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C7 Power Test

"Stop dreaming. Don't you see the difference between his swordsmanship and Yun Yujiao's? With such slow and steady speed, not to mention the initial success, it would be difficult to even get started!" Fang Yujue said with a cold smile.

The surrounding people also started discussing.

"He's actually demonstrating the Falling Leaf Sword Arts? Isn't he looking for trouble?"

"He's trying to take revenge, but the way he chose to do so is too stupid."

The sect only recruited disciples once a year, so everyone would take advantage of such an opportunity. Everyone who goes on stage will demonstrate their strongest martial skill. Unless they were from the same clan, under the circumstances where there was no other way... Only then would they demonstrate the same martial skill.

It was very easy to distinguish the pros and cons of demonstrating the same martial skill.

Yun Yujiao was already infinitely close to perfection. Unless Yun Fan could enter perfection, he could only be even more shameful.

Yun Yu stood up freely. Although he hoped that Yun Fan could surpass Yun Yujiao, he also knew that it was impossible. However, his eyes were still staring at Yun Fan.

The fallen leaves suddenly flew up at the same time. With a flash of sword light, they looked like shooting stars.

Ten leaves, fifteen leaves. The sword force had not stopped.

"Hehe, I think even if he didn't have nineteen, he wouldn't be much worse. Fifteen pieces are already complete." Lin Dahai also stood up in excitement.

"Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen. Good!"

When he saw the tip of the sword pierce through the nineteenth leaf, Qi Fengliang also stood up. Yun Yu was so excited that tears welled up in his eyes.

"So what? If you haven't reached perfection, you still have to depend on your strength in the end." Fang Yujue couldn't help but turn his head and look at Qi Fengliang with disdain.

"You should take a look at it first. It has already reached perfection."

Fang Yujue was startled, and everyone's eyes widened.

Just as everyone thought that Yun Fan would stop, the Longsword extended out once again.

Twenty-one, twenty-two... twenty-five.

"Heavens, it still doesn't stop! Just how much is he going to pierce through?"

"Isn't twenty perfect? How can this be counted!?"

Each pair of eyes were filled with shock, but the Longsword still did not stop.

Twenty-six, twenty-seven...

Finally, the Longsword in Yun Fan's hand was put down. The sword was wearing a total of thirty leaves.

The surroundings were silent.

"Thirty leaves! What was this? Beyond perfection?" Lin Dahai and Qi Fengliang had been paying close attention to it, and it took them a long time to regain their senses.

"It can be considered perfection. The five pieces of Falling Leaf Sword Arts is a stage, and twenty pieces are complete. Surpassing twenty-five pieces is the limit, and he still has thirty pieces."

"I understand now. The reason why he used the sword technique so slowly was because he was accumulating energy. Fang Yujue thought for a moment, then suddenly said.

When the surroundings were filled with sword energy, he could make the leaves fly at the same time. Then, he used his fastest speed to put the leaf on the Longsword. This was the limit of speed and slowness. Even an Essence Accumulation Stage wouldn't be able to cultivate the Falling Leaf Sword Arts to this level!"

After training hard in the training room for so many days, Yun Fan's strength had advanced by leaps and bounds.

The reason he had lifted the fallen leaves was to use his experience of practicing the sword in the wild wind. And after leaving the training room, there was no great pressure. His sword speed was even faster. After gently wiping away the leaf on the Longsword, Yun Fan's gaze landed on Yun Yujiao.

"You even asked someone to help you spread the leaf. I taught you the Falling Leaf Sword Arts skill, and it really is a waste of this martial skill.

Do you think that you can unleash the power of this martial skill very quickly? Fallen leaves? What are fallen leaves? When have you ever seen fallen leaves fall like rocks?

I thought I had learned it and mastered it. In my eyes, what you know is only a half-assed move. With such a level of skill, you still have the face to come out and play. Your skin is really thick."

Yun Yujiao's face was ashen and her face was filled with disbelief. She forcefully suppressed the anger in her heart.

"Did I say something wrong? Since I have taught you, you should practice well. With your current level, you won't have a chance to beat me. "


Yun Yujiao was so angry that she opened her mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood!

"I didn't expect his martial technique to be so powerful! I didn't even see it clearly!"

"That's not right. Which one of you saw his strength? He didn't even reveal his strength. How did he do it? "

"It can't be that he still can't cultivate the Genuine Qi, right? If that's the case, it's understandable that he didn't dare to accept the challenge earlier."

Yun Yujiao felt a little better after hearing the words of the surrounding people. She said angrily," What's the use of having a strong sword technique? Without the cooperation of the Genuine Qi, you are still trash! "

Yun Fan did not refute. He wanted to use his strength to trample Yun Yujiao under his feet.

Yun Fan was the last one to go on the stage. Ouyang Qing quickly went on the stage and said, "Alright, let's enter the second round, the strength test! Hu Jianwei, you go first! "

On one side of the Large Competition Field, there was a huge green steel stone that specialized in testing strength.

Hu Jianwei walked in front of the green steel stone, lowered his waist and threw a punch at it.


An ear-splitting dull sound was heard. The Green Steel Rock shook, and a red light lit up.

"So powerful, this is almost the strength of a tiger. I'm afraid his strength has already reached the eighth level of the Body Tempering Stage!"

