Grade. However, under the golden halo, it didn't have the slightest resistance, and directly turned into an Essence Blood.

The division of strength of a Demon Beast was different from that of a Cultivator. It was simple and easy to remember. From the first step to the eleventh step, each step was a major realm for a Cultivator. Each step was divided into nine levels, and the nine levels of a Cultivator were divided into nine levels.

Yun Fan was completely unaware of all of this.

After an unknown period of time, Yun Fan slowly opened his eyes. He naturally stretched out his hand and wanted to stand up.

Suddenly, he stopped. He stretched his hand in front of his eyes, and his face was filled with shock.

The burnt flesh on his arm was gone, and his fair skin was slightly red, as if it had just grown out.

He clenched his fingers tightly, his muscles bulging, and a faint golden glow appeared. Not only was he stronger than before, but he was also more powerful.

"What's going on? I remember my body was destroyed by lightning, right?"

Yun Fan was full of doubts. He looked at his recovered body and just as he was about to get up, a series of information suddenly appeared in his mind.

'Eternal Fairy Dragon Transformation '. It was a technique that had existed since the ancient times. It was a technique that could transform the spirit of heaven and earth into Fairy Dragon Qi. It could also be used to refine the essence of heaven and earth to create a divine dragon body. The power of the Divine Dragon, the power to break the heaven and earth, transforming into a Fairy Dragon, no one could match it...

No one could defeat it!

In an instant, his mind was filled with these four words of shock.

The Fairy Dragon Transformation, no one could match him. In other words, as long as he cultivated the Fairy Dragon Transformation, he would be invincible? How powerful was the Heaven and Earth Transformation!

At that time, what Yun Yujiao, what second-rate sect, who can still be arrogant in front of me?

Yun Fan couldn't wait to look.

The Eternal Fairy Dragon Transformation was divided into Divine Bone Transformation, Divine Blood Transformation, Divine Skin Transformation, Dragon Transformation and True Dragon Transformation, Fairy Dragon Transformation and Heaven and Earth Transformation. Each transformation was divided into 12 levels and a Dragon Skill was awakened.

What did this mean? Why were there only seven levels? Could it be that this is an incomplete cultivation method? What was the Dragon Skill?

According to Yun Fan's knowledge, he had cultivated at least nine realms, but the Eternal Fairy Dragon Transformation only had seven realms. Right now, each realm was at the ninth layer, but each realm had twelve layers.

Yun Fan didn't have time to think about it. He hurriedly felt a weak gas in his meridians, and couldn't help but clench his fists.

What he wanted now was to be able to cultivate the Genuine Qi. No matter what the hell this Genuine Qi was, as long as he could cultivate it, he couldn't be bothered with anything else.

"Is this the Fairy Dragon Qi?"


With a wave of his fist, a strong gust of wind blew the weeds into the sky.


His fist hit the ground, and his entire arm went deep into the soil.

"So strong! This should be a Divine Bone Transformation! The first transformation was already so powerful. If I break through to the Divine Blood Transformation, I'm afraid even a Congenital Stage won't be a match for me!"

Yun Fan analyzed in his heart. His eyes were like sharp swords as he shot towards the direction of the Yun Family.

Trash, humph, I will let you all know who the real trash is!

No one can take away the trash that belongs to me. Even geniuses will have to submit to me!

"It is still early. Let's first go to Great Mist Mountain to train, then return to the clan!"

Great Mist Mountain was a mountain range that extended for thousands of miles. Because the highest peak was covered by clouds all year round, it was called Great Mist Mountain.

There were countless Demon Beasts in the mountain, and many Cultivators in the surroundings would go and train. On one hand, it was to increase one's combat strength, and on the other hand, it was also to earn money.

The things on the Demon Beast were all good materials for refining pills and crafting weapons. In particular, the Demon Core in their bodies could be compared to the Spirit Stone. Those with higher levels could not even be bought with Spirit Stone.

