Ancient Divine Dragon Transform/C4 Blood in Childhood
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Ancient Divine Dragon Transform/C4 Blood in Childhood
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C4 Blood in Childhood


The Longsword was sent flying by the lizard's claw, but its huge body stopped. Yun Fan's left arm stabbed deeply into the lizard's neck, causing blood to flow out along with his arm.

"So strong! Could this be the Dragon Skill that awakened from the first transformation?! This is too powerful! "

Yun Fan's heart shook. The lizard was a Third Order. Even a First Order Third Order could be compared to a Second Level of Essence Accumulation Stage Cultivator. It was killed so easily.

If it was a Longsword, it would be understandable. But if it was a hand, it felt like a dream.

Yun Fan couldn't help but widen his eyes when he saw the hand enter the lizard's neck.

The blood that was gushing out of the lizard's neck was absorbed by the arm before it even touched the ground, and his forearm felt even more powerful.

Devour Essence Blood?

No, my arm was also stained with the blood of other Demon Beasts, but this wasn't the case. 'Eternal Fairy Dragon Transformation ', could it be that the dragon lizard's Essence Blood has the aura of the Dragon Clan?

"'I don't care anymore. I should first cultivate the dragon lizard's Demon Core, then rush back to my family. Otherwise, I won't have enough time.'"

After devouring the Essence Blood and refining the Demon Core, Yun Fan hurried back to the clan.

"I don't think that trash will come back. He's been gone for more than half a month. He might have already been killed outside!"

"If he can't cultivate the Genuine Qi, it's normal for him to be killed. But this is also good. We don't want him to become the Family Head. We will also lose face in the future. "

"Did you see Yun Yujiao practice the sword? No one in the younger generation of the family could withstand a single strike from her. I think the Heaven's End Sect will definitely have a spot for her in the recruitment of disciples.

It has been so many years, but none of us have entered a second-rate sect. If she enters the sect, our family will rise and our chances of entering the sect will be much higher! "

" In my opinion, it doesn't matter who is in charge. As long as she can provide us with more cultivation resources, it will be the same. What's wrong with the elders of the branch families? When Yun Yujiao enters the Heaven's End Sect, will our family's cultivation resources be lesser?

I really don't know what the Great Elder is thinking. He must wait until the recruitment of disciples has ended. He must wait until Yun Yujiao enters the Heaven's End Sect before agreeing to hold the ceremony. "

" You don't even understand this, isn't it just to wait for that trash?! Trash is trash. If we rely on him, we might as well cultivate by ourselves. "

Yun Fan had just arrived at the door when he heard the discussion of the family disciples.

He clenched his fists tightly, and his knuckles cracked. Suppressing the anger in his heart, he coldly swept his gaze over the disciples who were discussing and entered the main hall.

"Yun Fan, where have you been these past few days? Nothing happened, right? Are you hurt? "

Yun Yu rushed out in surprise and pulled Yun Fan to examine him.

When he received the news that Yun Fan had left the family, he immediately sent people to look for him, but they couldn't find him.

Yun Xiao had left the family for so many years. It could be said that he had watched Yun Fan grow up. Although he had always been unable to cultivate Genuine Qi, he had never given up. If anyone in the family cared about Yun Fan the most, it would definitely be him.

"Thank you, Great Elder, for your concern! You have been the best to me all these years. I'm really fine. Look, I'm fine. Oh right, give me all the Gathering Qi Pills I've kept for all these years. I want to enter the training room at the back of the mountain." Yun Fan had a smile on his face.

Yun Yu was stunned.

What was he trying to do?

Was he trying to take things too far? Was he courting death?

Even a Congenital Stage might not be able to come out of the training room alive.

All of a sudden, Yun Yu noticed that Yun Fan seemed to have changed. Apart from his body becoming stronger, his eyes also became firmer.

"This Qi Gathering Pill is already here. I have been keeping it all these years. But why don't we just forget about the Trial Room? It was easy to open the trial room, but after entering, it would take at least ten days to come out. What if..."

"I know that. But no matter what, I have to give it a try. I don't want to see someone else sitting in the seat that my father left for me. Even if I have to sit in someone else's seat one day, I'll still need my permission."

Yun Fan had a determined look on his face, and the words of his family's disciple could still be heard in his ears.

Whether it was mocking or despising him, they would all become the motivation for me to improve.

After arriving at the back of the mountain, Yun Yu hesitated for a long time before opening the training room. When Yun Fan entered, the stone door closed and he couldn't help but sigh.

This was no longer a trial, but a real life threatening situation.

A fierce wind was howling in the training room, and even Congenital Stage warriors found it difficult to move an inch.

This was originally a wind cave, and the family had spent a huge amount of money to build a training room here. They had also requested a high grade Formation Master to set up a powerful formation here.

With every step forward, the stronger the wind, the more pressure they would feel. If one didn't have the strength to resist it, they would be crushed to death by the huge wind and pressure.

After the training room was opened, it would take at least ten days before it could be opened again. The switch was at the place where they came in. If they left here, they wouldn't be able to open it even if they wanted to. Unless they could move forward a hundred meters, there would also be a switch there.

For the convenience of the trial, there was a switch every hundred meters. As long as he could reach the location, he would be able to open the trial room. So as long as he entered the trial room, the people outside could no longer be saved. If he wanted to live, he could only rely on himself.

Ever since the Yun Family had this trial room, it seemed like only Yun Fan's father, Yun Xiao, had entered. There was no one else.