In this world, strength was measured by the strength of a tiger, and the strength of one tiger was 500 jin.

Every Body Tempering Stage weighed 50 Jin, and those who entered the Congenital Stage would weigh 500 Jin, which was the strength of a tiger. After reaching the Congenital Stage, the strength of a Congenital Stage warrior would double, and every increase of the strength of a Congenital Stage warrior would be 100 Jin. After reaching the Essence Accumulation Stage, the strength of a Congenital Stage warrior could no longer be measured by strength.

Hu Jianwei's punch shone with a bright red light. The brighter the light, the closer it was to the strength of one tiger.

"The people of City Lord's Mansion are really powerful. They have the strength of a tiger at such a young age. Their future is limitless!"

The patriarchs of the major families of Cloud City were all shocked!

The second one was still Ouyang Qianru. Although she was a girl, the light emitted by the green steel stone was not weaker than Hu Jianwei's.

"It's over. Why is she so strong this year? She was the only one at the eighth level of the Body Tempering Stage in the past years. Now, she is like a cabbage!"

"Sigh, so I wanted to try my luck. Looks like I won't embarrass myself anymore. Let's wait for next year! "

The disciples of various families started to discuss. One after another, they went up the stage. However, there were not as many people as in the first round. Furthermore, under the radiance of Hu Jianwei and Ouyang Qianru, it was difficult for them to stand out.

"Yu Feifei is up. Even if she does not have the strength of a tiger, she is still stronger than Ouyang Qianru and the rest!"

"The Yu Family spent a lot of resources on her. They are also here for the Heaven's End Sect. How can she be weak? "


As she spoke, Yu Feifei's fist fiercely smashed onto the green steel stone.

The green steel stone trembled and emitted a dazzling red light. It was brighter and more dazzling than Hu Jianwei and Ouyang Qianru's light.

"So strong. No, the light is still increasing!"

The red light slowly turned orange and gradually weakened, finally turning into a hazy halo.

Everyone opened their mouths wide.

Although the test of strength did not necessarily represent one's realm and strength, it was also one of the methods used to measure one's strength in the early stages.

The red light represented the strength of one tiger, which was within 500 jin. Once one surpassed this strength, the light would become orange.

Generally speaking, the strength of Body Tempering Stage warriors was within the strength of one tiger, which was the red light. When a Congenital Stage exceeded the strength of one tiger, it would emit an orange light.

Yu Feifei struck out an orange light. Although her strength had yet to break through to the Congenital Stage, she already had the strength of a Congenital Stage, the strength of one tiger.

"F * ck! Is this still a woman? How can men like us live like this! "

"It's fine if she's a little more robust, but how can she have so much strength with her thin arms and legs?"

"The strength of a tiger! When I think about it, if I let her grab me with her small hands, I won't be able to break free no matter what! My heart is filled with tears!"

The disciples of various families started to discuss amongst themselves. Yu Feifei proudly looked in the direction of the Yun Family, full of provocation.

"How is it? If Qi Yunfeng doesn't want this, then our Three Sword Sect will accept it." Lin Dahai turned his head to look at Qi Fengliang and said with a smile.

"I think they are here for the Heaven's End Sect. I'm afraid they don't like our sect!" Qi Fengliang winked at Fang Yujue and said.

"Although everyone wants to enter the Heaven's End Sect, isn't there only one quota? Now that Yun Yujiao has been accepted, no one wants to compete with us, right? Just say it, what is the meaning of Qi Yunfeng?"

"Of course we want her, but we still need to see what she means. If she chooses your Trisword Sect, it won't be easy for me to snatch it. If she chooses our Qi Yunfeng, I think you won't be able to snatch it away, right?"

" The Third-rate Sect is the Third-rate Sect. Even if it's like this, you can't snatch it away! " Fang Yujue coldly harrumphed.

After that, a few more people went up, but all of them were covered up by Yu Feifei's light.

Those who could go up were at least at the seventh level of the Body Tempering Stage. This kind of strength was already very good in Cloud City, but compared to geniuses, it was much weaker.

When it was Yun Family's turn, Yun Hui was the first to walk up.

As his fist landed, a bright red light shone. Although it wasn't orange, it wasn't any weaker than Hu Jianwei's red light.

Yun Hui nodded his head in satisfaction and said loudly, "Sister Yujiao, it's up to you!"

Yun Yujiao walked up with her head held high. For a moment, everyone's eyes were fixed on her.

She walked to the front of the green steel stone and paused for a moment. Then she threw a punch.


The dull sound was like a muffled thunder, causing everyone's heart to jump.

Dazzling red light lit up, but no one moved their eyes away. They were waiting, waiting for the radiance to change color.

Sure enough, the red light turned orange. Even though it was also weakened, it was not comparable to Yu Feifei's hazy halo.

The orange light reflected on Yun Yujiao's body like the halo of a genius. It made people involuntarily open their mouths wide.

Although everyone thought of this result, seeing it with their own eyes still made them feel incomparably shocked.

"Ah... Just what cultivation realm did she reach? How could she be so powerful?"

"She's definitely at the Congenital Stage!"

"How did she cultivate? Was he eating Qi Gathering Pills?"

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