The vegetation in the Great Mist Mountain was dense. It was very difficult to see the sunlight inside. Because of the fog, it was dark and damp inside. A gust of cold wind blew over, bringing with it a sinister and terrifying aura that made one's hair stand on end.


A tiger covered in patches charged over, and Yun Fan hurriedly dodged to the side.

A level two and three tiger!

Those in the same realm as the Demon Beast were stronger than humans. A Second and Third Grade would not be at a disadvantage even if they were to fight a human at the Fourth Grade Congenital Stage.

Yun Fan did not expect to encounter such a strong opponent as soon as he entered. However, when he thought of the position of the family head, Yun Yujiao's arrogant and ruthless face made him clench the Longsword in his hand tightly.

"Come, isn't it just the Second and Third Order? Even if it is the third grade, I will fight you to the death! In the future, no one can humiliate me, not humans, and even demons! "

Yun Fan knew that if he wanted to be strong, he had to go through life and death battles. Only by doing so could his strength become his combat strength.

He had long wanted to come here to train, but because he couldn't cultivate the Genuine Qi, Yun Yu didn't agree to it.

With a thrust of his sword, the spotted tiger pounced on him.

The Longsword missed. Its sharp claws left five claw marks on his shoulder, and blood quickly flowed out.

"Compete in speed, isn't it? Then I'll let you experience my Falling Leaf Sword Arts!"

The Falling Leaf Sword Arts emphasized speed. Not only did it have to be fast, it also had to be fast when attacking. More importantly, it had to be accurate when landing.

With the help of the Fairy Dragon Qi, the Falling Leaf Sword Arts was more than twice as fast as before. The spotted tiger simply could not keep up with his speed. The Longsword quickly pierced into the spotted tiger's eyes.


The defense of the Demon Beast was relatively strong. With the difference in cultivation levels, it was very easy to counterattack if one wanted to attack from another direction.


Another eye was stabbed. The blind spotted tiger turned around and ran. Yun Fan quickly rushed forward and stabbed the neck of the spotted tiger from the bottom.

After splitting open the body of the spotted tiger and taking out the Demon Core, Yun Fan suddenly thought of a problem.

"The spotted tiger is at the second and third grade, equivalent to a human at the third level of the Congenital Stage. I'm only at the first level of the Divine Bone Transformation, I didn't expect that I would be able to kill it. Could it be that every change in the Eternal Fairy Dragon Transformation is equivalent to the two major realms of the Cultivator? "

Yun Fan was shocked!

According to his strength, even if the Flower Spot Tiger couldn't keep up with his speed, it wouldn't be so easy to kill him.

Also, he could clearly see that after the Fairy Dragon Qi was instilled with the Longsword, the tiger was filled with fear.

The Demon Beast was divided into different grades. The higher grade had a suppressive effect on the lower grade. This was something that Yun Fan could understand. However, the first level was equivalent to two major realms. This was too absurd.

In other words, when this mysterious Fairy Dragon Qi suddenly entered his body, not only did it restore his body, it also allowed him to have the strength of a Congenital Stage.

"Yun Yujiao is already extremely arrogant before she breaks through to the Congenital Stage. If I break through to the second level of the Divine Bone Transformation, I will be able to trample her under my feet."

He sat cross-legged and started cultivating according to the Eternal Fairy Dragon Transformation.

The spiritual energy of the heaven and earth converged towards his meridians like a tidal wave. A spiritual whirlpool appeared above his head, engulfing the surrounding spiritual energy.

"No wonder the first transformation is about the same as the second major realm. Isn't it too difficult to break through?"

Yun Fan was surprised to find that such powerful spiritual energy poured into his meridians. As the Fairy Dragon Qi circulated, it finally transformed into a wisp of seemingly invisible Fairy Dragon Qi.

If the original Fairy Dragon Qi in his body was to be cultivated, it would take at least half a year to accumulate.

"It's impossible to increase it by one level in a month."

His eyes inadvertently fell on the spotted tiger's body. He hurriedly got up and took out a Demon Core from the body of the spotted tiger.