"In this world, the only martial arts that can't be broken is speed. With absolute speed and absolute strength, no one can stop me."

Yun Fan looked coldly at the howling gale and held the Longsword tightly. He swung his sword at the gale and took a step forward.

The strong wind was blowing, and it was difficult for him to take a single step forward. Under the tremendous pressure, his breathing became hurried. Although his speed was much slower, he didn't stop.

He wanted to become stronger, he wanted to stand at the peak of this world, he wanted everyone to know that he wasn't trash, he was an existence that they would definitely look up to.

"No one can stop me. If the wind wants to stop me, I will break the wind. If the pressure wants to block me, I'll break through the pressure. If the heavens want to stop me, I'll stab the heavens. I, Yun Fan, will never be ordinary in my life!"

With furious roars, the Longsword waved crazily.

First style.

The sword slashed out like the wind!

The second stance.

Sword dance, Ye Luo!

The third style...

Wind Tornado - Falling Leaves!

After the last style ended, the Falling Leaf Sword Arts had broken through to perfection.

The faster one was, the slower one would be. Yun Fan sat down cross-legged at the place where the switch was 100 meters away from him, and started to cultivate the Eternal Fairy Dragon Transformation.

No matter how strong a martial skill was, it was just a skill. The most fundamental part was still the Fairy Dragon Qi.

He stretched out his hand and took out the Qi Gathering Pill. Then, he raised his head and poured it into his mouth. These years, according to the rules of the family, every six months, one pill, and more than twenty pills were stored in a bottle.

With so many Energy Gathering Pills, if he were to give it to an ordinary Cultivator, it would at least increase by one or two levels. But in his body, it only turned into a visible Fairy Dragon Qi.

"Sigh, this Fairy Dragon Qi requires too much spirit energy. It's too difficult to break through to the second level. But no matter what, I'll increase it as much as I can. Even if it was just a little more Fairy Dragon Qi, it was still good. There's also some Spirit Stone..."

He reached out his hand to take out the Spirit Stone and accidentally touched a jade pendant hanging around his neck.

Rather than calling it a jade pendant, it would be better to call it a Jade Plate because there was not even a hole on it. There was a small bird carved on the front and a few irregular lines on the back. Instead, it destroyed the beauty of the jade pendant.

This was the only item left by his father. He had always kept it close to his body.

Yun Fan held the jade pendant tightly, and his heart became even more resolute.

"Dad, don't worry. The place you left for me, no one can take it away from me. When I become stronger, I will go and find you."

The Fairy Dragon Qi unconsciously circulated in his hand. Suddenly, a red light burst out from the jade pendant and went straight into Yun Fan's forehead.

Yun Fan's vision turned black, and then a scene appeared in front of him.

It was a night with flames soaring into the sky, and the sound of fighting was deafening. A group of people wearing the same black uniform were mercilessly slaughtering their enemies.

Unfortunately, it was night, and Yun Fan couldn't see their faces clearly. The only thing he could remember was that there was a sword-shaped symbol on the corner of their clothes.

At this moment, a familiar figure flashed past and rushed towards them.


Yun Fan couldn't help but cry out. He was too familiar with this figure. Every time he couldn't cultivate the Genuine Qi, he would always think of his father, Yun Xiao.

Yun Xiao held a child and kept swinging his sword. His entire body was covered in blood, and drops of blood flew along the Longsword.

"Mo Lan!"

Yun Xiao shouted loudly. He did not care about the Longsword hitting his body, and quickly rushed towards a woman.


Yun Xiao clenched his fists. When he returned to the family, he would only think of his mother when he felt wronged.

"Yun Xiao, don't come over. Otherwise, none of us will be able to leave. Hurry up and take Lil 'Fan away, or else it'll be too late. "

Mo Lan shouted and rushed towards a person's Longsword. The other party's Longsword pierced into her body, and she swung her sword to chop off the other party's head.

"I know that you won't leave if I live. If it wasn't for Lil 'Fan, we could have died together. But Lil' Fan is too small. Promise me that you will bring Lil 'Fan and escape. Promise me!"

Mo Lan reached out her hand to grab the Longsword that was stabbing towards her. Fresh blood flowed out from the corner of her mouth continuously. She crazily stabbed the Longsword into the other party's body.

"Mo Lan! Alright, I'll go! I promise you, I'll let Lil Fan live well. "

Yun Xiao's eyes were filled with tears. Just as he turned around, a man behind him threw a palm at him. Yun Xiao hurriedly dodged, but the powerful palm force still hit the child.

"No, I'll fight you all to the death."

Seeing Mo Lan rushing forward without caring about anything else and her body full of Longsword, Yun Fan couldn't help but cry out, "Mother, I'm fine!"

Yun Xiao angrily roared. He took off his outer clothes and wrapped the child in front of his chest. He turned around and ran wildly. Facing the black-clothed man blocking in front of him, he no longer dodged. As long as he couldn't attack the child, even if he was stabbed, it would be difficult for him to stop.

His body was covered in wounds, and blood continuously dripped down. In one breath, he rushed into the dense forest and disappeared.

Everything before his eyes turned black, and the scene returned to the training room. But Yun Xiao's heavy footsteps, his proud and unyielding figure, as well as the countless black-clothed men chasing after him, left a deep impression in Yun Fan's heart.

Suddenly, a voice entered his ears. It was very weak, as if it had reached the edge of death, and it used all of its strength to entrust the final task to him.

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