Ancient Divine Dragon Transform/C9 Sword Competition
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Ancient Divine Dragon Transform/C9 Sword Competition
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C9 Sword Competition

"Hmph, with such talent and comprehension, even if you enter the sect, you won't have much of a future. I really don't know how many years he has practiced the Falling Leaf Sword Arts? " Fang Yujue curled his lips and said.

"He has been practicing the sword since he was young, and has never stopped." Ouyang Qing explained.

"No wonder. He can't be considered a genius even if he cultivates a high-grade Yellow Level martial skill to the extreme in a dozen years. Being diligent can only make up for his deficiencies. It can only be said that he has patience. However, it's hard for such a person to become great!"

The higher one's cultivation, the higher the requirement for comprehension. Without good comprehension and aptitude, it would be very difficult to have great improvements.

It didn't take long. Apart from Yun Fan, no one dared to delay. Because when the time was up, it was no longer a show, but a competition.

When the time was up, Ouyang Qing said, "Alright. The group of Body Tempering Stage and Body Tempering Stage, the group of Congenital Stage and Congenital Stage. Each of you will have a chance to choose your opponent.

Although it's the same every year, I still have to remind you. This competition is not about the difference in cultivation realm, but about the combat techniques you have just learned.

If you use your own strength to forcefully defeat your opponent, you will not be able to display their talent and comprehension. Alright, I'll start with you!"

The one who went on stage was a disciple of the Yu Family, a ninth level Body Tempering Stage. The opponent he chose was Ouyang Qianru.

Both of them were at the eighth level of the Body Tempering Stage. They let go of their hands and feet and started fighting.

The disciples of the Yu Family had practiced three moves in total, and Ouyang Qianru had practiced four moves. Both of them were not familiar with each other. After fighting for two minutes, Ouyang Qianru's advantage was revealed after one more move.

After fighting for less than a minute, Ouyang Qianru's palm landed on his body and he fell out.

There were also people who chose Ouyang Qianru in the later matches, but they were all defeated by her. Although Ouyang Qianru had not chosen anyone yet, she was undoubtedly the strongest among the Ninth Level Body Tempering Stage.

"May I ask if I can choose a Congenital Stage?"

"Of course!"

"[Very well, I choose him!]" Ouyang Qianru said and pointed at Yun Fan.

As they practiced, they made the best use of their time, but at the same time, they also observed the situation of the people around them.

Other people practiced a few moves, but Yun Fan only practiced one move. He even gave up on practicing and sat down to practice.

Although Yun Fan did not show his strength, he stood on Congenital Stage's side. Because Yu Feifei had the strength of a Congenital Stage, she also reached the first group of Congenital Stage. This way, there would be three people in the Congenital Stage's first group.

Ouyang Qianru felt that she could not compare to Yu Feifei and Yun Yujiao's strength. Since no one in the Body Tempering Stage was a match for her, she would choose Yun Fan. Losing would not affect her talent and comprehension, but winning. That would make people look at her in a new light.

All of a sudden, all of their gazes were focused on Yun Fan.

Yun Fan was also a little confused. His target was Yun Yujiao, but he didn't expect Ouyang Qianru to have her eyes on him instead.

"Are you sure you want to choose me?"

"Don't scare me. I know you have practiced one move!" Ouyang Qianru nodded heavily and pouted.

Yun Fan smiled. This was the first time he smiled when he came here.

"You're right. I only practiced one move. But do you think you have a chance now? "

"Hmph, unless you use the strength of a Congenital Stage, you won't be able to win in one move." Ouyang Qianru said stubbornly.

"Hehe, since you are so confident, why don't we make a bet? I don't need the strength of a Congenital Stage. If I lose, I will give you a hundred Spirit Stones. If you lose... "

Before Yun Fan could finish, Ouyang Qianru sniffled and said, "I'll give you a thousand Spirit Stones! Watch my palm!"

An hour was too short, but even so, Ouyang Qianru's palm could be considered to be at the beginning of the entry-level.

Yun Fan hurriedly dodged. The competition was not allowed to use other martial skills, so he was not in a hurry to attack. Instead, he looked at Ouyang Qianru's palm technique.

"I only know how to dodge. If I can't, then I can't. What's the point of holding on!" Yu Feifei looked at it for a while and said disdainfully.

"So you also chose him later?" Yun Yujiao suddenly opened her mouth.

"I know my own limitations. Since I know I am not your opponent, there is no need to force myself. In the future, I will just work hard to surpass you. Yun Fan, is it fun for you to do this? Don't you think this is delaying everyone's time?"

As he spoke, he saw Yun Fan step aside and slap Ouyang Qianru's shoulder.

"I'm sorry. I originally wanted to let you show off a little more, but someone was unwilling. Spirit Stone... "Yun Fan had a smile on his face.

"Don't worry. I won't go back on my word." Ouyang Qianru stomped her foot.

Yu Feifei saw very clearly that the palm just now was indeed the first move of Liu Xu Fei Palm. It could not be any simpler.

Hmph, if Ouyang Qianru was not careless, you might not have been able to win. Watch how I defeat you!

"Yun Fan, I want to challenge you!"

Yun Fan beckoned with his finger and did not say anything. He watched Yu Feifei wave her palm and rush forward. He moved his feet to the side and slapped Yu Feifei's shoulder.

"Damn, one move is enough?"

"The same move, how could Yu Feifei not dodge it?"

Everyone found it hard to believe.