The Demon Beast had Demon Core, and the Demon Core was filled with spirit energy. Ordinary Demon Core had more spirit energy than the Spirit Stone. Because it was very difficult for the Demon Core to absorb spirit energy from it, most of the Cultivator would not choose to use the Demon Core to cultivate.

However, the Eternal Fairy Dragon Transformation was different. When he circulated the Fairy Dragon Qi just now, the terrifying absorption speed was at least ten times faster than an ordinary Cultivator.

"Let's give it a try. If I can even cultivate a Demon Core, then it will be terrifying. In the future, my cultivation speed will be at least twice as fast as others."

Grasping the Demon Core, the Fairy Dragon Qi started circulating.


A cool breeze blew past, and the Demon Core in his hand turned into ashes.

"Amazing! This cultivation method is too overbearing! No one else can use the Demon Core to cultivate, but I actually used it up in less than one cycle! One month! Let's see how many Demon Beasts I can kill! "

Kill! Kill! Kill!

Twenty days passed by in a frenzy of slaughter.

He had taken care of all the Tier 1 Demon Beast with a single sword strike, and he had no idea how many Demon Beasts he had killed. As long as he obtained the Demon Core, he would start cultivating. Although the Fairy Dragon Qi in his meridians had become much stronger, he still wanted to break through to the second level. It still felt a bit lacking.

"I should return to the clan first. After eating the Qi Gathering Pill that I left behind all these years, and adding the Spirit Stone, perhaps it's about time."

Just as he turned around and was about to take a step, a powerful aura pressure suddenly came over.

Lizard, Tier 3 Demon Beast!

Not far away, a huge lizard's eyes revealed a fierce light as it stared intently, ready to launch an attack at any moment.

Dragon Lizard possessed the bloodline of the Dragon Clan. Although it was so thin that it was about to disappear, as long as there was a trace of dragon blood's aura, it would be stronger than any other Vicious Beast of the same level.

Yun Fan could not help but clench the Longsword tightly, focusing his attention on it.

A tier 3 Cultivator was equivalent to an Essence Accumulation Stage Cultivator. It was an entire realm higher than him.

Every time the Cultivator advanced to a higher realm, its strength would increase by a large realm. The Congenital Stage was a Genuine Qi that changed from the Houtian realm to the Xiantian realm. The Essence Accumulation Stage could affect the spiritual energy of the heaven and earth. It could be used as an attack. If it was any other Congenital Stage Cultivator, it would only have one outcome when facing an Essence Accumulation Stage dragon lizard. Death!


Yun Fan knew he couldn't escape, so he waved his sword and rushed forward.

He exerted the Falling Leaf Sword Arts to its limit and stabbed the lizard's body with his sword.


The tip of the sword seemed to have pierced a steel plate. Yun Fan wanted to retreat, but a huge claw hit his back.


His body hit the tree trunk hard, and he opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Too strong! How was he supposed to fight? However, if he could dig out this fellow's Demon Core to cultivate, the number of Fairy Dragon Qis would likely increase by quite a bit!

He was going to stake it all!

Yun Fan steeled his heart and swung his sword once more.

In the face of such powerful strength, no matter how hard he tried, he would be sent flying.

* Dong Dong...... *

Every step the lizard took caused the earth to tremble slightly. Yun Fan felt a bit powerless as his massive body approached. He quickly circulated his Fairy Dragon Qi and was just about to swing his sword when an image suddenly flashed through his mind.

In the dark sky, a golden dragon was swimming in the sky, and its golden dragon claw was reaching toward the sky.

At that moment, the space trembled and the heaven and earth shook.

The Fairy Dragon Stretching Hand was indestructible, there was nothing it couldn't break...

Yun Fan didn't have time to think as he saw the huge claw of the lizard fall down. He fiercely slashed out the Longsword. At the same time, his left hand formed a claw and mimicked the movements of the scene, grabbing towards the lizard's neck.

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