Ancient Divine Dragon Transform/C6 Martial Skill Demonstration
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Ancient Divine Dragon Transform/C6 Martial Skill Demonstration
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C6 Martial Skill Demonstration

"City Lord Ouyang, since she wants to challenge us, let them fight. If they didn't have a real fight, it would be hard to tell their strength. I think the two of them have the same idea."

Fang Yujue said. Ouyang Qing couldn't help but look at Lin Dahai and the other man, only to see them nodding their heads lightly.

Strength wasn't combat strength. Even the Third-rate Sect needed combat strength.

Since they were willing to compete, that would be the best. They could clearly see each other's combat strength and the potential of both parties.

"Yun Yujiao, you are willing to accept Yu Feifei's challenge..."

"Wait, Yu Feifei, you are not qualified to fight Sister Yujiao. If you want to fight, I will accompany you."

As soon as Ouyang Qing finished speaking, Yun Hui stepped forward. According to the order of the battle, Yun Family was at the back. It was not Yun Hui's turn yet.

Speaking of which, Yun Hui was considered a genius, but he was always covered by Yun Yujiao's radiance. How could he miss such an opportunity?

He had already broken through to the eighth level of the Body Tempering Stage, and Yu Feifei had just broken through to the ninth level not long ago. There was indeed a gap in strength, but the more it was like this, the more he could demonstrate his strongest strength.

"Yun Hui, get out of my way. You are not worthy to fight me."

Yu Feifei gave Yun Hui a disdainful look, but Yun Hui ignored her and didn't even greet Ouyang Qing. He simply swung his sword and thrust forward.

The sword momentum was very slow and light. It was like a girl dancing with her sword. However, the tip of the sword was constantly moving and the attack was continuous.

Facing such a sword, Yu Feifei did not dare to be careless at all. With a shout, the Longsword quickly stabbed forward.

Ding, ding, ding...

After a series of clear clashing sounds, Yun Hui shouted loudly, "Clouds rise and clouds fall!"

"Rainbow Setting Sun!"

Yu Feifei's voice rang out. She repelled Yun Hui's Longsword and stabbed his shoulder with her sword.

"I told you, you are not qualified to fight me. You can leave now. If you continue, don't blame me for showing no mercy!"

"Your realm is only slightly higher than mine. It won't be long before I defeat you."

Yun Hui stepped forward and Yu Feifei's eyes fell on Yun Yujiao once again. She shouted, "Yun Yujiao, do you not dare?"

The scene quieted down and Yun Yujiao became the focus of everyone.

"This Yun Hui is not bad. It is not easy to master the Cotton Cloud Sword Technique to perfection!" Lin Dahai had a smile on his face.

"He has good talent. He can be trained!" Qi Fengliang nodded with satisfaction.

Every year, two sects would come to recruit disciples. In previous years, those who were at the seventh level of the Body Tempering Stage could enter the sect. He didn't expect that this year would be much stronger than the previous years.

"Look, Yun Yujiao is coming! Isn't Yu Feifei looking for a fight?"

"Yeah, I think it would be good if she could block three moves."

" Tsk, three moves? I can't even block one move. "

Discussions broke out in the surroundings. Everyone's eyes were locked onto Yun Yujiao, the proud daughter of heaven. Yu Feifei's previous performance seemed to have been covered up all of a sudden.

Lin Dahai and Qi Fengliang couldn't help but pay close attention to her. Although they knew in their hearts that the best candidate would definitely choose the Heaven's End Sect, what if?

"Yu Feifei, you asked for it. Since you want to lose, I will fulfill your wish. I will let you know who is the true genius of this generation in Cloud City. " Yun Yujiao walked onto the stage and said proudly without even unsheathing her sword.

"Even you deserve to be called a genius. Watch my sword!" Yu Feifei directly attacked.

"You overestimate yourself. You are still far from being able to fight me! So what if I let you attack three times!" Yun Yujiao waved her sword to block and shouted coldly.

One sword after another, Yu Feifei was blocked three times in a row.

Suddenly, a sword light lit up and passed through Yu Feifei's beautiful sword light and stopped in front of her throat.

One finger's distance, as long as it was sent forward, it would take Yu Feifei's life.

A trace of cold air entered her throat. Yu Feifei's face was pale and she did not dare to move her body.

"You are not qualified to challenge me. If it is a real fight, I can kill you with one sword attack." Putting away the Longsword, Yun Yujiao said coldly.

"Congenital Stage! How is this possible? Aren't you at the eighth level of the Body Tempering Stage? " Yu Feifei said in disbelief.

"Hmph, ignorant. That was half a year ago. Do you think I will stop and wait for you? The gap between us will only get bigger and bigger. In the end, you won't even be able to see my shadow."

The arena was silent.

Yu Feifei's strength had already exceeded their imagination. They did not expect Yun Yujiao to be even stronger. If it was not for the fact that they wanted to give way, Yu Feifei really could not even block a single move.

Congenital Stage, this was almost comparable to the older generation of some families. And the one standing here was a girl who wasn't even twenty years old.

"Do you see that? This is the true strength of the disciples of Heaven's End Sect. If the two of you were a little slower, the disciples of Heaven's End Sect would catch up to you." Fang Yujue said with a smile.

Lin Dahai and Qi Fengliang were both at the Seventh Level of Congenital Stage, and were only three levels away from the Essence Accumulation Stage. However, if they wanted to cross this step, they really didn't know how long it would take.

The reason why Fang Yujue was so arrogant was not only because he was a disciple of the Heaven's End Sect, but also because he had already broken through to the Essence Accumulation Stage. Although he was only at the first level, he was still not someone they could deal with.

