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Ancient Divine Dragon Transform/C8 Comprehension Test
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C8 Comprehension Test

The disciples of the other clans all cried out in surprise. No matter which sect it was that accepted disciples, there was a limit, and that was to be within sixteen years of age.

This was a publicly acknowledged fact. As long as they were over sixteen years old, they would have lost their best cultivation age. No matter how strong they were, it would be difficult for them to improve in the future.

Being able to enter the Congenital Stage before the age of sixteen was already considered a genius. This was also the reason why Lin Dahai asked Qi Fengliang about it after seeing Yu Feifei. A disciple like this was destined to be stronger than any ordinary disciple in the future.

Yu Feifei was already a genius, but compared to Yun Yujiao, she was still much weaker. Although it was all orange light, Yu Feifei's was candle flame while Yun Yujiao was the street lamp. There was no comparison.

With this kind of strength, her cultivation speed was definitely more than double that of ordinary people. It was impossible not to be strong.

"Did you see that? This kind of talent is what our Heaven's End Sect wants. Not everyone can become a disciple of our Heaven's End Sect."

Fang Yujue glanced at Lin Dahai and Qi Fengliang with an arrogant expression. This was the purpose of his visit to the Cloud City. On the one hand, it was for Yun Yujiao. On the other hand, it was also to show the strength of the sect in Cloud City and build a good foundation for the recruitment of genius disciples in the future.

Yun Yujiao was enjoying the envious eyes of everyone on the scene, but Yun Yu looked at Yun Fan worriedly.

Although he didn't know how Yun Fan survived in the Trial Room, he knew very well that Yun Fan couldn't cultivate the Genuine Qi.

If he couldn't cultivate the Genuine Qi, no matter how strong his physical strength was, it wouldn't exceed the strength of a tiger.

"Looking at the situation this year, it doesn't seem like there's a Seventh Level Body Tempering Stage or above. It's very difficult to even enter the Third-rate Sect! Yun Yujiao's entry into a second-rate sect has already been decided. Yun Hui should be able to enter the Third-rate Sect. " Next to Yun Yu, the Second Elder of the Yun Family, Yun Zhen, suddenly spoke.

"Dad, isn't this enough? Look at the other families. This is the time for the performance of our Yun Family. All the glory will fall on Sister Yujiao." Yun Hui said with a smile.

Yun Zhen was Yun Hui's father. It was precisely because of this that Yun Hui dared to do that to Yun Fan. However, Yun Hui wouldn't act so impudently in front of Yun Zhen.

"Well said. As long as Yujiao can enter the Heaven's End Sect, she will be better than three or four disciples entering the Third-rate Sect. Yujiao was destined to be the center of attention this time. This is the glory of our Yun Family!" Yun Hao said with a smile.

None of them looked at Yun Fan. Although Yun Fan's performance in the first match was surprising, the fact that he couldn't cultivate the Genuine Qi was publicly acknowledged by the Yun Family and even the Cloud City.

No matter how good his martial skill was, if he couldn't cultivate the Genuine Qi, not to mention the Third-rate Sect, any other family wouldn't want him.

"Next!" Ouyang Qing said.

Yun Fan slowly got up and walked up.

"Damn it, why is he going up there? Isn't it shameful for him to not be able to cultivate the Genuine Qi and go up there?"

"He doesn't have the Genuine Qi, but he has the strength of an ordinary person. It's already good enough to have a strength of 100 jins."

"The martial technique demonstration is alright. The strength test is just a waste!"

The disciples of the surrounding families could not help but start discussing. Yun Fan couldn't cultivate the Genuine Qi, and that was something that everyone in Cloud City knew about.

Yun Fan didn't pay any attention to these gossips. He walked to the front of the green steel rock, and without any preparation, he threw a punch at it.


A hurried sound suddenly rang out, and it instantly stopped.

Everyone felt as if something had broken through, and they all looked over curiously.

Previously, everyone had used all their strength to strike. The sound of the Green Steel Rock being suppressed by the powerful pressure was dull and long. This time, it was so fast and clear, and it gave people the feeling that it was a casual strike.

"This half tiger strength is not even enough, it's too... Ah, how is that possible? He's still getting stronger? "

Lin Dahai and Qi Fengliang regarded Yun Fan with great importance. They couldn't help but smile when they saw the red light emitting from the green steel stone.

"Look at the brightness of the light. Although it doesn't have the strength of a tiger, it's not much different."

"Hehe. Such a powerful martial technique demonstration, even if it doesn't have the strength of a tiger, it's still a genius... No, why didn't it stop. F * ck, it changed color!"

Qi Fengliang suddenly stood up. Not only him, even Lin Dahai and Fang Yujue stood up as well.

The surrounding people cried out in alarm.

With the strength of a tiger and the martial skills from before, he really had a chance to fight Yun Yujiao!

However, before everyone's shock could end, they saw the orange light becoming stronger and stronger, making it hard for them to open their eyes.

Looking at Yun Fan who was standing there, everyone looked like they were looking at a monster.

"F * ck, this is killing us!"

"Such a dazzling orange light, it's at least the strength of two tigers and above."

"We don't even have the strength of one tiger, but this bastard actually has the strength of three tigers. Is there a need to be so thorough in attacking people? "

Everyone was shocked. Lin Dahai looked at Qi Fengliang and Fang Yujue and found that both of them had shocked expressions on their faces.

"It's impossible for him to break through to the Essence Accumulation Stage, but even if he's at the Congenital Stage, isn't this power too terrifying?"