Yu Feifei's strength was much higher than Ouyang Qianru's, and Yu Feifei also learned more moves than Ouyang Qianru. But Ouyang Qianru still fought for a while, but she was defeated in one move.

Others might not be able to see anything, but Lin Dahai, who had been paying attention to Yun Fan, could see it.

"Good kid, you are smart! He first observed the flaws in Ouyang Qianru's moves, and then waited for Yu Feifei to attack. He succeeded in one strike. "

"The first move is to defend and wait for the opponent's attack. Although he only practiced one move, this move has reached the beginner level! "

"So what if he has reached the beginner level? He can't be a match for Yun Yujiao. Yun Yujiao has practiced seven moves. Even in our Heaven's End Sect, such talent... That's outstanding, too. Just wait. He would definitely be hit in less than three moves... Impossible..."

Fang Yujue's face was full of disdain. Before he could finish his sentence, he could not help but stand up in shock.

After defeating Yu Feifei, Yun Fan said coldly, "Since you don't want to waste time, then I can only let you go first. Yun Yujiao, no matter who challenges who, she must fight. Since that's the case, then I won't be polite. "

" Hmph, you only learned one move, and it was a defensive move. If you take the initiative to attack, you'll only be able to lose faster..."


Before he could finish his words, Yun Fan's palm landed on Yun Yujiao's chest.

"Your flesh is thick enough. If I had known earlier, I would have hit your face with that palm!"

Eh, didn't you know that was a forbidden area?

If you wanted to humiliate him, then just say it. F * ck you, your flesh is thick enough. If you don't have thick meat, then you are a man.

"Yun Fan, you bastard!" Yun Yujiao shouted angrily.

"Am I a bastard? Back then, you lied to me about my feelings and always said that you liked me. Have you ever thought about my feelings? Back then, you insulted me and said that I was trash. Have you ever thought that this day would come?"

With every word Yun Fan said, he took a step forward. Yun Yujiao bit her lower lip, her face full of hatred.

"Do you remember what I said? The position of the family head is mine, no one can take it away from me. Aren't you a self-proclaimed genius? How can a genius lose to trash? Doesn't that mean that you're even worse than a trash?"

" Bastard, I'll kill you! "

Yun Yujiao shouted loudly. The Longsword drew a ray of light and pierced out.

The Wind-rolled Fallen Leaves was the strongest killing move of the Falling Leaf Sword Arts.

This move was the essence of the Falling Leaf Sword Arts. If one practiced it well, he would be able to shatter twenty falling leaves with a single slash.

The sword light filled the air, and the Longsword sliced through the air with a hissing sound.

"Playing tricks in front of an expert. I've said it before, it would be a waste to give this martial skill to you. Let me teach you once more, what is the true Wind-rolling Fallen Leaves!"

When the Longsword was unsheathed, everyone only felt a blur in front of their eyes, and then the two of them stopped.

There was no sound of the Longsword hitting each other, as if they did not see anything. Yun Yujiao's outer clothes turned into a vest and her long pants turned into a short skirt.

The tip of the sword stopped a centimeter in front of her throat. It trembled slightly, like the tongue of a poisonous snake, ready to launch a fatal blow at any time.

"Second level Congenital Stage! Didn't he not cultivate the Genuine Qi a month ago? He advanced to the second level Congenital Stage in just a month? "

"I never thought that the sword technique could be so fast. If I don't show any mercy, I'm afraid my clothes will be cut off."

"The strength of two tigers, the ultimate martial skill. He can defeat everyone with just one move. His current strength is only at the second level of the Congenital Stage. Is this something that a genius can describe?"

Everyone in the surroundings stood up and stared at Yun Fan with their eyes wide open.


Yun Yujiao suddenly retreated and blocked Yun Fan's Longsword with her sword. A cold qi spread out.

The leaves on the ground flew up, and her long hair exploded. Her eyes revealed a cold killing intent. The Longsword stabbed out, bringing with it a bone-piercing cold wind.

"This is the Mid Profound Level martial skill of the Heaven's End Sect, 'Earth End Sword'. Fang Yujue, I never thought that you guys would give the martial skill of the Heaven's End Sect to her." Lin Dahai was shocked.

"She will be a disciple of the Heaven's End Sect sooner or later anyway. The 'Earth Extinguishing Sword' is only a Middle Ranked martial skill in the Heaven's End Sect. Why can't I teach it to her?

So what if the 'Falling Leaf Sword Arts' is the pinnacle? It's just a high grade Yellow Level, how can it block the attack of the 'Absolute Earth Sword'? He's going to lose for sure!" Fang Yujue said with a smile.

"I don't think so. Although Yun Yujiao has already comprehended the first move, Deadfall, it is still somewhat difficult to defeat her opponent in one move!" Qi Fengliang said in a deep voice.

"You are looking down on the martial skills of Heaven's End Sect. Just you wait and see!" Fang Yujue was full of confidence.

Looking around, Yun Fan kept waving his sword and retreating. He could not help but say, "He is courting death. When Yun Yujiao is full of energy, he will not be able to dodge even if he wanted to. Even I can't withstand a full-powered strike from a desperate situation. "

"I don't think so. Although Yun Fan is retreating, he doesn't panic at all. If he wasn't confident, he wouldn't have done that. " Lin Dahai retorted.

"Go to hell!"

As she was speaking, Yun Yujiao suddenly shouted.

The Longsword tore through the air like it was tearing through the air. With an ear-piercing hissing sound, it quickly pierced towards Yun Fan.

"Like I said, you will never have a chance to compete with me in sword skills. Gale sweeping down the leaves! "

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