The young man who was standing at the side of the arena was about to step forward when he saw Yun Yujiao pointing her Longsword at him.

"Yun Fan, didn't you want to take back the seat of the master? Come on, I'll give you this chance."

Yun Yujiao was proud and cold, and her eyes didn't have anyone else in them!

"Yun Fan, this is the sect's recruitment, not a competition. You..."

Yun Yu was afraid that Yun Fan would go on the stage on impulse. Under the watchful eyes of everyone, there was nothing he could do if he got hurt.

"According to the rules, I think I can refuse your challenge, right? I am not a disciple of the family who doesn't abide by the rules. The position of the family head is still waiting for me. If I messed up the rules, how am I supposed to manage a family? " Yun Fan said with a smile.

"Trash is trash. He doesn't even have the courage to compete."

Yun Yujiao ignored Yun Fan. She waved her Longsword and started to use Falling Leaf Sword Arts.

In every family in Cloud City, the strongest martial skill was only a Mid Yellow Level, but the Falling Leaf Sword Arts was a High Yellow Level. This was also the reason why Yun Yujiao wanted to get it by hook or by crook.

Her footsteps were fast, her arms were light, and the tip of her sword was very accurate.

At this moment, Yun Hui suddenly went onto the stage. Under the puzzled gazes of the crowd, he waved his hand and sprinkled leaves all over the sky.

Without waiting for the leaves to fall, the tip of the sword turned into a cold star and quickly pierced through.

Lin Dahai and Qi Fengliang looked at each other and could not help but feel shocked.

"I didn't expect her to use Falling Leaf Sword Arts. Looks like she is very confident!"

"As far as I know, the Falling Leaf Sword Arts is a High-Ranked Yellow Level martial skill. I'm afraid it's the only High-Ranked Yellow Level martial skill in the Cloud City. One sword pierced through five leaves as the entry level, ten leaves as the initial level, and fifteen leaves as the major level. "

" Fifteen leaves? You underestimate her too much. Watch carefully! " Fang Yujue said with a light laugh.

The sword energy was very fast. It passed through the fifteen leaves, but it did not show any signs of stopping.

Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen. Finally the Longsword stopped when it stabbed into the nineteen leaves.

"Nineteen leaves! Almost perfect!" Lin Dahai couldn't help but shout out.

The sword light disappeared and Yun Yujiao stood with her sword in hand. The Longsword's blade was already covered with leaves.

"Good! Let me ask you, are you willing to become a disciple of my Heaven's End Sect?"

Fang Yujue suddenly stood up. Although he had already decided on Yun Yujiao in his heart, he still had to say it in front of so many people.

"Of course, if I want to join, I want to join a second-rate sect!" Yun Yujiao raised her head and said proudly.

"No wonder Yun Fan doesn't dare to go up. With this kind of martial skill, who is her match!"

"Don't say that you can't cultivate the Genuine Qi. Even if you can cultivate the Genuine Qi, you can't do it like this!"

There was a wave of exclamations below. Such an extreme genius was destined to be someone they could only look up to.

"It seems like your Heaven's End Sect has come for her this time. No wonder you came all the way to a small city like Cloud City to recruit disciples. In the future, the Heaven's End Sect will have another personal disciple." Lin Dahai sighed.

"Her talent is definitely not inferior to the elite disciples of the Heaven's End Sect!"

Qi Fengliang also felt a little regretful. If Yun Yujiao could enter Qi Yunfeng, she would definitely surpass him in less than three years.

"Of course, the disciples of Heaven's End Sect are all geniuses amongst geniuses!" Fang Yujue said with a smile.

Yun Yujiao sheathed her sword and looked at Yun Fan with pride.

"Although you taught me the Falling Leaf Sword Arts, you could only stab seventeen leaves at most once. Now, not only can I do it, I have also surpassed you."

Yun Yu looked at Yun Fan and opened his mouth, but he didn't say anything.

He really wanted to say that if Yun Fan hadn't spread the Falling Leaf Sword Arts, Yun Yujiao wouldn't have the strength she had now.

But the Falling Leaf Sword Arts was Yun Xiao's martial skill. It didn't belong to the family, nor did it belong to the family head, so he couldn't say anything.

Following that, a few more people went up, but with Yun Yujiao's demonstration, they seemed much weaker and dull.

"He also used the Falling Leaf Sword Arts? Interesting!"

As soon as Yun Fan stepped onto the stage, Lin Dahai called out. Fang Yujue and Qi Fengliang were also stunned.

If it was an ordinary martial skill, it would be fine, but a high-grade Yellow Level martial skill, after being used by Yun Yujiao, would still dare to take it out. There were only two possibilities.

One was that this guy had gone crazy, and the other was that his confidence was not any weaker than Yun Yujiao's.

"I'm really looking forward to it! If the Falling Leaf Sword Arts could reach the small success stage, his talent would not be any worse than Yun Yujiao's!"

"Hehe, my requirements are not high. As long as I can enter the beginner level, it will be fine. In any case, no one wants to compete with us anymore, regardless of whether we enter the Three Sword Sect or Qi Yunfeng! "

The Three Sword Sect and Qi Yunfeng were both from the Third-rate Sect. If the Third-rate Sect wanted to survive, they would need to form an alliance. Otherwise, it would be very difficult to survive under the pressure of a second-rate sect.

The Three Sword Sect and Qi Yunfeng were the closest to each other, so they naturally formed an alliance. This was also the reason why the two sects came to Cloud City to recruit disciples every year. After all, the Cloud City relied on two sects.

The best ones had already been selected by the Heaven's End Sect, so they were looking forward to Yun Fan even more.

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