"Why do I feel like he's cultivating the Demon Beast skill? Until now, we haven't seen him use the Genuine Qi."

Yun Fan had naturally used the Fairy Dragon Qi, otherwise, he wouldn't have such a powerful strength.

The Fairy Dragon Qi was different from ordinary Genuine Qi. Without reaching the Skin Refining stage, one wouldn't be able to see the flow of the Fairy Dragon Qi. This was the same feeling as without the Genuine Qi.

After a month of non-stop cultivation, he finally broke through to the second level of the Divine Bone Transformation in the next few days.

Normally, the Cultivator was calculated by a tiger, but he was different. The unit he calculated was a dragon.

One dragon's strength was equivalent to one thousand Jin, which was equivalent to the strength of two tigers. If a Divine Bone Transformation had the strength of a dragon, just the strength of one dragon was enough to surpass everyone, not to mention that he was at the second level of the Divine Bone Transformation.

He did not try his best in the punch just now, because defeating Yun Yujiao was no longer his target, but the men in black with sword-shaped marks on their clothes.

Since even Yun Xiao was forced to flee, it was imaginable how powerful they were. Facing such a powerful opponent, he must hold back his trump card.

Facts speak louder than words. Yun Fan calmly walked down.

"Hmph, what's the use of just strength!" Yun Yujiao was incomparably shocked, but she still couldn't help but whisper.

She only wanted to suppress Yun Fan in the later part of the demonstration. She wanted everyone to know that she was the strongest among the younger generation in Cloud City.

"Damn it, I didn't see wrongly, right? Is he really a trash?"

"At least he has the strength of two tigers. How strong is he exactly?"

"If the rumors from before are true, then his speed of improvement is too terrifying!"

The people of Cloud City were discussing animatedly. Tears welled up in Yun Yu's eyes. He grabbed Yun Fan's arm and opened his mouth, but he didn't know what to say.

"Fang Yujue, the Heaven's End Sect only has one quota. This is a member of our Three Sword Sect and Qi Yunfeng. "

"That's right. How can the dignified Heaven's End Sect take a fancy to such a person? He has high standards!"

Qi Fengliang didn't forget to add insult to injury. If Fang Yujue changed his mind at this moment, they really wouldn't have a chance anymore.

No matter which Cultivator it was, they wouldn't choose to enter the Third-rate Sect if they had the chance to enter a second-rate sect.

However, Sixteen could unleash the strength of two tigers with a single punch. Even if the Genuine Qi was slightly weaker, it would still be able to become an outstanding figure after being nurtured by the sect.

"Let's take a look first. Strength doesn't represent combat strength. If his combat strength isn't strong, he's still trash." Fang Yujue said with a cold snort.

The third round was a demonstration of talent and actual combat. According to previous years' practice, the Three Sword Sect and Qi Yunfeng would both take out martial skills. They would let some people with talent practice for an hour to see everyone's talent and combat strength.

There was no end to cultivation. If one did not have outstanding talent and combat strength, even if they were very powerful now, they would not be able to walk far in the end.

"Your Heaven's End Sect is a second-rate sect. It's all up to you this time. He can even cultivate a high-grade Yellow Level martial skill to the extreme. We won't bring out our martial skills to shame ourselves." Lin Dahai looked at Fang Yujue and said with a smile.

"That's right. It is really shameful to take out a Yellow Level martial skill in front of a second-rate sect. If the sect had so many Profound Level martial skills, perhaps we would have a chance to advance to a second-rate sect." Qi Fengliang nodded and said.

"Don't provoke me like this. Since I'm here, of course I brought martial skills. Take it!" Fang Yujue said coldly.

Liu Xu Flying Palm, a Low-grade Profound Level Martial Skill!

Ouyang Qing quickly reached out his hand to receive it. Fang Yujue said in a deep voice, "Don't look at those below the seventh level of the Body Tempering Stage. If you can't even master a Yellow Level Martial Skill, then don't aim too high."

From the seventh level of the Body Tempering Stage, there were only a dozen of them.

According to the sequence, each person only had five minutes to watch, then they would hand it over to the next person. An hour later, they would practice according to the sequence. No one would be able to take advantage of a single person for five minutes.

It was precisely because of this that although the martial techniques that the various great sects took out weren't very powerful, they weren't afraid of being spread out.

In five minutes, unless one had a super strong memory and memorized it by heart. Otherwise, one wouldn't be able to remember it at all, let alone cultivate it.

Yun Fan was the last one. He started cultivating after reading the first page.

Others were afraid that they wouldn't remember much in five minutes, but he didn't think so.

The more he remembered, the more he thought about it. It was inevitable that he would not calm down when cultivating. In five minutes, as long as he could grasp the basic moves and the route of luck, he would be able to practice a few more times.

An hour was too short for cultivation. It was simply impossible to cultivate more moves.

Any martial technique, every move and stance, the circulation path of the Genuine Qi was different. Rather than being greedy and biting off more than one could chew, it was better to choose a few moves to practice.

Once the five minutes were up, Ouyang Qing kept the martial skill and sent it to Fang Yujue. A dozen people stood on the field and started practicing.

"No way? He only learned one move in five minutes?"

"This comprehension ability is too poor, right? Not to mention ten moves and eight moves, he should be able to remember three or four moves, right?"

On the field, everyone practiced three or four moves, five or six moves back and forth. Yun Fan, on the other hand, practiced one move back and forth.

Just when everyone was confused, they saw Yun Fan stop practicing and sit on the ground to practice.

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